Wednesday, June 27, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 28/06/07]

Michelle Yim Met by Reporters on Return to Hong Kong

Michelle Yim fainted after suffering from altitude sickness whilst filming an ad in the highlands of Lhasa earlier. She returned to Hong Kong from Tibet yesterday and was accompanied by her sponsors as she left the gate. Although her sponsors had sent a press call out for the media to meet her at the airport, the staff with her would not let the reporters near, saying she had to rush to the hospital for a check up.

In the end, it was Michelle herself to agreed to speak to the press for a while. She says she is fine now and is just feeling a little vertigo. She says that the place where they were filming was a few hours drive from Lhasa at an altitude of over 4000m above sea level and the weather was very changeable, going from sunny to windy very quickly and even raining and snowing. On the second day of filming, she had a headache. Maybe because she had to run about for the shoot and look very excited and happy, she felt faint after running up a slope and was gasping very badly. Afterwards, she went to hospital for oxygen treatment.

Michelle says that this is not the first time she suffered from altitude sickness, so she knew that she would be fine after some rest and the hospital confirmed this. In an earlier trip to Tibet, Michelle's reactions were even worse when she was vomiting, so this was actually much better than last time. She says: "It is very common to suffer from altitude sickness in Tibet and it is no big deal. I do not want to put people off going there as long as you are prepared then it is fine." Asked if she will go there again, Michelle says she will because it is a very beautiful place. She also says that she was not unconscious at any point and she just felt dizzy.

When the reporters suggested that Wan Chi Keung would not let ger go, Michelle smiled: "Maybe I should listen to him." She has completed the filming for the ad, but there are comments that the sponsors are using her incident as free publicity, contacting the press to meet her at the airport and presenting her with flowers. Michelle says that there were reporters there too, but she did not know that there had been a formal press call.


[The Sun 28/06/07]

Erica Yuen Denies Blog Entry Aimed at Tracy Ip

Celebrity blogger Erica Yuen wrote an entry earlier about cosmetic surgery and dinner with rich guys and it was suggested that this was aimed towards Tracy Ip's recent reports. Taking part in an event yesterday with Charmaine Li and Wong Yi Hing, Erica protested her innocence and explained that she was just debating the recent news topic and warning girls in Hong Kong not to be so naive. She did not mean for it to be directed at anyone. "My EQ is low, so I am afraid of being labelled as a gossip. I will be more careful with what I write in the future."

As for the the recent rumours that Stephen Huynh was looking suggestively at Yi Hing during another recent event, Yi Hing said with a little embarrassment that of course you will look at each other if you are working together and he is not interested in Stephen's sexual orientation.


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