Sunday, July 08, 2007

[The Sun 08/07/07]

Ever Youthful Margie Tsang is Children's Ambassador Again After 20 Years

With the summer approaching, TVB Children's festival ambassadors Margie Tsang, Aimee Chan and Koni Lui took part in a children's art competition in Tsuen Wan yesterday. It has been 20 years now since Margie hosted children's shows: "Maybe because I used to do it, so they asked me to do it this time." She reveals that she is currently busy filming and does not have time to spend summer with her son, but she is not worried about neglecting him because he has more activities than she does.

Aside from this, Aimee and Koni have been meeting their successors and sharing their experiences with this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants. Aimee says: "I have experienced success and failure in Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International last year, so I told them to face it without any expectation and not put too much pressure on themselves. This makes the performance more natural and more relaxed."


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