Wednesday, July 04, 2007

[The Sun 05/07/07]

Tavia Yeung Cooks in the Rain

Tavia Yeung was promoting some home electricals at Ocean Park yesterday, when it suddenly started raining heavily and she had to rely on a member of the crew to help her hold her umbrella whilst she continued cooking. She was also worried about slipping on the stage, so she was very careful, saying afterwards: "This is the first time I have attended such an event in such heavy rain and I had to be very careful. It would be terrible to fall over at Ocean Park!" She also reveals that she is currently learning to cook so that she does not just have to depend on her looks to secure her future marriage and be able to win her man with her culinary skills too.

At another event, Shirley Yeung was promoting a shampoo product and she revealed that she will soon be taking part in promotional activity for "Devil's Disciple" at a swimming pool and asked if she would be wearing a bikini, she says: "I will wear a swimsuit, but I am still looking for it. The most important thing is to look healthy and be safe."


[The Sun 05/07/07]

Kendra Wong and Joyce Ko Win Miss Hong Kong Beauty Sponsor Awards

The Miss Hong Kong finalists attended their "Whole Body Transformation Graduation" at Sa Sa Beauty + yesterday, where Number 15 Joyce Ko was presented with the "Image Improvement Star Award", for proving that she had not only improved her imae, but she also has a wonderful rapport with everyone. The award was voted for by the other contestants and with ten votes, she is highly tipped to win 'Miss Friendship'. Joyce is very touched to have the support from her fellow contestants. Number 14 Kendra Wong was awarded with "Perfect Intelligence Star".

Number 2 Lily Ho was asked if she had undergone treatment to reduce her bottom, but she said obediently: "I have only tried the famous facials here, but if I have the chance, I will try the slimming treatments." As for being photographed having a facial in the car, she says: "I have been very busy lately, so I had to make the most of my time and use the mask in my dad's car. I will not do it next time."


[The Sun 05/07/07]

Tracy Ip is Prepared to Donate Kidney to Mother

There have been reports that Tracy Ip's mother is seriously ill and needs a kidney transplant and asked about this yesterday, Tracy did not talk about her mother's condition in detail, but was a little teary as she indicated she was prepared to donate a kidney to help her mother: "I just hope for a miracle to appear."

Working at TVB City yesterday, Tracy said with some tears in her eyes: "My mother found out about her condition over a month ago, I will not go into details, but I hope for a miracle to appear. (Are you planning to donate your kidney to her?) I do want to do this, but it depends on the test results and whether it is suitable for her. If it is a match, then I will do it. Although the doctor says that there is additional danger for the live donor and my mother is worried that the operation will leave a scar and will mean I am in hospital for several months, but I cannot bear for my mother to be in pain."

As for the suggestions that she has been 'selling her flesh' to raise money for her mother's medical fees, Tracy says that she had not discussed her mother's condition before and this is not related. As for the medical fees, Tracy says: "I do not know yet, but for my mother, I will do my best." Reports indicate that TVB plan to send Tracy to the Mainland to do some special reports related to the Olympics and she says she is happy that the company are giving her the opportunity, so she will do her homework and put her all into it. For the sake of her mother, she will work hard.


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