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[The Sun & Ming Pao 07/07/08]

Anita Wong Shares Prize Money with Fellow MHK Contestants

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong finalists were at the Tsimshatsui branch of Sasa Cosmetics where they had a quiz on Perfume knowledge. Number 6 Anita Wong emerged as the winner of the competition and was awarded with a $5000 cosmetics voucher for Sasa, but she showed her generosity as she shared her prize with the other contestants, with the other girls in her team receiving $500 each and the other girls $100 each.

'Mature Ting Ting' Number 9 Grace Wong has been spotted out partying late and hugging male friends and she admits this, saying: "That was two months ago and my friends from France and America came to visit me, so we went down to Lan Kwai Fong. My friends were very gentlemanly and when they saw a seat in the venue, they pointed and then helped me to my seat. (Have you been warned by the competition?) No, I was not being unruly and just showing hospitality towards my friends.

Number 2 Lily Ho has been dubbed as hot favourite by netizens and she says she has been busy rehearsing and not had time to go online, but she thanks everyone for their support and will do her best.

Reports indicate that there will be a 'Catwalk in the Air' for this year's final and the girls will be hoisted on wires up to a platform 30 feet high for part of the show. TVB has been testing the girls' senses of balance to make sure they can do it. Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam will also be performing at the final, in a Broadway musical number. Kate says: "I will be dancing with all my juniors at the Coliseum and I am a little nervous. (Are your costumes sexy?) I don't know yet." Miss Photogenic judges have been confirmed as Mike He, Moses Chan and Charlie Yeung.


[The Sun 07/07/07]

Fala Chen Wants to do a Tampon Ad

Fala Chen, Mandy Cho, Niki Chow and Angela Tong attended the press event for the "TVB Most Popular Advertisements Awards 2007" and Fala hopes to have more chances to make money in ads and does not mind doing tampon ads. Asked if her rumoured boyfriend Neway heir will ask her to do their ads, she says: "No, but if the company approves, then she will still do it for the standard fee with no discount!"

Mandy wore a 3 carat diamond ring, which was very eye-catching and asked if it was a gift from her boyfriend, she immediately avoided talking about her relationship. Angela has been busy filming for "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" recently, so she has been suffering from lack of sleep and refers to herself as 'Panda Angela'. She will also have to start rehearsing a dance to take part in a competition and she says: "I have asked the choreographer to find me someone handsome to partner me, that makes dance more interesting."


[The Sun 07/07/07]

Wai Ying Hung Injured During Filming

Kara Hui (Wai Ying Hung) was filming at Yuen Long's Tai Tong for TVB series "Steel Lips Silver Teeth" yesterday when she was knocked on the waist by a pipe and suffered extreme pain, which resulted in her being taken to hospital in an ambulance.

During the filming, the special effects team had to support a high pressure air pipe, but when one of them lost grip, the tube shot forward and hit Kara in the lower back. Fortunately after an x-ray, it was confirmed that she was fine and her spine had not been displaced. After leaving hospital, Kara headed home to rest and said: "I am feeling comforted that there are no cracks in my spine, because when I was it, it hurt so much that I was crying and my legs went numb. The swelling has made my waist bigger than my bum." She also admits being unlucky: "I was standing about 5 foot away, but when they dropped it, it hit me. (Were the crew afraid?) At the time I was in so much pain that I fell down, so I don't know. It was an accident and the producer has been very good and does not need me to return to film this evening. After a rest, I should be back at work on the 7th." Producer Tong Kei Ming has checked on Kara and is pleased she is not seriously injured.


[Ming Pao 07/07/07]

Mike He Fever Hits Hong Kong Again

Taiwanese popular idol Mike He arrived in Hong Kong yesterday to promote his TV drama "Marry Me", which will soon be airing on TVB Pay Vision. Wearing a cap, jeans and a t-shirt, he was met at the airport by over a hundred fans. After the lessons learned by TVB after the arrival of Wu Jun last time, 30 security staff were sent out to protect Mike, forming a human wall around him.

However, the fans were still as eager as ever to get close and as they pushed towards him, he did try to shake as many hands as he could. Mike also went on to warn them to be careful, but some fans did fall over in the chaos. After waving to everyone, Mike gave a big thumbs up before leaving in a company vehicle, which was soon pursued by three minibuses full of fans. Not wanting to disappoint them, Mike drew back the curtains to wave at them.

At around lunchtime, Mike met his fans officially at a special gathering, where he addressed them in his broken Cantonese, saying: "Hello to my friends in Hong Kong, I am Mike He." As fans presented him with gifts of a belt, flowers and cards, Mike returned the favour by selecting three lucky fans to receive his hand-made cookies and also handed out five signed copies of his book.

Mike was very excited by his fans admiration, but was also concerned about them being injured in the confusion. Asked what memorable moments he had whilst filming "Marry Me", he says that he had to dress up as a woman for the show, wearing a dress and tights and even having to put on a woman's voice, so he was quite embarrassed. His role in the show is of a star who ignores the advice of others and marries his girlfriend, but he says he will not do this in real life. Mike will be back in Hong Kong on 21st July to be the Miss Photogenic judge in the Miss Hong Kong pageant and asked what standards he will be working to, he says that they need to have attractiveness and appeal on the screen. Mike will be returning to Taiwan tomorrow to continue with his filming.


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