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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/06/07]

Two Injuries On Miss Hong Kong Great Wall Trek

As the saying goes, you are not a True Chinese until you have been to the Great Wall and this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants made their visit to the wall as part of their location filming in Beijing. However, the girls seemed a little over-enthusiastic during the filming of the run and Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee and Number 9 Grace Wong Kwan Hing were both injured. Joey was taken away to the hospital by ambulance to have her wounds dressed, whilst Grace suffered from cramping.

On their final day of filming in Beijing, the girls went for a run from the gate up to the next watch tower in a race to get their number and run down again. The winner of the race would be awarded with a special 20 second promotional slot at the forthcoming Miss Hong Kong Olympics Promotional show. Because of this, the girls worked especially hard, leading to the injuries.

Joey was originally ahead of the others, but after going up a few flights of steps, the force was too great and on the slope, she fell over, injuring her elbow, hands, knees and hips. However, even after falling, she was still smiling as she stood up quickly. The crew immediately helped her to disinfect her wounds and then called an ambulance to take her to hospital. When Joey fell, most of the girls stepped up to help, but her regular best friend Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee was too busy sticking to Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik and whilst Joey was receiving treatment, the two other girls seemed to be celebrating with a drink of water like champagne.

Afterwards, Joey indicated that she was very happy about her first visit to the Great Wall, so she does not mind about injury. She says she will be more careful in the future and not go rushing around. Asked if she has a strong urge to win, she explains that she likes to do stair running. As for Lily, who had earlier injured her ankle, she took things very easily with Candice as they gently strolled up and back down again along with Number 15 Joyce Ko Ho Ting who also took her time. Lily said that she was fine when she was running up, but then she found it hard on the way down, so he had to take it a step at a time holding the handrails because the steps were very high. When asked why Candice and Joyce joined her at the back, she explained that Candice had earlier injured her hip and Joyce was a little swollen, so she took it easy. She feels that the taking part is what is important and she is happy to have visited the Great Wall.

EO2 and Shirley Yeung also joined the girls to support them on their race and EO2 were asked about their rather lewd remarks made earlier about 'training the girls'. They explained that they were using a Cantonese expression and this led to a misunderstanding.


[Ta Kung Pao 12/06/07]

"Drive of Life" Cast Fly to Shanghai for Promotion

Michael Miu has had plenty of female co-stars since returning to the TV scene and has also had his fair share of rumours, first there was Toby Leung and then Charmaine Sheh. The three were joined by Charmaine's other rumoured flame Joe Ma yesterday as they flew out to Shanghai to promote their forthcoming series "The Drive of Life".

Others on the trip include Myolie Wu and Raymond Lam, but all the rumoured parties were happy to chat away with each other when they met and openly posed for photographs. However, when asked to pose with Charmaine, Michael seemed to be a little wary and immediately pulled over Sheren and Raymond to join them. Sheren responded cheekily, saying: "Hey, it's nothing to do with us!"

Asked how he felt about this trip with his two rumoured ladies, Michael smiles: "It's okay!" As for whether his wife Jamie Chik would be going with him, he says she does not come every time and only if she has time. Talking of Charmaine's rumours, he says that no matter who they write about, he will not avoid them because the most important thing is that his wife believes in him. He says: "First Toby, now Charmaine, it is so confusing and we have to be a threesome, why not put my wife and Sheren into the mix too?" He says that this is all just gossip and is highly unbelievable.

As for the other pairing of Charmaine and Joe, they did not speak to each other at yesterday's gathering. Joe arrived late and seemed to be ignoring Charmaine when he saw her. When they were asked to pose together, they seemed very reluctant and stood far apart from each other. Charmaine later happily posed with Sheren and Toby. Asked how she felt about going on a trip with her rumoured partners, she says: "The gossip is so untrue. (It says Michael gave you 99 roses?) The roses were from another friend." Asked whether she would be avoiding Michael, she says she is not afraid because each time they go out, it will be with a big group of people. Toby also does not believe that Michael would send her the flowers because as his 'daughter' he has never sent her any flowers.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/06/07]

Myolie Wu & Kevin Cheng's Gains from Charity Tour

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu joined the 'Lifeline Express' hospital train on a visit to Huaihua City in China's Hunan Province to see their progress on offering cataracts surgery to those in need. At a press conference yesterday, they were nominated as "Lifeline Express Stars of Light" and talked about their experiences from their earlier trip. Myolie praised Kevin for being very gracious, often getting food for the ladies around him.

Myolie has been a part of the Lifeline Express support since she entered Miss Hong Kong in 2000 and during this trip, she understood the importance of your eyesight and also realised how simple the procedure is to reverse the eye condition. She says that when she visited some families, she wanted to cry, but she did not want to dampen the atmosphere, so she had to hold back her tears. The reason for this was because it was not just the parents who were suffering from cataracts, but it had been passed onto the children too and it was a great blow to the family.

This is the first time that Myolie has worked with Kevin and she found after the trip that he is not as cool or quiet as he seems. In fact he is very assertive and is very gallant, looking after the ladies around him. She laughs that Kevin even held some of the children there and he really is amazing! Myolie says that she has been taking part in a lot of charity events lately and asked if she would like to be nominated for an 'Outstanding Youth' award, she says: "I have not done enough, I have to do a lot more. Also you cannot use this as a reason to do charity work. To have the chance to go somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle, it was actually very relaxing."

Kevin also feels he has gained a lot from this trip: "This year we went to a more rural place and I really saw what is literally a home with four walls and not much else. In one family, before they had the operation, they could only 'listen' to books, but now they can actually read for themselves. I feel that I am very fortunate and have learned to be thankful and be happy for what I have. This has been a very valuable experience."


[The Sun 12/06/07]

Spotted Dating, Ada Choi Openly Admits it but Cho Lam is Shy

Ada Choi and "Best Selling Secrets" star 'Lau Wah' Wong Cho Lam were spotted earlier attending a film premiere together and on Sunday evening, the couple were spotted together once again at a concert. When the reporters asked Ada whether they were dating, she was happy to admit it, but Cho Lam was a little shy and daren't sit together with her!

After her split with Nicky Wu in 2002, 33-year old Ada's love life has always been shrouded in mystery and even though she was spotted with mainland actor Zhang Jin, she still denied that there was anything happening.. However, since the rumours broke suggesting that she is dating fellow Christian Cho Lam, who is six years her junior, she has not avoided being spotted with him and was full of praises for him last week, saying how well-educated he is and what a great personality he has. They were spotted out together again watching the Theresa Carpio and George Lam concert at the Coliseum.

When they were spotted by reporters standing together outside the venue, Ada admitted that they were watching the concert together and asked if they were dating, she said enigmatically: "If you say we are, then we are." When asked to pose for a photo, she pulled another friend over to join them. After entering the show, Cho Lam seemed to disappear and Ada played dumb, saying: "I don't know where he has gone, maybe he has gone to get something to eat. (Call him!) At this time he should have switched off his phone." When Cho Lam did not re-appear, Ada said she wanted to watch the show with the rest of the audience.

Cho Lam is planning to direct a gospel musical next year and he was asked on the phone yesterday whether he plans to offer Ada a part. He says: "It has not been confirmed yet, it is not up to me and she does not know how to sing, so I don't think she will do it." For him to know whether Ada is good at singing or not, it would seem that there is certainly some substance to these rumours after all.


[The Sun 12/06/07]

"Family Link" Gains Highest Average Ratings of the Year

TVB's prime time ratings fell on the whole last week, but the finale week of "The Family Link" and the happy ending brought in ratings of 44 points with over 2.86 million viewers tuning in. The series average of 33 points has also broken this record for the year.

After the success of "Heart of Greed", the three couples in "Family" have taken the top spot in the series average ratings for this year, above "Heart" at 32 points, equalling "Ten Brothers" and storming "Dicey Business" and "War and Destiny" at 31 and 30 points respectively.

For the week, the average ratngs fell by 1 point down to 33 points, peaking at 36 points with the finale pulling in 44 at its peak and averaging 38 points. The cast are ecstatic at the results and General Manager Stephen Chan says that there will be a big celebration shortly.

The first week of "On the First Beat" dropped on the finale of "Heart" by ten points, with an average of 30 points, peaking at 33.


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