Tuesday, June 26, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 27/06/07]

Nurse Bernice Promotes Digital Doctor

Bernice Liu was at a promotion for the Digital Doctor yesterday where she appeared as an OL and as a nurse to introduce the services of the digital multimedia health service. Yumiko Cheng's wardrobe malfunction affair in Canada has become the recent talk of the town and as Bernice has just returned from a show in Canada, she was asked about the incident. She says that each time she performs, then she will make sure that she has taken all precautions and when she was taking part in beauty contests, the minders had warned her about having underclothes. However, sometimes these things are unavoidable and as a dancer herself, Bernice knows that sometimes when the actions are big, then she will make sure she has an extra strap on her dress to make sure that it does not fall or maybe have a dress underneath. She smiles that she only learned about nipple tape after entering showbiz.

Bernice joined several TVB artistes at the recording of "The Same Song" earlier, but was accused of lip synching. She explains that everyone else was the same that night, maybe because the company was worried about them not singing their own songs and therefore the results not being as good. As for her Mandarin being mocked by Eric Tsang, she says that she will work hard at improving her Cantonese and Mandarin and she feels that Eric speaks Mandarin too fast and she has to listen hard to understand, but she does not mind being joked about as long as everyone is happy as they watch.


[Ta Kung Pao 27/06/07]

Byron Pang Turns Arrogant When Quizzed about Bowie Lam

Kwong Wa, Candy Law, Catherine Hung, Selena Li, Cindy Au, Ben Wong and Byron Pang attended the press conference for forthcoming gospel movie "Really in Love?" and former Mr Hong Kong contestant Byron was asked about reports of his appearance at the funeral of Bowie Lam's mother, where he was helping out almost like part of the family. When approached by a reporter, he immediately asked abruptly: "Who are you? Which paper are you from?" When the reporter replied, he then asked: "What are you talking about? (The reports about your relationship to Bowie?) I am in a hurry and busy, I will reply to you on Friday!" At this point, the PR staff stepped forward to stop any further questions and Byron left hurriedly with his manager. It seems the Byron has a lot to learn about how to handle other people from his senior Ben.

The cast and crew for this movie are all Christians, but Selena says she has not been baptised yet. "In this industry it is easy to become misguided and I do not have many friends in Hong Kong so to avoid developing depression, I hope to find a way out through religion. (Have you been lost before?) Yes! At the time, I did not have work and was worried about my future, luckily the company were very good tome and I feel I am quite lucky, so I am thankful to the company. (Do you go to church with your good friend Patrick Tang?) I have invited my friends to church with me, but he is not a Christian."


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