Monday, July 16, 2007

[Ming Pao 16/07/07]

Charmaine and Myolie: Enemies into Friends

Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu were rumoured to have fallen out after last year's awards ceremony, but during the recent promotional activity for new series "The Drive of Life", they have been very supportive of each other. When the MC Joel Chan joked at an event yesterday about Myolie's rumours with 'Beijing Daniel Wu' Feng Shao Feng, Myolie immediately turned to Charmaine to help her out.

Myolie says: "I have a lot of chemistry with Charmaine too!" Charmaine quickly added that they have a lot of off-screen chemistry too and gently deflected the question.

Afterwards, Charmaine said: "I was just joking and I am not concerned about rumours of animosity. We have got to know each other after working together and 'chemistry' is all about beauty and not gossip." As for the premiere of "The Drive of Life" this evening, Charmaine says she is quite nervous and hopes that the ratings will continue to rise, but has no expectations for it to do as well as the earlier success "Heart of Greed". The most important thing is that the viewers will talk about it and make the series and its stars popular, so they all get a chance to make some additional money from it.

Myolie continued to deny her rumours with Feng: "Joel was just building up some atmosphere and we only have chemistry on the screen. The rumours are old news now." Myolie says she and Charmaine have a lot of arguing scenes in the show and they had rumours before about fighting over awards last year, but they have now got to know each other after working together.

Angela Tong also appeared at the event in a little sexy seethrough top and she smiled: "I have a tube top underneath. At first I did think about not wearing it, but I was afraid that the strong flash would make my top seethrough. I often see models who don't have a tube top underneath their tops."


[Ta Kung Pao 16/07/07]

Raymond Covers Up to Hide his Figure

Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui took part in a dance event yesterday at a shopping mall and they joined a performance with a dance instructor. Raymond and Kate both danced very well and seemed to have good chemistry, receiving a lot of applause afterwards. Raymond was sweating a lot after the dance, but insisted on keeping his shirt on, whereas Kate was wearing a tight-fitting top. It would seem that she is very confident in her figure after her recent slimming success. Asked why he refused to take his shirt off, Raymond said at first that he was shy, but then said with a little embarrassment that he is not happy with his figure, laughing: "Recently I have been recording songs and have not had time to go and keep fit or sunbathe, so my skin is not dark enough and my muscles not toned enough."

Raymond and Kate will be performing at the Miss Hong Kong final, so when asked if they have any steamy dances, Raymond reveals that their dance act is a little sexy and quite intimate because he has to spin whilst lifting Kate, but he will stay within limits. Asked if he is worried about touching her sensitive areas, he says: "I am a little worried, the scariest thing would be to be accused of taking advantage of her." Kate did some dance for a slimming ad and she says that the response has not been bad, so she will be filming another ad with them soon.


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