Tuesday, July 03, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 04/07/07]

"Young Four Constables" Costume Fitting

TVB Series "Young Four Constables" held its costume fitting yesterday, attended by three of the four constables - Sammul Chan, Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma. The fourth, Ron Ng is currently filming in the mainland, so he could not take part. Other cast members present include Dominic Lam, Kate Tsui and Selena Li.

With four of TVB's leading males in the same show, is Sammul worried about comparisons being made? He smiles: "I am the trainee leading male, still in training, so I dare not compare myself with all these seniors!" As for the rumours he has had with Ron Ng, is he worried about the report? He laughs: "Don't be silly! We have worked together so many times, so there won't be any more rumours. (Maybe they will say you have new developments?) I will not appear downstairs from his apartment and will not go and eat with him. As colleagues, we will only meet when we are in a group."

Raymond will be appearing in a wheelchair for this series, being pushed around by two large men. Everyone is envious of him not having to fight in this show. Asked if he feels he has been spoilt by the company, he says: "Of course not, you can just say this is a new experience for me, but being unable to use movement will make it more challenging for my skills. Also, I am worried about getting haemorrhoids from sitting around all the time, so I will add a cushion to the chair." He also plans to lose a few pounds to make it easier for the two men who have to push him. Kenneth says that their characters are all very different, so there is no worry about them being compared. He is more worried about his fighting scenes because he has not filmed many fighting series and to avoid making a fool of himself, he will be taking kung fu classes.

Selena will be playing a female fighter in the show and in a change to her usually fragile roles, she will be playing an obstinate girl who has a romance with Kenneth. She says that this is a new experience for her. As for the show being filmed on location in Yunnan, she says she has already been there before whilst filming "Tai Chi Master" and as it was winter and very dry there at the time, she had to use some 'over-50's' moisture cream. She hopes it will be better this time filming in the autumn. Her weapon in the show will be the leather whip and to avoid injuring herself, she will be taking lessons from the martial arts master from next week.

Kate will be playing a female doctor in the show and paired with Raymond. Talking of Raymond often being linked in rumours with his co-stars, she smiles: "He does have a lot of rumours, but not with me. (Maybe this time it is your turn?) You don't need to hold back! (Do you have kiss scenes?) He is in a wheelchair, so it will be limiting."


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