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[The Sun 06/07/07]

Bosco Causes Embarrassment for Sharon at "Devil's Disciple" Promotion

TVB Series "Devil's Disciple" held a promotional event at a swimming pool yesterday, but the girls were all well covered in t-shirts, losing some of its appeal factor. However, Sharon Chan caused a few stirs when she was pushed straight onto Wong Chun Tong's face!

Many of TVB's female stars have been doing bikini shows of late, but at the promotion yesterday, TVB decided to save their sexiness for a paying customer and instructed everyone to wear the promotional t-shirts. Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung and Sharon had their swimsuits covered by their t-shirts most of the time and Shirley only appeared briefly in her swimsuit when she forgot to put her t-shirt on at the beginning.

Shirley and Bernice decided to stay on the poolside, saying that they could not swim and Shirley says: "They told us to wear the t-shirts, but it is all to promote the series." Although Sharon's bikini was of no use, she still put her all into the games in the water, but thanks to a push from Bosco Wong, she lost her balance and ended up sitting on Wong Chun Tong's face. She says: "I have to apologise to Brother Tong because he won't be able to gamble for a week after I have sat on him for so long!" As for the culprit Bosco, he smiles that he had to get a girl in the water to satisfy the media.

Having just returned from a show in Canada, Bernice indicates that after Yumiko Cheng's incident, the organisers have become very careful and warned her to make sure she was protected. "When I arrived, they immediately asked me if I had any underclothes on and told me that I had to put some one. So I wore trousers. When an Auntie put her hand out to pat me on the chest, the security team were immediately on alert."


[The Sun 06/07/07]

Miss Hong Kong Visit Jewellery Sponsors

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants visited the jewellery sponsors to try on some diamonds yesterday, but the items they were given to wear varied between the girls. Number 2 Lily Ho and Number 1 Joey Mak modelled the most expensive and the least expensive items, valued at $1.28 million and $90,000 respectively. Joey said that this was down to the organisers to match their outfits, so she did not mind. As for Lily, she did not feel especially fortunate, saying: "Everyone looks beautiful with their jewels."

The girls voted for the "Contestant Most Suited to Wearing Jewellery" and Number 12 Nicole Lee won the vote and was presented with a set of jewellery worth $6000. She said happily: "I have never worked before, so I have never had a set of jewellery like this, so this is my first time and I will cherish this greatly."


[The Sun 06/07/07]

Leila Tong Pulls Gun on Simon Lo

Simon Lo and Leila Tong worked on the final dress rehearsal for their stage drama "Popcorn" earlier, where they share many passionate scenes, in which Leila, dressed in a sexy evening dress, would lean over Simon, play with a silk scarf, push up her rear and brush herself against him. The most daring scene is one where Simon tries to grab her breasts, but Leila pulls out a gun to stop him and then forces him to lick her toes.

As this show will be playing over a total of 12 performances from now until 14th, Leila and Simon will be kissing for all of the 12 shows: "There is no feeling, because we are very comfortable throughout the performance and when you are absorbed into the character, you will not care. (Are you not afraid of revealing yourself?) I have taken all the precautions." Asked if she is worried about her cursing in the show affecting her image? She says: "This is a new venture for me and those who like me will know what is real and what is not." With her stage debut being so risque, she says that she is very attracted to the storyline: "I really like the whole theatre process and working with such a big team is very happy. (Will you invite your rumoured boyfriend Wing to watch?) I haven't thought about it, I have left the invitations to my manager to arrange."


[The Sun 06/07/07]

Raymond Lam Surprised at No Rumours

Raymond Lam has always been a hit with the ladies and in new series "The Drive of Life", his character is split between the affections of Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu and although he is dumped by Charmaine in the end, he still has plenty of intimate scenes with her. Before filming, there was concern over rumours that would arise between him and the ladies, but in the end Myolie became linked with mainland's 'Daniel Wu' Feng Shao Feng and there was no sign of anything with Raymond. He laughs: "I am very surprised that nothing happened! Maybe because I have a scapegoat! That is good - haha!"

As for the suggestions that TVB has succumbed to 'veteran-mania', so the focus has been placed on Damian Lau and Michael Miu, Raymond says: "The show is being aired on CCTV and they had to provide the script in advance, so everything was confirmed before and the company will not set about changing things."


[The Sun 06/07/07]

Natalie Tong Matures in Age and Talent

In new series "The Green Grass of Home", Natalie Tong's diving scene is very memorable and you would never tell that she cannot swim! As for the praises that her acting has improved,she reveals that it was not "Green" that made her grow up after all: "Actually, my turning point was 'The Seventh Day', which is yet to be aired. Due to the storyline, I had to grow up and be more mature and I truly felt that the role was no longer just a young girl." Natalie took this newfound maturity to her character in "Green" and has shown everyone the improvement in her acting. She feels that her technique is now very different from before.


[The Sun 06/07/07]

Affected by Rumours Yoyo and Vin May be Kicked off "Best Selling Secrets"?

With the recent rumours surrounding Yoyo Chen and Vin Choi, there are reports that TVB has taken steps to protect their image by arranging for their characters to be written out of sitcom "Best Selling Secrets" as Yoyo's 'Kawaii' will be going to Japan and Vin's character will be sent to university abroad. Wayne Lai will be called into the cast on a full time basis to expand on a separate storyline and fill the void. In response to this, Yoyo's manager says: "We have not received notice of this yet."

The series has not pulled in the desired audiences since its release and with the effects of recent news, it seems that TVB will be ending the series at 120 episodes, 100 down on predecessor 'Welcome to the House'.

Alvina Kong was asked about these reports yesterday and she says: "Initial discussions with Catherine (Tsang - Producer) resulted in the show being provisionally 120 episodes, if they continue, then the company will let us know next month. As TVB is now filming in HD, then there are a lot of technical issues to deal with and I have not received any notice yet.(Are the rumoured couple being dropped?) I don't know, when there is no news, you say there is no news, but when there is news, then this might even raise the ratings!"


[The Sun 06/07/07]

Bobby Helps the Girls Out in Exchange for Food

Currently busy filming for "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind", Toby Leung has fully recovered from her earlier illness and is back on set, filming on location with Bobby and having a lot of fun.

In the show, Bobby and Toby play a couple and she has learned a lot from such an experienced veteran. However, the best thing is that there is always laughter on the set, saying it makes her feel healthier physically and mentally. Bobby is also full of praises for Toby, showing his admiration for her having to write phonetics in English all over her scripts, so when he can, he will help her out: "Angela Tong is the same, so when I help them and they become more relaxed, then I can eat whatever I want! But I daren't do that with the girls."


[The Sun 06/07/07]

Bosco's Reputation Precedes Him - Vivien Keeps her Distance, Bernice says No Sparks

Vivien Yeo took part in the 'July Stars Birthdays' celebration yesterday and her wish for her 23rd birthday is not to have any rumours with Bosco Wong. "In the series 'War of In-Laws 2007', I have a romance with Bosco and Myolie is in the show too, so I don't want things to affect our relationship!"

For Bernice Liu, when she was filming for "Devil's Disciple" with Bosco, he openly picked up her lunch box for her and there were rumours of sparks between them. To this day, Bernice still finds this very funny: "It is very normal to help your colleague get lunch, there is nothing unusual. However, it is good publicity for the show."

It was not just rumours that she attracted whilst filming for "Devil's Disciple", but also the mosquitoes, leaving her with over a hundred bites all over her body that were red and swollen: "I was being bitten all the time and even after putting repellant on, it was useless. Even with my ancient costume on, the mosquitoes still found a way in and I cannot bear the itchiness. Every time I was bitten, I had to scratch and it was hard work."


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