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The bad news is that TVBspace will not be updated any more as of today because I need to start preparing for the launch of the new venture.

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[Ming Pao 16/07/07]

Charmaine and Myolie: Enemies into Friends

Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu were rumoured to have fallen out after last year's awards ceremony, but during the recent promotional activity for new series "The Drive of Life", they have been very supportive of each other. When the MC Joel Chan joked at an event yesterday about Myolie's rumours with 'Beijing Daniel Wu' Feng Shao Feng, Myolie immediately turned to Charmaine to help her out.

Myolie says: "I have a lot of chemistry with Charmaine too!" Charmaine quickly added that they have a lot of off-screen chemistry too and gently deflected the question.

Afterwards, Charmaine said: "I was just joking and I am not concerned about rumours of animosity. We have got to know each other after working together and 'chemistry' is all about beauty and not gossip." As for the premiere of "The Drive of Life" this evening, Charmaine says she is quite nervous and hopes that the ratings will continue to rise, but has no expectations for it to do as well as the earlier success "Heart of Greed". The most important thing is that the viewers will talk about it and make the series and its stars popular, so they all get a chance to make some additional money from it.

Myolie continued to deny her rumours with Feng: "Joel was just building up some atmosphere and we only have chemistry on the screen. The rumours are old news now." Myolie says she and Charmaine have a lot of arguing scenes in the show and they had rumours before about fighting over awards last year, but they have now got to know each other after working together.

Angela Tong also appeared at the event in a little sexy seethrough top and she smiled: "I have a tube top underneath. At first I did think about not wearing it, but I was afraid that the strong flash would make my top seethrough. I often see models who don't have a tube top underneath their tops."


[Ta Kung Pao 16/07/07]

Raymond Covers Up to Hide his Figure

Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui took part in a dance event yesterday at a shopping mall and they joined a performance with a dance instructor. Raymond and Kate both danced very well and seemed to have good chemistry, receiving a lot of applause afterwards. Raymond was sweating a lot after the dance, but insisted on keeping his shirt on, whereas Kate was wearing a tight-fitting top. It would seem that she is very confident in her figure after her recent slimming success. Asked why he refused to take his shirt off, Raymond said at first that he was shy, but then said with a little embarrassment that he is not happy with his figure, laughing: "Recently I have been recording songs and have not had time to go and keep fit or sunbathe, so my skin is not dark enough and my muscles not toned enough."

Raymond and Kate will be performing at the Miss Hong Kong final, so when asked if they have any steamy dances, Raymond reveals that their dance act is a little sexy and quite intimate because he has to spin whilst lifting Kate, but he will stay within limits. Asked if he is worried about touching her sensitive areas, he says: "I am a little worried, the scariest thing would be to be accused of taking advantage of her." Kate did some dance for a slimming ad and she says that the response has not been bad, so she will be filming another ad with them soon.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

[The Sun 13/07/07]

Sonija Kwok Keeps her Distance from Michael Tao

Since the rumours broke suggesting that she came between Michael Tao and his wife, Sonija Kwok has escaped to Vancouver for two months. After returning to Hong Kong, she attended her first public event yesterday and pointed out that there is no chance of a relationship developing between her and Michael, saying very clearly: "It has nothing to do with me."

Wearing a kimono, Sonija appeared at an event for Shatin department store Seiyu. She looked well, but seems to have lost some weight. She reveals that she took too months out because she often felt nauseous when she was filming for "Curious Detective" and asked if she has become thinner, she says: "I have not lost weight and I am feeling much better now." As for suggestions that she has been 'frozen' by TVB, she says: "There was no such thing, I have a lot of work lined up now I am back and I even have to change the date of my birthday party."

As for the poor ratings that have been reported for her series "On the First Beat" being blamed on Michael's rumours, Sonija says: "They are not that low, no-one mentions it when it has risen. I hope that the finale will be better. (Did the company not allow you to promote the show?) No, I was on vacation before the show was aired." As for the suggestion from Michael that there was a chance of a relationship, Sonija immediately made her distance clear, saying: "This is what other people say, it is nothing to do with me." She adds that she has not kept in touch with Michael and they are just colleagues, so she has never thought about anything else, but she does not mind working with him.

As for people giving her nicknames that infer she is a third part, Sonija says: "What other people say is their problem, it will not affect me. (Has your image been affected?) The most important thing is to have good health and I hope I will not become involved in any more rumours. (Does the company stop you from dating?) The company does not interfere in anything, but I have no plans to date." Sonija returned to Hong Kong on Wednesday and was met at the airport by her manager, her mother and her fans before returning to her new home in Prince Edward.

Meanwhile, Michael was spotted attending a snooker competition and he seemed to be in high spirits. When a reporter accidentally called him 'Chun Yu' [Francis Ng], then he joked: "He has been sacked!", leaving everyone a little confused.


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Tracy Ip Met at Airport by Mother

Tracy Ip returned to Hong Kong from Shanghai on Wednesday and despite her illness, Mama Ip was at the airport to meet her daughter. Tracy did not discuss her mother's condition, but her mother seemed to be in good spirits. Tracy says that she did urge her mother not to come to the airport, but since she was young, her parents have always come to meet her whenever she returned from a long journey, so this was no exception.

Tracy indicates that this trip to Shanghai was to film an Olympic special report for TVB, but her flights there and back were met with delays. She says she has encountered many new experiences on this trip and adds: "I have been taking refresher classes for six months in English, Mandarin and horse-riding and although I don't know if I can take part in the Olympic coverage, I will still equip myself in preparation."


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Vivien Yeo Takes Make Up Lessons

To try and lose her 'girl next door' image, Vivien Yeo has recently taken lessons from renowned make up artist Janae Chan and they seem very compatible as they both express opposition to cosmetic surgery.

As well as learning how to apply make up, Vivien has also learned the meaning of 'beauty of flaws'. She understands that her round face will give the illusion of plumpness on camera, but she believes she can rectify this with the right make up techniques. Janae says that Vivien has the coolness and grace of model Gaile Lok, making her very happy indeed! Vivien says: "Wow! I am so happy that she says I look like Gaile because she is a model and she has a very strong personality and look, so it means I can be like her too. Taking lessons from Janae will help to make me even more beautiful as she has taught me different ways to use make up, so there will be some different images coming up. I have been an artiste for a while now and I have to try changing my image. The trend now is for surgery, but I will not use this to change my image because I prefer more natural beauty."

With her 20 years experience in the industry, Janae says that the reason why Vivien found it hard to lose the 'girl next door' image was that her skin was too good, so she was too lazy to use make up. As she does not condone cosmetic surgery, Janae has written a book entitled "The Beauty of Flaws". She says: "Many beautiful people have flaws, but this is the reason why they are beautiful, because it gives you a speciality. Take Sandy Lam and her single eyelids, this gives her an air of uniqueness. Shu Qi is another example with her full lips that make people find her very sexy."


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Stephen Huynh Admits Being an Open Frenchman

Stephen Huynh and brother Francois took part in a promotional event yesterday, joining other stars and models on the catwalk show. Stephen was spotted earlier with girlfriend Bibi and there were suggestions that they are living together. Despite openly answering other questions earlier, Stephen suddenly became rather hesitant and said: "Good friends! Friends are either girls or boys. We Frenchmen are very open and it was just a visit to my home to have a drink and rehearse our scripts."


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Suki Chui and Nancy Wu at Sports Event

Hollywood Plaza held a press event yesterday for its event to promote sports, attended by guests Suki Chui and Nancy Wu, who both brought the message to the Hong Kong public to do more sports. Suki says she will be taking advantage of the summer to learn horseriding and swimming to help with her future filming. She says: "I filmed a riding scene earlier and was quite excited beforehand, but when I got on the horse, I became very nervous and I froze."


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

[Ming Pao & The Sun 12/07/07]

Stephen Chan Indicates No Intentions of Abandoning Gigi

Gigi Lai's younger brother Dr Stephen Lai has been in intensive care at Queen Mary Hospital since his accident over a month ago and there has been a lot of speculation recently about his condition. A report yesterday indicated that Dr Lai has been in a coma all along and after the severe trauma to his head, he has undergone surgery to remove part of his brain and there are fears that he will become blind in his right eye. Gigi has been hugely affected by the incident and has stopped working now for a month and a half, rushing to the hospital every day to visit her brother. As there is no return date set for Gigi to go back to work, filming for TVB's long series "Jewel's Splendor" has met with delays and overspending and there are suggestions that this is leading to resentment among the cast and crew. Asked about her brother's condition as she visited the hospital yesterday, Gigi did not say anything and her assistant addressed the reporters, saying: "We have not revealed any details of Dr Lai's condition to the media and they have just made things up. The press have been following and chasing us recently and have taken a lot of photographs, but they have not asked us any questions."

TVB General Manager Mr Stephen Chan indicated yesterday that losses were inevitable, but there is no intention of changing Gigi's role. Mr Chan says that after Dr Lai's accident, he has been in touch with Gigi to comfort her and sent her messages of support. He has also gained an understanding from her colleagues about the situation. The company will be understanding of Gigi and will try to jump to other scenes in her absence. Asked if they are suffering from serious overspending and delays, Mr Chan says that this is unavoidable, but no-one wants to delay proceedings. Will they consider changing the role? Mr Chan says that they have not reached this stage yet and Gigi has already filmed many scenes, so to change would be quite a headache. TVB External Affairs Assistant Director Mr Tsang Sing Ming also indicated that as Gigi is an important character in the series, then they will not delete her character. The company will allow her to deal with her personal affairs in peace so that she can return to work when she is ready.


[Ming Pao 12/07/07]

Another Goof Spotted in 'On the First Beat'

Since it began airing, TVB series "On the First Beat" has had many of its continuity errors and goofs pointed out. Another has been spotted in episode 27, aired on Tuesday, when not long after an ambulance is hijacked by criminals, it mysteriously reappears outside the hospital in the next scene, just behind Officer Wu (played by Dominic Lam) in what is a rather silly goof.

In a scene that tells of the criminal Chi Keung (played by Wai Ka Hung) and his gang infiltrating a hospital and then hijacking an ambulance with registration number A128, driving it towards Cheung Sha Wan. However, when Officer Wu is notifying his team about the incident and rushes to the chase, the same ambulance can be seen parked behind him with registration plate A128. It would appear that the crew forgot to drive away the ambulance, resulting in such a comedic scene. Netizens have joked about what Officer Wu is chasing if the suspect vehicle is actually behind him!


[Ming Pao & The Sun 12/07/07]

Anne Heung is Elected Wai Yin President for Second Term

Anne Heung has been elected as president of the Wai Yin Association for the second year running and a press conference was held yesterday to announce the new committee. Anne indicates that they will be holding a charity mooncake sale and annual ball at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mandy Cho joins as a new member and Fiona Yuen and Shermon Tang will be joining. Asked about Michelle Reis, Anne says they have been in touch with her and are also making arrangements for her to join, but no-one has followed this up. Also in attendance at the event were Olivia Cheng, Winnie Yeung, Priscilla Chik and Heidi Chu.

Mandy received comments earlier that her figure has lost some of its appeal and she says that she has been busy slimming to take part in the Wai Yin activities, so she is going swimming every day now. "I go for a swim ever day, but my skin tans very easily, so I will only swim indoors. Last month I went to Chiangmai with my family on vacation and a Thai person started speaking to me in Thai before asking me in broken English whether I was a Thai movie star!"


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

[Ming Pao 11/07/07]

"Drive of Life" Promotion Continues - Charmaine Sheh Likes Being a Landlady

The series marking the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's Reunification with China, "The Drive of Life", held another promotional event yesterday, attended by Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Michael Miu, Toby Leung and Gigi Wong. The event was held at the Beverley Hills villas and the stars all turned out in elegant outfits despite the simmering heat.

Charmaine, Myolie and Jessica were arranged to arrive in a horse drawn carriage and Charmaine indicates she found it was good fun, but quite scary, when the horses started kicking each other suddenly. Asked if she is interested in investing in the luxury villas, she says she is, but it will depend if she can get a discount from the developer. Asked if she likes to buy properties as investments, she says: "Yes! I don't know how to invest in stocks and shares and property will keep its value well. I have two properties myself, one that I live in and one that I rent out. My dream was to be a landlady for a living, so I don't have to work."

Jessica has been dogged by rumours that she will be leaving for ATV, but she finally revealed yesterday that she signed a two-year contract in October with TVB, so she still has another year and a half with the company at least.

There have been reports indicating that Raymond has been shrugging off his responsibility, after reports of poor ratings in the Mainland, by indicating he is not a leading role. Raymond says that he was not happy after reading this report and explains that on that day, he was asked whether he has a lot of screentime as a leading character, to which he replied that he is not the only leading character because there is also Damian Lau, Michael Miu and many other leads.

Myolie was asked about rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong being a bit of a playboy recently, buying expensive cars, watches and clothes and she supported him saying his image is good and that as an artiste, then a change of image is not unreasonable. Asked if she will be the first female passenger in Bosco's new car, she says: "I have never been in it and I did hear him say he wanted to buy a car earlier, but he did not ask for my opinion."


[Ming Pao 11/07/07]

Miss Hong Kong Filming in Macau

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants were filming on location in Macau yesterday, where they visted the Cathedral of Saint Paul and the Taipa Houses Museum before enjoying a Portuguese meal. At the cathedral, they attracted the attention of many tourists and became complimentary models.

Yesterday also happened to be the 19th birthday of Number 7 Lorretta Chow and a birthday cake was arranged for her to celebrate. However, when the cake arrived, Lorretta had mysteriously disappeared and it turned out that she was suffering from a nosebleed, so had retired to the washrooms. The girls had to wait for her to return before they sung "Happy Birthday" to her in what was quite an amusing situation. Asked if she had a nosebleed becase she was too happy, she says that it was because of the hot weather, so she will drink more water and herbal teas to cool down and avoid having a nosebleed on stage.

Number 2 Lily Ho has never been to a Casino in Macau before, but she often visits the racecourse, because her father often dines there. Asked if her father is a big race winner, she smiles that her father still loses more than he wins. Lily's sister is renowned racing commentator Gigi Ho, so is it down to her poor tips? She says she has never really studied her sister's tips and just looks at whether the horses are attractive or not.


Monday, July 09, 2007

[Ming Pao & The Sun 10/07/08]

"War of In-Laws 2007" Blessing Ceremony

Liza Wang appeared in her Armani and YSL designer gear for the blessing ceremony of new series "War of In-Laws 2007" yesterday, showing off to younger cast members such as Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang and Suki Chui.

Liza says: "I bought the clothes during the clearance sales and spent about six figures. Although there are sponsors for the show, I wanted every scene to be different, so I added my own clothes into the mix as the series is about fashion. (Will you be buying more?) We are only on around the tenth episode so far, so I will findsome more. I have a friend with a similar figure who is out searching for me." As for the reports that Lydia Sum has been back to hospital for a check-up, Liza says: "I have spoken to her on the phone and she is resting at home. I told her to rest more and not be so eager to come back to work."

There have been plenty of rumours since filming started surrounding Bosco and Myolie, first with the reports of them kissing in a car and then Bosco refusing to hug Myolie because she is 'ugly'. Bosco says: "I have not seen the reports, but I understand that there will be a lot of rumours this time because of our previous gossip. I have seen the most reporters than ever before, some even arriving at 7 or 8 in the morning to visit the locations. I will not be too bothered by it and just let it all run by." Myolie says: "It is just acting, I don't understand why they always crop away the other crew!" Myolie wore a dress sponsored by Valentino and she says: "I have over ten outfits sponsored by Valentino in the show, that is plenty for filming!"

As for the suggestions that Suki's boyfriend has met with financial difficulties leading to him having to sell his car and then Suki turning her affections to Wong Yi Hing, Suki replied with annoyance yesterday: "There was no such thing, I have no relationship with Wong Yi Hing and things are the same with my boyfriend, nothing has changed."

Meanwhile, Bosco has been spotted taking his newly-acquired vintage 1973 MGB convertible for a drive and there are reports that Bosco plans to suggest to the producer that his beloved car should make an appearance in the show. Photographed filling up at a petrol station, Bosco was very protective of his car and kept looking over whilst he was paying to make sure it was alright. Then before he re-entered, he carefully polished some dust off the bonnet. Bosco admits that he bought himself the car a few months ago and says: "I have been looking for a car like this for a long time and I finally found one. I will not say how much it cost, but it is something I love. (Will you be asking the producer to put your car on the screen?) I hope he will use it because in the show, I play a rich boy and it would match the car completely!" As for whether he will use the car to take Myolie out for a spin, he says: "I don't know yet, it depends on if we have time,but the first one I will take out should be my dad because he was so happy when I bought it that he was applauding!"


'Kenneth Ma Lookalike', 'Short Rain', Yuen Wai Ho, 'High School Kid', 'Uncle Shades'

[Ming Pao 10/07/07]

Mr Hong Kong Finalists Make an Appearance

The 12 finalists from TVB's Mr Hong Kong Contest made an appearance yesterday and the standards were surprisingly poor. Maybe because of the change of rules this year, moving from 'Fitness' and 'Style' groups to 'Youth' and 'Maturity', then there are two very young men who look like high school kids, who are more representative of 'Master Hong Kong'. Fortunately, there is some reprieve in the form of 'Kenneth Ma Lookalike' Raymond, 'Young and Dangerous' Yuen Wai Ho and 'Short Rain' who are all in with a strong chance of winning and take the flavour away from the 'Hong Kong High School Kid Contest'.

The men were called into TVB City to sign their contracts, meet the style consultants and pick their numbers in preparation for their press call on Friday. The show's producer Ho Siu Wai indicates: "The ages of the finalists range from 18 to 40 and education ranges from high school to PhD. Two overseas contestants are from America and there are some fitness instructors, but no uniformed professions."


[The Sun 10/07/07]

Ron Ng Makes Money to be Filial Son

Ron Ng, Lai Lok Yi and Benny Chan were in Chengdu earlier filming for mainland series "Chocolate Lover". Whilst they were there, the 'three musketeers' headed out in search of good food and fed their bellies. Ron says that this series has been a happy one for him because he has had plenty of sleep and Chengdu's hot weather is bearable. Asked if he will be rewarding himself with his earnings, he says: "No, I will consider buying a gift for my parents though."


[Ming Pao 10/07/07]

Sharon and Bernice Confident in "Devil's Disciple"

Bernice Liu and Sharon Chan were interviewed on a radio show yesterday, promoting their new series "Devil's Disciple". As many netizens have already watched the series on the internet, are they worried that the series ratings will be affected? They say they are not worried and point out that as this show has already been aired in the Mainland and Thailand with good results, then the company has decided to air it in Hong Kong for the summer holidays and all the critique will just help to promote the show.

Bernice did not sleep the previous night because her beloved pet dog was giving birth for the first time, so she was filming the whole process. She says: "She had three boys and one girl, but one was not complete and did not survive the birth. It made me realise how fascinating life is." Asked when they would be getting married and having kids themselves, Bernice and Sharon say that due to their work, their planned age to get married has passed now. Sharon says: "I am worried I will never marry!"


[The Sun 10/07/07]

Shirley Yeung Shows Legs at Miss Hong Kong Sponsor Event

The 16 contestants for this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant showed off their legs at a sponsor's event yesterday, where they contested the award for "Most Attractive Legs". However, their limelight was stolen somewhat by guest judge Shirley Yeung, who taught the newcomers a lesson or two.

Wearing vests and hotpants,the girls paraded before judges Shirley and Aimee Chan. After earlier outshining the girls in Beijing with her figure during the athletics event, Shirley appeared in her super short pants and once again wowed the audience. Asked if she was intentionally stealing the limelight, Shirley said: "You flatter me! I rarely go to the beach, so I don't wear shorts very much. The outfit was prepared by the organisers, so there is no such issue. (Are you worried about exposing yourself?) No, I have underclothes on."

The beautiful legs award went to the tallest contestant Number 7 Lorretta Chow and she says that her figure is very balanced and this award has raised her confidence. As for winning prize money of $33,000, Lorretta says she will take the girls out for a meal to celebrate.

Aimee passed on some tips to her juniors, saying that the preparations before the show are very important, so they need to keep calm and not drink too much water the night before to avoid being puffy. Soon to hand over the title, Aimee has been preparing for a number of hosting jobs. Asked if she will be promoted by TVB into the next 'super-host', she says: "I don't know yet, I will let the company arrange my work, but I have not signed a contract yet."


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