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[Ta Kung Pao 26/06/07]

Lily Ho Wins Tourism Ambassador Award

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants have completed their filming in Panyu and returned to Hong Kong yesterday. At the evening event earlier, the winner of the "Tourism Ambassador Award" was announced, where last year's winner Suki Chui was one of the judges. The award was finally won by hot favourite Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee.

The competition on the evening was split into two parts. Firstly they had to use the different animals from the Panyu Animal Park to introduce the gourmet food of Hong Kong. Then there was a talent contest. Among the acts were singing, dance, playing the Chinese zither and painting and the families of many of the girls were there to offer their support. Lily's item was playing the Chinese zither and when she stepped onto the stage, she was looking around for her parents and she was elated when she spotted them. She did not let them down when she went on to win the award and the $50,000 prize money. Afterwards she said happily: "When I saw them it gave me a boost of confidence. (How will you celebrate?) We will go and eat. (Are you not afraid of getting fat?) Eating healthily should not be a problem." She says that she has been learning to play the zither since she was young. As for Suki's comments that she will get into the top three, is Lily confident? She says that everyone is very good and outstanding, so she does not think she stands a large chance.

Suki has had her eye on Lily from the start and she was right about her on this award. Suki says: "I did give her a very high score and I think she will get into the top three. (Is it because her news volume is high like yours last year?) I feel she is very friendly and is ok all round. She is still very young, but faces pressure very well. (She has been nicknamed as 'Luxury Butt'?) When girls are 18, they will change and she will be different next year. (Even bigger?) No, she will get fitter and fitter." As for reports that Number 3 Kayi Cheung was crying after losing out, she explained that she was uncomfortable under the spotlights and she felt that Lily was very good on the zither, because it is not easy. She says: "I have to practice my Chinese, because I felt that my performance was very poor." Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik was still happy despite not winning because her performance was quite good, but her mother could not come to support her because she is still abroad. She adds that she is used to thinking in English, so she often makes grammatical mistakes when she speaks and she will work hard on improving her Chinese.


[The Sun 26/06/07]

No NG's for Bosco and Myolie in Kissing and Hugging Scene

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong have been busy filming recently for "War of In-Laws 2007", where they play a husband and wife again. Earlier they were filming beside Shatin's Shing Mun River in a scene that tells of them sharing a natural kiss after an intimate hug. Before filming, Bosco laughed that he should eat durian before he kissed Myolie, but when it came down to the filming, Myolie pressed her body close to his asnd they seemed very comfortable as they completed the scene in one take.

Afterwards, they both said that they know each other too well now, so there is no awkwardness during filming. Myolie says: "After so many series, I have kissed a lot of co-stars and the one I remember the most is kissing with Raymond Lam because he had been for a hotpot the night before and still had a strong smell about him the day after when we were filming."

When the reporters contacted producer Cheung Kin Man yesterday, he said at first that the kiss scene was added at the last minute, but when Myolie was contacted to confirm this, she immediately explained: "The scene was there from the start and even before they changed the script on the night. I did not ask for it - as an artiste, I would not ask for the script to be changed. I just follow what I am told, I will find out about this from the producer." Afterwards, then the producer was contacted again, he had changed his story, saying: "It turns out that the scene was there from the start and it was not added in at the last minute."


[Ta Kung Pao 25/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong Water Park Shoot & Joey Mak's Sudden Bust Growth Under Scrutiny

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were filming in Panyu's Changlong Water Park yesterday, where they played among the water jets and waterfalls in their bikinis. The focus of the press rested with Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee, whose chest appeared to have grown somewhat since the last shoot, raising suspicions that she was wearing bra pads. Asked about this, she explained that it was just a different cutting of the bikini top. To avoid revealing themselves, all the girls were careful to protect their swimwear with their arms during the waterspout shoots. As the girls posed on the steps leading to the pool, Joey and Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee were caught out by the regular jets of water and after a good soaking had to have their hair and make up done again by the staff. However, when Number 8 Janis Leung Wing Sze was caught out, no-one appeared to come to her aid and she was left on her own.

When the press asked Joey if she was wearing a nu-bra underneath the swimsuit, she refused to reply and avoided the question. Lily supported her friend and said that her figure has always been good, but the last swimsuit did not show this off. She says she does not feel that there are any tricks. Lily indicated that being caught in the waterspouts was good fun.

As for Janis, who was left on her own, she smiled: "You are too sensitive, they were shooting first, so the crew were more concerned about them." She does not mind being ignored, but she did admit that when she was drenched, she was worried about her swimsuit being washed away and she felt uncomfortable when the water was in her eyes. Number 12 Nicole Lee Kit Ying had to climb onto a rubber ring to go down a water slide, but she took care to protect her chest all the way down. She says she did not want to expose herself and as for Joey's sudden change in cup size, she smiles: "I am not a man, so I will not take notice of other people's breast sizes!"


[The Sun 24/06/07]

Selena Li Suffered Food Poisoning Bursting Blood Vessels from Vomiting

Natalie Tong, Selena Li and Cha Cha Chan took part in a cooking sauce promotion yesterday and showed off their cookery skills. Asked if Patrick Tang has tried her cooking, Selena says: "A lot of people have tried it, even Lai Lok Yi has tried it and I think it is okay! (Are you a good wife?) People say I will be a good wife, but I don't know if I will be." She says that when she was cooking some broccoli earlier, she did not wash it well enough and fell ill with food poisoning, which left her vomiting over thirty times: "I was sick so much that some of the blood vessels in my face had burst and even after injections, I was still sick. Now I have developed a fear of broccoli and I feel sick just seeing it." Natalie also showed off her cooking yesterday and she has been learning to cook from a chef. With a part in the forthcoming film with Alex Fong and Charlene Choi about swimming, Natalie says that she actually cannot swim, so she is quite scared, but after having to film in series jumping into the sea, she has decided to learn to swim and she has found herself a personal coach.


[The Sun 24/06/07]

Raymond Lam Says Filming Ancient Series in Summer is like High Temperature Yoga

Claiming to be more afraid of the heat than of the cold, Raymond Lam appeared at a yoga promotion yesterday and indicated that he cannot do the high temperature yoga, but he will be joining Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma and Sammul Chan to film an ancient costume series next month, where he has to sit in a wheelchair and play a cripple. No wonder he laughs: "It will be like doing high temperature yoga in the studio." After fainting during an IFC stair run in the past, is he worried about suffering from heat stroke? He protests: "That time it was lack of oxygen and not heat stroke. My health has improved a lot now and if it is hot, I will just drink more water."

As for his good friend Ron Ng being 'exiled' to the mainland, Raymond says: "There is money to be made in the mainland, so of course it is a good job! He has been working non-stop and will soon be back here to film. As a TV star, you have to fight for every opportunity to get onto the screen and I have filmed in the mainland too."


[The Sun 23/06/07]

Kayi Cheung Wins Vitality Ambassador Award - Miss HK Contestants Bake in 40 Degree Heat

The Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their tour of Zhaoqing yesterday as they filmed in a lavender field, baking in the 40 degree heat and feeding the local mosquitoes. Even before arrival, Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee was already complaining of being unwell and was given special treatment as she was allowed to rest and was sheltered with an umbrella as she went around. However she did not look unwell and explained that after her fall on the Great Wall, she has been cutting out tofu and egg from her diet, so this has left her quite weak. She is not worried about this being taken as attention seeking.

Asked if they found this particular shoot hard work, Number 7 Lorretta Chow Mei Yan and Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik both said it was not too hard. As for the mosquito bites, Candice says: "The spiders in Australia are even bigger, so small insects are no big deal! I am quite brave and playful." Also, the contestants voted for their 'Vitality Ambassador' and the first award of the contest was won by Number 3 Kayi Cheung. She says she is confident of winning a crown and it was revealed that hot favourites Number 2 Lily Ho and Joey did not receive any votes at all.


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