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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 22/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong Outdoor Event Fills Janis Leung with Fear & Further Injury for Joey Mak

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were in Zhaoqing yesterday filming some difficult outdoor activities climbing and sliding between the rocks and then riding the river rapids in rafts.

Although the girls were kitted out with safety gear, when Number 8 Janis Leung Wing Sze was attached to the first rope for rock-climbing, she suddenly went pale and called out: "I am not doing it, I am very scared!" Afterwards she explained that she is scared of heights and she has never gone on any roller coaster rides in her life and when she looked down from above, she had already felt uncomfortable and frightened. Asked if she is worried about this affecting her chances in the contest, she said: "There is nothing I can do, I am not brave enough to do it."

As for Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee who had injured herself earlier, she indicates that her injuries have recovered mostly, but she will be more careful in the future. However, she met with more trouble when the raft that she was riding in with Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee suddenly capsized and in the water she complained about the pain after knocking her existing injury. As for her being rather accident-prone, is she worried about being accused of stealing the limelight? She says: "I hope not, I do not want to get hurt." Lily is glad that she was not injured and says that she does like exciting activities, so she wants to go and do the climb again. Although she can swim, she was still very frightened when she fell in the water: "I did not know how deep the water was and when the raft knocked into me, I could barely breathe. (Will this leave a bad memory?) No, it was good fun."

Daughter of veteran actress Leung Siu Ling, Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik says she likes outdoor activities, but her mother would not let her take part in them, so she could only try them after she went to Australia to study. Asked if her mother knows about her taking part in these activities, she says that her mother has come back to Hong Kong and does know, but she did not scold her and just told her to get more rest because she has become a little hoarse recently.

At one point, there was some dissatisfaction from the local tourists as they complained about the filming getting in the way of their enjoyment.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/06/07]

Michael is Gracious, Charmaine is Embarrassed

As company spokesmodel, Charmaine Sheh took part in a promotional event yesterday for HK Health Check, along with guests Michael Miu, Eunis Chan, Wong Yi Hing and Karl Ng, who were all presented with Black Card memberships worth $100,000.

After their rumours whilst filming together, Charmaine seemed a little unnatural when asked to pose with Michael, but Michael was very gracious and even put his hand on her shoulder, laughing: "Don't say that we did not want to be photographed together!" Afterwards, Charmaine denied being embarrassed and says that Michael has a wife, so she does not want any more rumours. So did she help Michael get the job yesterday? Charmaine denies that she introduced him to the company and says that her reports with him are not gossip, just jokes. Charmaine says that she will do a body check once a year nad hopes that her membership will also benefit her family.

Michael seemed relaxed whilst talking about the rumours and smiles as he explains: "It turns out that Charmaine has a friend who is also called 'Sam Gor' [Michael's Nickname], so this led to a misunderstanding. In reality, I only every buy flowers for my wife and will never give them to any other women." Michael laughs that it doesn't matter what the magazines write as long as it is entertaining, but to do things that are detrimental to others is not a good thing. As for Charmaine revealing that he has never had a body check before, he admits this and says: "I have been evading having a health check because I am worried if they will find something. However, I do understand the importance of health now and I will try to cut down on my smoking for this reason." Also, Eunis reveals that she had a tumour earlier, but it has since been removed. She has learned from this the importance of good health.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/06/07]

Esther Kwan Would Like Another Child

Esther Kwan took part in a children's healthy brain yoga event yesterday where she joined a group of children for a yoga class. As a mother herself, whenever she sees cute children, then she will join in to play with them and hand out stickers to make them happy. Asked why she did not come along with her daughter, she says that she had to work in the morning and could not bring her daughter. She would like her daughter to take part in these events with lots of other children, but she does not have time for now and she has not yet taken her little girl to playgroup either. However, she has employed a private tutor for her and is teaching her English and Mandarin.

Esther's daughter is now 18 months old and is learning how to spin around and stand on her tip toes. Esther picked up some children's yoga tips so she will be teaching her daughter when she gets home. After becoming a mother, Esther has taken part in a lot of these children's events and she smiles that she is earning more money: "This is beside the point though, the most important thing is that I am learning something." She says that whenever she meets people with children, then she will share experiences with them, so she has picked up a lot of advice. Asked if she plans to write a book, she smiles that all her knowledge has been picked up from others, so she will have to have at least four or five kids before she is advanced enough. She says she would like to have another child, but will think about this later.


[The Sun 22/06/07]

Sammul Chan Cashes in Thanks to "First Beat"

Sammul Chan, Fiona Yuen, at17, Lulu Ng, Nat Chan and wife Cecilia Wong were guests at the premiere of "Shrek the Third" earlier and Fiona was asked about the reports that her boyfriend was spending the night at her home. She says: "He just took me home after we went out for dinner. My family of five is living at my home now, so there is no way he could have stayed over!"

Sammul was asked about the poor ratings for "On the First Beat" and he says: "I don't know why. It needs time and maybe when the storyline picks up, then it will get better. (Is it because of the rumours between Michael Tao and Sonija Kwok that is affecting ratings?) It is hard to answer this question." However, he does reveal that thanks to the series his income has increased this month by a six figure sum. Also he reveals that when he was at a spa in Thailand, a female masseuse was staring at him when he stripped naked and the shock made his body stiffen up like a vampire.

"On the First Beat" has come under fire from the netizens as being unoriginal and copying storylines from other sources. Also it has been pointed out that the criminal who killed Michael Miu's character in the series prequel "The Academy" has returned as an officer in the Police Training School in a baffling continuation error.

Kate Tsui is continuing to come under fire for her overacting and her poor attempts to reprise the Maggie Cheung Man Yuk role from the 80's. Producer Wong Wai Sing supports her though, saying: "I had spoken to Kate and she says she is a little unhappy, but have consoled her. To have this kind of response indicates she has done extremely well and when her role changes, then it will not be as bothersome."


[The Sun 22/06/07]

Stephen Wong's Fans Proclaim their Love For Him

Stephen Wong Ka Lok is still a relative newcomer at TVB, but with good looks and a healthy image, he has gained quite a fan base and he treats his fans very well, often meeting with them for gatherings. When asked if any fans have professed their feelings to him, Stephen says: "Yes, then have. Some will e-mail me to tell me! They provide me with a lot of their personal information and some will even tell me that they love me. (Will you respond?) I respond to them out of politeness and I will not avoid them. Young people nowadays have a very vivid imagination, so if you do not handle it properly, then it will be very easy to lead to misunderstandings."

Many artistes like to have gatherings for fans to meet them at close quarters. Stephen says: "There are a lot of people who have supported me since I first entered the industry and I do not treat them as fans, but as friends. The most important thing is that we now how to respect each other."


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