Wednesday, July 11, 2007

[Ming Pao & The Sun 12/07/07]

Stephen Chan Indicates No Intentions of Abandoning Gigi

Gigi Lai's younger brother Dr Stephen Lai has been in intensive care at Queen Mary Hospital since his accident over a month ago and there has been a lot of speculation recently about his condition. A report yesterday indicated that Dr Lai has been in a coma all along and after the severe trauma to his head, he has undergone surgery to remove part of his brain and there are fears that he will become blind in his right eye. Gigi has been hugely affected by the incident and has stopped working now for a month and a half, rushing to the hospital every day to visit her brother. As there is no return date set for Gigi to go back to work, filming for TVB's long series "Jewel's Splendor" has met with delays and overspending and there are suggestions that this is leading to resentment among the cast and crew. Asked about her brother's condition as she visited the hospital yesterday, Gigi did not say anything and her assistant addressed the reporters, saying: "We have not revealed any details of Dr Lai's condition to the media and they have just made things up. The press have been following and chasing us recently and have taken a lot of photographs, but they have not asked us any questions."

TVB General Manager Mr Stephen Chan indicated yesterday that losses were inevitable, but there is no intention of changing Gigi's role. Mr Chan says that after Dr Lai's accident, he has been in touch with Gigi to comfort her and sent her messages of support. He has also gained an understanding from her colleagues about the situation. The company will be understanding of Gigi and will try to jump to other scenes in her absence. Asked if they are suffering from serious overspending and delays, Mr Chan says that this is unavoidable, but no-one wants to delay proceedings. Will they consider changing the role? Mr Chan says that they have not reached this stage yet and Gigi has already filmed many scenes, so to change would be quite a headache. TVB External Affairs Assistant Director Mr Tsang Sing Ming also indicated that as Gigi is an important character in the series, then they will not delete her character. The company will allow her to deal with her personal affairs in peace so that she can return to work when she is ready.


[Ming Pao 12/07/07]

Another Goof Spotted in 'On the First Beat'

Since it began airing, TVB series "On the First Beat" has had many of its continuity errors and goofs pointed out. Another has been spotted in episode 27, aired on Tuesday, when not long after an ambulance is hijacked by criminals, it mysteriously reappears outside the hospital in the next scene, just behind Officer Wu (played by Dominic Lam) in what is a rather silly goof.

In a scene that tells of the criminal Chi Keung (played by Wai Ka Hung) and his gang infiltrating a hospital and then hijacking an ambulance with registration number A128, driving it towards Cheung Sha Wan. However, when Officer Wu is notifying his team about the incident and rushes to the chase, the same ambulance can be seen parked behind him with registration plate A128. It would appear that the crew forgot to drive away the ambulance, resulting in such a comedic scene. Netizens have joked about what Officer Wu is chasing if the suspect vehicle is actually behind him!


[Ming Pao & The Sun 12/07/07]

Anne Heung is Elected Wai Yin President for Second Term

Anne Heung has been elected as president of the Wai Yin Association for the second year running and a press conference was held yesterday to announce the new committee. Anne indicates that they will be holding a charity mooncake sale and annual ball at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mandy Cho joins as a new member and Fiona Yuen and Shermon Tang will be joining. Asked about Michelle Reis, Anne says they have been in touch with her and are also making arrangements for her to join, but no-one has followed this up. Also in attendance at the event were Olivia Cheng, Winnie Yeung, Priscilla Chik and Heidi Chu.

Mandy received comments earlier that her figure has lost some of its appeal and she says that she has been busy slimming to take part in the Wai Yin activities, so she is going swimming every day now. "I go for a swim ever day, but my skin tans very easily, so I will only swim indoors. Last month I went to Chiangmai with my family on vacation and a Thai person started speaking to me in Thai before asking me in broken English whether I was a Thai movie star!"


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