Monday, July 02, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 03/07/07]

Myolie Wu Turns Jackie Chan in Tsimshatsui

Myolie Wu was filming yesterday in Tsimshatsui East behind the Science Museum for "War of In-Laws 2007", where she was dressed in a WPC uniform and in order to help a little girl rescue her doll, she turned into Jackie Chan and jumped over a trolley before jumping through a picture and then cartwheeling over a bicycle. However, all the stunts were done by a stunt double and Myolie just had to shoot a couple of close-up shots and some simple moves. As the weather was very hot, it was hard work for everyone.

Myolie's body double for the day was TVB's only female stuntperson, who started as a dancer, explaining her agility and fluidity. Myolie says: "When I see her, I am very happy because she makes the scene very beautiful when she is your double." Although Myolie's moves were not as dangerous or difficult as that of the stunt double, she was still sweating a lot after doing a few takes of her sliding on a board and in between takes, she pulled out a little fan to cool down and avoid her make-up melting. Asked if it is harder work than filming an ancient drama, she smiles: "They are both difficult. Take for example a scene earlier where I had to carry Liza Wang - when I returned home afterwards, I did not even have the strength to hold my toothbrush and brush my teeth. My muscles had become very stiff, so the action shots in the studio have been even harder."

Whilst waiting for her scene, Joyce Tang did a bit of window shopping in TST. In the show, she plays Liza's assistant and she admits she has been a little nervous about working with Liza for the first time, but it is very challenging. Asked if she has been scolded by Liza, she says: "No, if no-one does anything wrong then she will not scold anyone. We are very self-regulating. (Is Liza making food for you all to eat?) She actually takes us out to eat and also emails us photos that she has taken of us during filming."


[Ta Kung Pao 03/07/07]

Nancy Wu Has No Awkwardness Meeting Deep's New Love

Nancy Wu was the guest at an eating competition yesterday, where Leung Si Ho was the MC. The contestants had to eat as many bowls of Char Siu Rice as they could within ten minutes and some of them made themselves sick. In the end, the reigning winner Johnny Wu kept his title, eating 12 and a half bowls of rice. Nancy herself is a big fan of Char Siu and Roast Goose.

Nancy attended the funeral of Deep Ng's mother earlier, but there were reports that she avoided her ex-boyfriend throughout the ceremony and acted like strangers. Nancy says that although she has split up with Deep, their relationship is not as bad as the reports make out and she does know the family quite well, so seeing his father so upset, she did offer words of comfort to Deep and telling him to 'hang on'. Nancy also met Deep's current girlfriend model Jacqueline Chong and when asked whether she felt awkward, she asked in reply: "Why would I feel awkward?"


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