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[Ming Pao & The Sun 10/07/08]

"War of In-Laws 2007" Blessing Ceremony

Liza Wang appeared in her Armani and YSL designer gear for the blessing ceremony of new series "War of In-Laws 2007" yesterday, showing off to younger cast members such as Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang and Suki Chui.

Liza says: "I bought the clothes during the clearance sales and spent about six figures. Although there are sponsors for the show, I wanted every scene to be different, so I added my own clothes into the mix as the series is about fashion. (Will you be buying more?) We are only on around the tenth episode so far, so I will findsome more. I have a friend with a similar figure who is out searching for me." As for the reports that Lydia Sum has been back to hospital for a check-up, Liza says: "I have spoken to her on the phone and she is resting at home. I told her to rest more and not be so eager to come back to work."

There have been plenty of rumours since filming started surrounding Bosco and Myolie, first with the reports of them kissing in a car and then Bosco refusing to hug Myolie because she is 'ugly'. Bosco says: "I have not seen the reports, but I understand that there will be a lot of rumours this time because of our previous gossip. I have seen the most reporters than ever before, some even arriving at 7 or 8 in the morning to visit the locations. I will not be too bothered by it and just let it all run by." Myolie says: "It is just acting, I don't understand why they always crop away the other crew!" Myolie wore a dress sponsored by Valentino and she says: "I have over ten outfits sponsored by Valentino in the show, that is plenty for filming!"

As for the suggestions that Suki's boyfriend has met with financial difficulties leading to him having to sell his car and then Suki turning her affections to Wong Yi Hing, Suki replied with annoyance yesterday: "There was no such thing, I have no relationship with Wong Yi Hing and things are the same with my boyfriend, nothing has changed."

Meanwhile, Bosco has been spotted taking his newly-acquired vintage 1973 MGB convertible for a drive and there are reports that Bosco plans to suggest to the producer that his beloved car should make an appearance in the show. Photographed filling up at a petrol station, Bosco was very protective of his car and kept looking over whilst he was paying to make sure it was alright. Then before he re-entered, he carefully polished some dust off the bonnet. Bosco admits that he bought himself the car a few months ago and says: "I have been looking for a car like this for a long time and I finally found one. I will not say how much it cost, but it is something I love. (Will you be asking the producer to put your car on the screen?) I hope he will use it because in the show, I play a rich boy and it would match the car completely!" As for whether he will use the car to take Myolie out for a spin, he says: "I don't know yet, it depends on if we have time,but the first one I will take out should be my dad because he was so happy when I bought it that he was applauding!"


'Kenneth Ma Lookalike', 'Short Rain', Yuen Wai Ho, 'High School Kid', 'Uncle Shades'

[Ming Pao 10/07/07]

Mr Hong Kong Finalists Make an Appearance

The 12 finalists from TVB's Mr Hong Kong Contest made an appearance yesterday and the standards were surprisingly poor. Maybe because of the change of rules this year, moving from 'Fitness' and 'Style' groups to 'Youth' and 'Maturity', then there are two very young men who look like high school kids, who are more representative of 'Master Hong Kong'. Fortunately, there is some reprieve in the form of 'Kenneth Ma Lookalike' Raymond, 'Young and Dangerous' Yuen Wai Ho and 'Short Rain' who are all in with a strong chance of winning and take the flavour away from the 'Hong Kong High School Kid Contest'.

The men were called into TVB City to sign their contracts, meet the style consultants and pick their numbers in preparation for their press call on Friday. The show's producer Ho Siu Wai indicates: "The ages of the finalists range from 18 to 40 and education ranges from high school to PhD. Two overseas contestants are from America and there are some fitness instructors, but no uniformed professions."


[The Sun 10/07/07]

Ron Ng Makes Money to be Filial Son

Ron Ng, Lai Lok Yi and Benny Chan were in Chengdu earlier filming for mainland series "Chocolate Lover". Whilst they were there, the 'three musketeers' headed out in search of good food and fed their bellies. Ron says that this series has been a happy one for him because he has had plenty of sleep and Chengdu's hot weather is bearable. Asked if he will be rewarding himself with his earnings, he says: "No, I will consider buying a gift for my parents though."


[Ming Pao 10/07/07]

Sharon and Bernice Confident in "Devil's Disciple"

Bernice Liu and Sharon Chan were interviewed on a radio show yesterday, promoting their new series "Devil's Disciple". As many netizens have already watched the series on the internet, are they worried that the series ratings will be affected? They say they are not worried and point out that as this show has already been aired in the Mainland and Thailand with good results, then the company has decided to air it in Hong Kong for the summer holidays and all the critique will just help to promote the show.

Bernice did not sleep the previous night because her beloved pet dog was giving birth for the first time, so she was filming the whole process. She says: "She had three boys and one girl, but one was not complete and did not survive the birth. It made me realise how fascinating life is." Asked when they would be getting married and having kids themselves, Bernice and Sharon say that due to their work, their planned age to get married has passed now. Sharon says: "I am worried I will never marry!"


[The Sun 10/07/07]

Shirley Yeung Shows Legs at Miss Hong Kong Sponsor Event

The 16 contestants for this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant showed off their legs at a sponsor's event yesterday, where they contested the award for "Most Attractive Legs". However, their limelight was stolen somewhat by guest judge Shirley Yeung, who taught the newcomers a lesson or two.

Wearing vests and hotpants,the girls paraded before judges Shirley and Aimee Chan. After earlier outshining the girls in Beijing with her figure during the athletics event, Shirley appeared in her super short pants and once again wowed the audience. Asked if she was intentionally stealing the limelight, Shirley said: "You flatter me! I rarely go to the beach, so I don't wear shorts very much. The outfit was prepared by the organisers, so there is no such issue. (Are you worried about exposing yourself?) No, I have underclothes on."

The beautiful legs award went to the tallest contestant Number 7 Lorretta Chow and she says that her figure is very balanced and this award has raised her confidence. As for winning prize money of $33,000, Lorretta says she will take the girls out for a meal to celebrate.

Aimee passed on some tips to her juniors, saying that the preparations before the show are very important, so they need to keep calm and not drink too much water the night before to avoid being puffy. Soon to hand over the title, Aimee has been preparing for a number of hosting jobs. Asked if she will be promoted by TVB into the next 'super-host', she says: "I don't know yet, I will let the company arrange my work, but I have not signed a contract yet."


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