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[Ta Kung Pao 30/06/07]

Yoyo Chen and Vin Choi Maintain Silence

There were earlier reports about a female artiste who had semi-naked videos shot by her boyfriend on a mobile phone, which was subsequently lost. This was found by a construction worker who went on to blackmail the stars. The criminal was later brought to justice and the matter put to rest, but the clip has found its way onto the internet recently and there are suggestions that the woman in the clip is Yoyo Chen.

Yoyo was working at TVB City yesterday filming for "Best Selling Secrets" and when she was approached by the press, she immediately rushed into the studio. She was rather shocked when the reporters rushed around her to take photographs and panicked a little as she searched her bag for something. Asked if she had seen the clip in question, she did not respond. As the reporters pushed her to reply, she just smiled and shook her head before the crew stepped in to usher the press away.

Not long afterwards, Yoyo's rumoured boyfriend Vin Choi also entered the studio and when he saw the press, he just smiled at them. He did not stop for photos and went straight into the studio. Asked if he had seen the clip, he did not reply.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/06/07]

Chin Ka Lok is a Gentleman and Warns Leanne Li to Take Precautions - Byron Pang Explains Friendship with Bowie

After being party to Yumiko Cheng's earlier exposure incident at last year's Tung Wah Charity Show, Chin Ka Lok had promised at one point that if she could not find a husband as a result, then he would marry her. After her recent incident of exposure again, Ka Lok was asked whether he would keep his promise to marry her. He laughed: "You can't put this one down to me! (Everyone is worried that no-one will want her?) Don't be silly, of course someone will want a pretty girl like her. Don't curse her in this way, it is a lot of pressure for girls in her position."

Has he comforted her? Ka Lok admits he has not called Yumiko to avoid disturbing her, but he did send her a text message, urging her to keep looking forward, no matter what happens. He adds: "She has had good development, taking lead roles in series and releasing albums. I hope that this will quickly blow over and she focuses on her career in the next few years. I hope people will not be like last time and stand on her when she is down.(Many people are wondering how she managed to do it twice in six months.) You can have more than one car crash! I feel sorry for her because even men get embarrassed when they split their pants!" Asked if he is prepared to marry her, Ka Lok says that his original pledge was just to make her feel better and it is not that she is unwanted at this moment, so there is no reason for him to do this right now.

Ka Lok was demonstrating Thai Boxing yesterday with Leanne Li and when Leanne did a high kick, he checked with her that she had underclothes on. Afterwards, he laughed: "I am a gentleman. I can't look on and watch her expose herself." He seems to have put on weight recently, has he found himself a new love? He explains: "The girl in the magazines is my student brother's wife. My weight gain is from eating too much when I was filming in Malaysia."

Ka Lok and Leanne were among the celebrities that joined together at an event to announce the collaboration between TVB, Shaolin Cultural Media Company and Shenzhen Broadcasting Film and Television Group to hold the '2007 Chinese Martial Arts TV Star Contest', which will attract contestants from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Among the other stars present were Ka Lok's co-host Sharon Luk, Gordon Liu, Byron Pang and Aimee Chan.

Byron was asked about the earlier rumours that linked him with Bowie Lam and he explains that he has known Bowie for about nine months and they are friends and colleagues. As Bowie cared greatly for his mother and Byron happened to be free at that time, he offered his assistance to make sure everything was fine at the funeral. He says: "Rachel Kan was also there, but the reporters only photographed me and then made up the story. (Are you worried about people mistaking your sexual orientation?) The magazines can write what they like, I did have a girlfriend before, but she left me for someone else. (Is Bowie gay?) Of course not. (How do you know?) You know after you get to know him. (Have you seen his girlfriend?) I daren't say this, maybe you have not photographed him with a girlfriend and this adds to the mystery of his preferences."

Asked if he has a girlfriend now, Byron smiles: "Even if I did, I would hide her away." He insists that he likes women and has no plans to change, but he does not know what may happen in the future. He syas that he has met a lot of gay friends after entering the industry and some people have even propositioned him since the news broke about him and Bowie. As for suggestions he is using this to gain popularity, he says that this may be because his personality is too warm.

Aimee seemed to be in her element when she demonstrated swordplay and she reveals that she has learned martial arts from a young age and after coming to Hong Kong, she has taken lessons in swordplay and wushu. Although she often has injuries and broken nails, she loves the sport and will not give up. As for Sharon who hailed from the same Miss Hong Kong year as Tracy Ip, she was asked about Tracy's recent rumours about breast enhancement and she says: "I did not share a room with her at the contest. I have not looked at her naked before. She has said she has been wearing wonderbras and keeping fit, so there will be a difference."


[Ta Kung Pao 30/06/07]

Nancy, Joey and Linda Promote "Heavenly In-Laws

TVB's new series "Heavenly In-Laws" held a promotional event at a Tseung Kwan O shopping mall yesterday, attended by Nancy Sit, Joey Leung, Linda Chung, Yuen Wah, Wong Cho Lam, Joel Chan and Winnie Yeung. This series will begin airing on TVB's Pay Vision and there are suggestions that the reason why this show has been relegated to the paid service is all down to Joey's bad behaviour. During the games, Joey was 'punished' by the female stars for being a 'bad man', but he did not mind at all, saying it was all just publicity, eagerly trying to sweeten up the company.

Since the earlier 'shaking car incident', Joey's career has taken a sharp dive and he has been relegated to presenting shows on the Mandarin channel TVB8. As for him preventing the series from being aired on the mainstream channels, he says: "This is promotion, so whatever I say I will treat as a promotional tactic. You can ask me and then ask Nancy and then we successfully make the news on two days!" Does he feel a shame that this show will only be seen on Pay Vision? He asks in return: "Why is it a shame? (Lower audience numbers?) You can't see it that way. (Will you reflect this to the company?) As an artiste, I will just do my own job."

The earlier release of the show in the Mainland was a success and this has brought Joey some opportunities for stage appearances. Talking of the reports that ex-girlfriend Margaret Chung already has another boyfriend, he says that they are still good friends and keep in touch. He feels that to find another man is a personal thing and he will just focus on his work. He says: "It is not really worth mentioning and spending so much time on." He says that his own lovelife is a blank page. Does he want a happy family like Hacken Lee? He says that everyone wants it, but he will put his work first. As for suggestions that TVB are looking after him by allowing him a cooling-off period, he is very tactful and says: "TVB looks after everyone and is a very helpful company." As for the tricks played on him at this event, he says he is very open-minded and will just do his own job.

Nancy on the other hand is a little disappointed that the show has been sent over to Pay Vision, because it has been popular in other places. She did reflect this to TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and executive Tommy Leung, who have said that the show will air on Jade sometime. Does she feel that Joey has spoilt it for everyone? She says: "It shouldn't be his fault. The audience know how to separate this and will just watch the show."

As for the earlier clips of a semi-naked celebrity being posted on the internet and alleged to be Yoyo Chen, Nancy says she does not know who Yoyo is, but finds this very despicable to put the clip on the net. She says: "I don't know what the relationship was like, but I would urge all girls not to film these scenes even in the height of passion because if you are careless, then things will happen." She smiles that when she went to the toilet once, her daughter immediately started filming her with her new phone. When she noticed, she immediately demanded that the clip was deleted. She hopes that the person in the clip is not Yoyo and that in this modern world, then although men would love to have the clips, women have to learn to say no. "I have taught my daughter how to say now, because it is easy to say yes, but hard to say no."

Cho Lam and Yoyo have been working together in "Best Selling Secrets", but he says he does not know about the incident and he cannot be sure she is the person in the clip, so he dare not say anything. As a colleague, he will be concerned for her. Would he ask his girlfriend to make these videos? He says: "Of course not and Yoyo is a good girl. (Is her boyfriend bad though?) I have heard her say that she has a boyfriend."

Linda indicates that she would never make these clips with her boyfriend and the most they will do is pose for photos with their arms over each other's shoulders. She is also unhappy for the people involved and hopes they will be more careful. She says that she will not even allow people to fix her computer. Joel smiles that he would never be so perverse towards his girlfriend and he feels that these things do not need to be kept anywhere other than in your memories. He hopes that everyone will be okay.


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