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[The Sun 13/07/07]

Sonija Kwok Keeps her Distance from Michael Tao

Since the rumours broke suggesting that she came between Michael Tao and his wife, Sonija Kwok has escaped to Vancouver for two months. After returning to Hong Kong, she attended her first public event yesterday and pointed out that there is no chance of a relationship developing between her and Michael, saying very clearly: "It has nothing to do with me."

Wearing a kimono, Sonija appeared at an event for Shatin department store Seiyu. She looked well, but seems to have lost some weight. She reveals that she took too months out because she often felt nauseous when she was filming for "Curious Detective" and asked if she has become thinner, she says: "I have not lost weight and I am feeling much better now." As for suggestions that she has been 'frozen' by TVB, she says: "There was no such thing, I have a lot of work lined up now I am back and I even have to change the date of my birthday party."

As for the poor ratings that have been reported for her series "On the First Beat" being blamed on Michael's rumours, Sonija says: "They are not that low, no-one mentions it when it has risen. I hope that the finale will be better. (Did the company not allow you to promote the show?) No, I was on vacation before the show was aired." As for the suggestion from Michael that there was a chance of a relationship, Sonija immediately made her distance clear, saying: "This is what other people say, it is nothing to do with me." She adds that she has not kept in touch with Michael and they are just colleagues, so she has never thought about anything else, but she does not mind working with him.

As for people giving her nicknames that infer she is a third part, Sonija says: "What other people say is their problem, it will not affect me. (Has your image been affected?) The most important thing is to have good health and I hope I will not become involved in any more rumours. (Does the company stop you from dating?) The company does not interfere in anything, but I have no plans to date." Sonija returned to Hong Kong on Wednesday and was met at the airport by her manager, her mother and her fans before returning to her new home in Prince Edward.

Meanwhile, Michael was spotted attending a snooker competition and he seemed to be in high spirits. When a reporter accidentally called him 'Chun Yu' [Francis Ng], then he joked: "He has been sacked!", leaving everyone a little confused.


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Tracy Ip Met at Airport by Mother

Tracy Ip returned to Hong Kong from Shanghai on Wednesday and despite her illness, Mama Ip was at the airport to meet her daughter. Tracy did not discuss her mother's condition, but her mother seemed to be in good spirits. Tracy says that she did urge her mother not to come to the airport, but since she was young, her parents have always come to meet her whenever she returned from a long journey, so this was no exception.

Tracy indicates that this trip to Shanghai was to film an Olympic special report for TVB, but her flights there and back were met with delays. She says she has encountered many new experiences on this trip and adds: "I have been taking refresher classes for six months in English, Mandarin and horse-riding and although I don't know if I can take part in the Olympic coverage, I will still equip myself in preparation."


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Vivien Yeo Takes Make Up Lessons

To try and lose her 'girl next door' image, Vivien Yeo has recently taken lessons from renowned make up artist Janae Chan and they seem very compatible as they both express opposition to cosmetic surgery.

As well as learning how to apply make up, Vivien has also learned the meaning of 'beauty of flaws'. She understands that her round face will give the illusion of plumpness on camera, but she believes she can rectify this with the right make up techniques. Janae says that Vivien has the coolness and grace of model Gaile Lok, making her very happy indeed! Vivien says: "Wow! I am so happy that she says I look like Gaile because she is a model and she has a very strong personality and look, so it means I can be like her too. Taking lessons from Janae will help to make me even more beautiful as she has taught me different ways to use make up, so there will be some different images coming up. I have been an artiste for a while now and I have to try changing my image. The trend now is for surgery, but I will not use this to change my image because I prefer more natural beauty."

With her 20 years experience in the industry, Janae says that the reason why Vivien found it hard to lose the 'girl next door' image was that her skin was too good, so she was too lazy to use make up. As she does not condone cosmetic surgery, Janae has written a book entitled "The Beauty of Flaws". She says: "Many beautiful people have flaws, but this is the reason why they are beautiful, because it gives you a speciality. Take Sandy Lam and her single eyelids, this gives her an air of uniqueness. Shu Qi is another example with her full lips that make people find her very sexy."


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Stephen Huynh Admits Being an Open Frenchman

Stephen Huynh and brother Francois took part in a promotional event yesterday, joining other stars and models on the catwalk show. Stephen was spotted earlier with girlfriend Bibi and there were suggestions that they are living together. Despite openly answering other questions earlier, Stephen suddenly became rather hesitant and said: "Good friends! Friends are either girls or boys. We Frenchmen are very open and it was just a visit to my home to have a drink and rehearse our scripts."


[The Sun 13/07/07]

Suki Chui and Nancy Wu at Sports Event

Hollywood Plaza held a press event yesterday for its event to promote sports, attended by guests Suki Chui and Nancy Wu, who both brought the message to the Hong Kong public to do more sports. Suki says she will be taking advantage of the summer to learn horseriding and swimming to help with her future filming. She says: "I filmed a riding scene earlier and was quite excited beforehand, but when I got on the horse, I became very nervous and I froze."


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