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[The Sun & Ming Pao 09/07/07]

Moses and Bowie Show Support for Gigi

Cast members from TVB series "Jewel's Splendor" including Bowie Lam and Moses Chan headed out to Qingdao yesterday for location filming, where Moses was well received by the female fans. Gigi Lai is unable to join the cast on this trip as she has to stay in Hong Kong to look after her brother Stephen, who was seriously injured in a road accident. With reports that there is no set date for her return to work, leading to the progress on the show being slow and coming in overbudget, Moses says: "Things have been slowed down and spending has gone up, but you cannot blame Gigi because the process of clearing customs with all the equipment is lengthy and complicated. I hope Gigi's brother will be fine and she can focus on her work again." Bowie also supports Gigi, saying: "It is slower, but not by much and the most important thing is that her brother recovers." When she returns to work, Gigi will need to join another trip to Qingdao with the cast.


[The Sun & Ming Pao 09/07/07]

"Devil's Disciple" Stars to Wear Borat's Swimsuit???

TVB series "Devil's Disciple" held a promotional event yesterday at Olympian City, attended by many of the cast members, including Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Shirley Yeung, Bernice Liu and Sharon Chan, attracting nearly 500 people to watch them. During the event, they did pull-ups on a bar as well as standing on eggs. Shirley did surprisingly well, even beating some of the men.

When Bosco and Kevin battled on the horizontal bar, they held on for dear life, but Bosco succumbed to having the feather duster on his back and failed. For the turn of the ladies, Shirley bundled onto the frame like a monkey and jumped off equally easily, whereas Sharon had to seek help from the men to support her. Sharon did not do too well with the eggs either, breaking a few and leaving her with sticky feet.

The girls then pledged to wear bikinis if the show's ratings reached 38 points, except for Bernice who has contractual agreements with her slimming company. "There is nothing new in me wearing a bikini and my agreement with the sponsor is I cannot do it. However, it would be good if Kevin and Bosco could wear the little triangular swimsuits like Borat. If they will do it, I will fly to London to buy them some!"

When Kevin realised what Bernice meant by 'Borat' trunks, he said: "If she really does fly to London to buy them, then I will wear them, but only at home, I have to keep some mystery for my other half! I am quite conservative and don't even own any T-backs [G-strings]. They are very uncomfortable, but okay for a bit of fun. Of course, I will only share this fun with my most intimate other half and not them!" Bosco suggests that he and Kevin should wear bikinis and the ladies can all wear T-backs. Bosco was spotted with what seemed like a love bite behind his right ear and asked about this, he laughed: "Why would a love bite be there? It is just a rash brought on by the hot weather."

[Em's Note: In case you don't know what Borat's swimsuit looks like, here is a pic:


[The Sun 09/07/07]

Sonija Kwok Sheds Tears of Joy in Toronto

Sonija Kwok has been resting in Vancouver for several months and last Saturday, she appeared at a jewellery show in Toronto, where she wore an elegant evening gown and wedding dress. As it is her birthday on 22nd of this month, the organisers arranged a special cake for her and she was moved to tears.

Sonija was in a very good mood and insisted that there is no chance of a relationship with Michael Tao, denying that she was the third party in his marriage. "I was unwell and felt I was too skinny, so I took a few months off from TVB and rested in Vancouver. I wanted some proper rest and was not evading anything. As I was on holiday, then I was not able to attend the promotional events for 'On the First Beat'. I was not running away from Michael and there is no chance of anything between us anyway. I am much better now after my stay in Vancouver and have put on 5 lbs. My health is fine now and I will soon be back in Hong Kong for dance rehearsals."


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