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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/06/07]

Bosco Stocks Up Own Wardrobe to Film "War of In-Laws" Sequel

Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and Joyce Tang were filming yesterday at the Woo Kai Sha Youth Camp on location for "War of In-Laws 2007" in a scene that tells of magazine editor Liza still thinking about her work when she goes into hospital and is calling her staff in to discuss work with her and not even listening to her son Bosco. During filming, Liza was walking around on the grass and was sweating in the beating sun and for Bosco, wearing his fashionable purple leather shoes, shirt and knitted cardigan, he was even hotter and in between takes, he quickly took his cardigan off to cool down.

Bosco also reveals that the company has found many designer sponsors for his outfits in the show, but he has also invested a five-figure sum in stocking up his own wardrobe for the show. When the reporters called him vain, he revealed that his good friend Raymond Lam is even more vain whereas the seemingly clean cut Kevin Cheng is not picky at all. When Myolie heard about his five-figure wardrobe, she laughed at Bosco, calling him daft: "I would not do that, the company has sponsors and a lot of the clothes are items I cannot afford." Asked if they will get married in the show, Bosco says: "I don't know yet, but we will have our secret weapon later. (You are announcing your relationship?) I am not talking about that."

Also Liza indicates that this time she will be playing a posh person, so she will not be torturing Myolie like last time. She also reveals that she has to wear high heels in the show, but her knee injury is still not better, so she will bring her flat shoes with her to wear in between shots. Asked about the news of Lydia Shum being back in hospital, Liza says that she did meet Lydia for lunch earlier and she was fine, so she believes that this is just for a check up.


[The Sun 17/06/07]

Fala Chen Photographs her Pregnant Look

Fala Chen took part in a cosmetics promotion yesterday and demonstrated make-up on a model. She reveals that in her new series "Golden Destiny", she plays a pregnant woman: "Earlier when I was filming for 'Heart of Greed', it was Tavia who had to play the pregnant lady and I would pat her belly, now I can pat my own belly and I have been watching the actions of pregnant ladies to play my part. (When will you be a mother?) It won't be for a while yet, although I do like children, being a parent is a huge responsibility."

Talking of father's day, Fala indicates that her father is in America, so she will be calling him to send her wishes. As for whether she will be joining rumoured karaoke-heir boyfriend to celebrate the occasion with his father, she smiles that she has to work.


[Ming Pao Father's Day Special 17/06/07]

Playful Screen Father and Son - Al Wai & Leung Yat Yu

Al Wai and child actor Leung Yat Yu show a great resemblance to each other and seem to have a great father-son affinity with each other after playing father and son in "The Family Link" and also in the film "2 Become 1", so little wonder that they are often mistaken as real life father and son too!

Reunited for this Father's Day special report, Al and Yat Yu have joined for a day of fun, ice-skating and then showing off their ball skills. Donning their skates for the first time, the duo quickly learn their skills on the ice thanks to the efforts of an instructor. Al had barely balanced himself, but 'fat kid' Yat Yu had already plucked up courage to take a few steps, winning over his screen dad. After posing for a photo, Al wipes his brow and sighs: "Luckily I did not fall over!"

Moving into the games arcade, 'father and son' shoot some hoops, but this time Yat Yu loses to Al. Then on the skipping machine, Al shows off his skills as Yat Yu looks on in admiration as Al wins again. As they pose on the merry-go-round for a photo, it just shows that friendly competition builds a good relationship. During the photoshoot, Al laughs at the squinting Yat Yu and says: "Look at you! You can't se your eyes..." Having far too much fun, Yat Yu sends a couple of friendly punches his way and even wants to push the cake into Al's face, but he uses the usual trick of calling out for Kiki Sheung, who is usually the ultimate winner in their contests!

Al has played a number of father figure roles in recent years, firstly in "Love is Hope" where he had a pair of twins and then moving on to be the father of Leila Tong and Linda Chung and working twice as Yat Yu's father. However in real life, Al is yet to become a father. "Many friends have said that Yat Yu looks like me and Kiki says he is like a brick, you have to push him to move him. I feel that what we can learn from him is that he does not know how to act, but this means he is natural. If his acting was too good, then he would be too 'smooth' and this would lose its reality. Working with children is quite hard work and the hardest thing with Yat Yu is being ready for his ambushes, becuase he wants to beat me. Before we shoot, we are always play fighting and although it is hard work, children are only fun when they are active."

Al remembers his relationship with his own father as a child and they were like friends. He has a scar on his head that was left after he played too hard with his father and ended up injuring himself. Al has been married now for 6 years and he reveals that he and his wife have a "Project 4 million", where they plan to become parents next year. His wife will then give up work to be a full time mother and he may arrange for them to live in Canada, where he hopes they will have the best environment to grow up in.

Al has recently earned himself the role of 'King of Supporting Actors' and after twenty years experience in the industry, he feels that becoming a father will benefit his acting in the future. He is a rather thoughful father figure as during the interview, there were morals in his words, but they were not without his wit. Asked which famous person he would like as his father, he says: "Bruce Lee! He is my top idol and having a kung fu dad would make other people jealous." Asked what he would say to his children in the future, Al talks about "Conversations with God". He says: "I would talk about religion to my children, the details of 'Conversations with God' and how the world has a destiny and how people have to show responsibility for their actions." It turns out that Al has researched the nine personality types and he smiles when he was young, his ambition was to become a philosopher because he just wanted to do the thinking and not the doing.

In order to have a common ground with his children, Al has started to learn to use a computer. Usually his hobbies are drinking and singing karaoke, but he cannot take his children out drinking with him in the future. He smiles: "By then, whatever they want to do, then I will be obliged to accompany them."

Child star Yat Yu is in Primary 3 and has become noticed after appearing with Al in "The Family Link". However, his association with Al has led to some jealousy from his real dad! Yat Yu is the youngest son and is the favourite in the family, so when Papa Leung returns from work every day, he will always be seekng out 'little brother'. Recently, people have mistaken Yat Yu as Al's real son and this has made Papa Leung a little unhappy. Yat Yu consoles his dad and has made him a special father's day card this year.

Asked what his ideal dad would be like, Yat Yu says: "My dad is already great, but he can be better!" It seems that there is room for improvement for Papa Leung. Asked to choose an ideal 'famous father', Yat Yu chooses Gilbert Lam from "Cross Border Daddy" because he likes to have his dad with him all the time, so Gilbert's father character would be the most suitable.

Asked what he would like his father to talk to him about, Yat Yu says: "I would like my dad to say that he is taking me on holiday in the summer and will buy me some new games. This would make me the happiest!" Originally Papa Leung had to work for Father's Day this year, but Yat Yu asked him to spend more time with him, so in the end, his dad was able to take half a day off to spend a Happy Father's Day together.

Location: Dragon Centre


[The Sun 17/06/07]

Kiki Sheung Says she is a Good Cook

Kiki Sheung was the latest guest on TVB Pay Vision's "Starry Kitchen", where she made a western dish. She says that she has always been a good cook and has learned her skills from a young age from her mother. Her strength is Chinese cookery and she smiles that when she was young, she only learned about 70-80% from her mother, but after a lot of practice, she has exceeded her mother's skills now.


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