Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 14/06/07]

Jessica Hsuan Not Angry at Being Called a Traitor - Raymond Lam Complains About Paparazzi

Cast from "The Drive of Life" has been busy promoting the series in Shanghai and have been attending functions laid on by the various sponsors for the show. Raymond Lam complained that with such a tight schedule, the group have not even had a chance to go for a meal together and when they wanted to go for a massage in the evening, there were too many paparazzi around,so they could not venture out. However the happiest thing for them was that since arriving at their hotel in Shanghai, they have met with eager fans every time they appear. Whilst he is happy that the fans are there to see him, he does express his concern for the fans who follow their cars and urges them to be careful.

As for Jessica Hsuan who has been rumoured to be leaving TVB, she will not be continuing to Beijing with the group, explaining that she has to return to Hong Kong to start work. As for some reports branding her as a 'traitor' for promoting her mainland series at the Television Festival earlier, she says she will not be angry because the reporters did not know the background and they are always writing untrue reports when they are unclear on the situation, so she will not be unhappy. She says that although she has many fans in Shanghai, she does not have a fan club there, but her Hong Kong website has been in touch with local fans urging them not to chase the cars to see her. Next January, she will be 'repaying' her outstanding series to TVB before heading out to go skiing with some old friends in February. Although she is not the only one who is still unmarried, she does not want to be the last to marry. Asked if she is dating anyone, she says openly that she is not, so she is putting her attention into her dogs. The first criteria for any potential partner is that he much also love dogs!

Sheren Tang's series "The Family Link" ended the series on 44 points and gained good results, but when she heard this, she asked what is classed as good? "I am very happy with this series and enjoyed the filming process, anything else is an unexpectedbbonus. I will let the producer worry about ratings." She feels that the show's reviews are more important and she has had good feedback this time not just from the housewives but also from men. She feels that after filming this series,she feels that it is like she has experienced a marriage,so she just wants to date now and not get married or have children, but she does not have a boyfriend, so she will leave this to the Lord to arrange for her.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/06/07]

Fiona Yuen Will Not be Travelling Bride

The premiere for "The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" was screened in Hong Kong earlier and many celebrities attended the show, including Eric Suen, Kelvin Kwan, Fiona Yuen, Vinci Wong, Rosemary and Ana R. Fiona joined good friend Vinci and his sister to watch the film.

Asked how her boyfriend was, Fiona says that he will be visiting Hong Kong soon, but not to marry her. They have only been dating for a few months and as they are apart, their phone bills have been very high every month. Will she consider going to Canada to be with her boyfriend and count the money for him? She smiles that the Canadian Dollar has risen lately, but she is accustomed to life in Hong Kong and she feels that life in Canada will be quite boring. Asked if her boyfriend will come to Hong Kong,she says that for him to let go of his businesses is not something that can happen overnight. She says directly that after many different relationships, she has a very practical approach now.


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