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[Ta Kung Pao 02/07/07]

Charmaine Sheh Joins 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Charmaine Sheh was the guest judge at a children's art competition to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong's Return, where she was joined by 39 people who were born in 1997, who were asked to draw their most beautiful cake to celebrate Hong Kong SAR's 10th Birthday.

Charmaine admired the children's talent and she indicated that she loves children and drawing and even won a certificate in a drawing competition when she was young, but she is too busy now to take up art. She does plan to learn brush calligraphy though because it is very calming and makes her feel very peaceful, giving her a space of her own. She says: "I don't have time at the moment, but I will definitely take it up."

Charmaine entered Miss Hong Kong in 1997 and says that this was a huge decision for her. She smiles: "At the time, my mother told me to enter, so I just did what she told me to. As for the biggest change over the last ten years, it is that a lot of people know me now and I have found a job that I truly love - acting. At the same time, my dreams have been fulfilled by the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, so I don't need to fly to another place for it and I feel very proud about this."

As for the next ten years, what wishes does Charmaine have? She says: "I hope that Hong Kong's economy will get even better and I will film more good series. (You love childre, will you have some of your own?) Children nowadays are very smart and you have to give them 100% love to reap rewards. You have to be by their side for them to grow up healthily, but I want to continue acting and not give up my wages for people to look after them, so I don't want to have kids just yet. (Have you planned when you want to have children?) You cannot plan these things, just as I hoped in the past to get married at 27 and have kids at 30, but the deadlines have passed and so I will leave the rest to fate. (What about a lightning marriage?) I feel that it is all in the plan and when it is time, I will enter the next phase of my life, but if I do meet this person, then it will be a happy thing."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 02/07/07]

Bosco Wong Describes Rumours as 'Chaotic'

Bosco Wong, Selena Li and Macy Chan attended the "Hong Kong Return Cup Charity Football Fiesta" event yesterday, where they joined the public to watch the special match between Germany's Bayern Munich and Brazil's Sao Paolo. On the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China yesterday, Bosco was asked about the last ten years and he feels that he has had a great transformation. Although he had not entered the industry ten years ago and was still a student, the last seven years has brought him the chance to film a lot of series. In one year, he shot 150-160 episodes and even Kevin Cheng has said that is amazing.

Bosco admits that he has not stopped since entering showbiz and has not had a chance to take a vacation. Of course, his income has increased and his favourite series has been "War of In-Laws". However, Bosco's rumours in the last few years have also been interesting and he laughs that he can only describe it as 'chaotic'. He hopes that in the next ten years, there will be fewer rumours and only reports that are true. At the same time, he hopes that in the next ten years, he can buy a 1000 foot luxury home. He is still a little way off though as he has only saved enough for a 10% deposit so far.

Selena does not watch much football and preferred basketball when she was younger, but was once hit by a ball, which broke her nose, leaving her with a small dent in her nose. However, she will not have it fixed because she is afraid that it will not turn out right and she finds the process of surgery terrifying.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 02/07/07]

Fala Chen Watches Match for Handsome Footballers

Fala Chen and Kenneth Ma joined the public at a Tseung Kwan O shopping mall yesterday to watch the 10th Anniversary Football Fiesta. This is the first time that Fala has joined in with football commentary and as she is not very accustomed to the world of soccer, she just tagged along with the others. Fala says that when she lived abroadh, she liked to watch basketball rather than football. She feels that you have to be in a big group to watch football, but she does not know which team to support, so she just goes for the handsome footballers and her favourite is Beckham.

Kenneth is a huge football fan and has been tuning in since he was in Form 3, but he does not bet. With very little gossip, Kenneth has been rumoured recently to have fallen out with Kate Tsui during their filming for "Background Master" and not even acknowledging her birthday. Kenneth denies this and says that they do chat and laugh all the time. He smiles that he has had rumours with Kate before and laughs: "I have been courting her for a long time, but even after three series, I have not been successful." Asked if he is afraid of having his ears pulled, he immediately acted dumb and asked the reporters who would pull his ears.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 02/07/07]

Tavia Yeung Wants Football Fan Boyfriend

Tavia Yeung was joined by Matthew Ko at a Shopping Mall event for the Football Fiesta, but it turns out that they are both outsiders when it comes to football. Matthew says he has only just started watching football in the last couple of years.

Tavia indicates that she does like to join her friends to watch football matches, but just for the company. She likes to watch the handsome footballers such as Beckham, but as she always has a lot of questions about the match, her friends find her tiresome and she has to wait until after the match to ask. Therefore, she hopes to find a boyfriend who is knowledgeable about football. Does her boyfriend like football? Tavia just laughs that her male friends like to watch football. As for her own interests, she likes to play badminton and volleyball, but when she used to play, she just wanted to get close to her senior male classmates. However, nothing came of it apart from a signature in her yearbook.

Matthew liked to watch basketball when he was in Canada and only started watching soccer when he arrived in Hong Kong. He has been busy filming recently for "Background Master", where he has a bed scene with Kenneth Ma, who goes on to touch his chest. He laughs that his 'first time' has been given to Kenneth, but fortunately he was not too embarrassed because they have become good friends from this series. He also reveals that he will be taking part in a dance show for Hunan Television shortly, so he has been busy rehearsing his latin dance.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/07/07]

Shirley Yeung is Not Really a Football Fan

Shirley Yeung and Patrick Tang were the celebrity guests who joined the public at Ma On Shan to watch the match for yesterday's Football Fiesta marking Hong Kong SAR's 10th Anniversary. Shirley does not watch much football, but will tune into the World Cup once every four years.

Shirley knows that there are a lot of girls nowadays who like to watch football, but she is not too interested. However, she does like Beckham and Owen because they are handsome and stylish. She has a deep impression of Zidane and misses him after his retirement. Asked if she bets on games, she says she does not. Her father is not really a football fan either and does not watch every match. Will she watch it with her boyfriend? Shirley says: "I don't know, ask him!"

Shirley has accepted a role in a movie where she has to dance and she is currently taking lessons from Chow Chi Kwan. Shirley hopes that after completion of her lessons, she will have more chances to dance. Asked if she is worried about close contact when dancing, Shirley says that when you are dancing you do not think too much and just want to perform to your best and look your best. Of course you have to have a good chemistry with your partner.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/07/07]

Suki Chui Joins Celebrations with Acrobats

Suki Chui took part in a celebratory event yesterday where she was joined by some acrobats and attracted quite an audience. As well as learning some of the skills, Suki also performed a song in public for the first time and says that she woke up early to prepare her voice. Asked if she was confident about her singing, she smiled: "I will do my best."

Suki says that doing the acrobatics was not easy and she hopes to try flying through the air one day. She says: "I like the feeling of swinging and flying." Wearing a strappy dress at the event, Suki was wary of Yumiko Cheng's earlier accident and has taken safety precautions, covering herself with tape.

Suki also took part in an event in Taipo earlier and watched fireworks for the first time. She was very pleased that the public are starting to recognise her. She says: "The atmosphere was very good and this is the first time I have watched fireworks in person and smelt the gunpowder. The happiest thing was for people to call me by my character name in 'The Green Grass of Home' - Yoyo. I never imagined that the power of series was so great."


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