Wednesday, June 20, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 21/06/07

Wong Cho Lam is Not Interested in Ada Choi

Wong Cho Lam and Ada Choi have been linked recently in rumours that they were dating after they were spotted arm in arm at a film premiere. Yesterday Cho Lam was interviewed on a radio show and he denied that they were dating. As for Ada holding his arm, he says that they are like big sister and little brother. He insists that there will not be any sparks between them and there is no chance of them dating. The reports indicate that Ada is 33 and he is just 27 and he smiles: "This is true, I never knew that Ada would say, but these things cannot be kept a secret."

Cho Lam says frankly that when he saw the report, he found it very funny and he believes that the story will keep going in the future. As for suggestions that his mother likes Ada, he says that some reporters did knock on his mother's door at 11pm and she was quite scared. He says he has spoken to the company about this and they understand that it is all just gossip. He does not currently have a girlfriend yet and he hopes that Ada will not say too much about courting him, otherwise he will lose his market even though he is available.


[Ta Kung Pao 21/06/07]

Suki Chui Will Do Well if she Stays Obedient

Suki Chui took part in a fashion show for a fashion label yesterday and also modelled the new yoga range with a couple of yoga poses, sharing a feeling of nature. As this is her first yoga demonstration, Suki had three practice sessions and fortunately the moves were not too difficult, so she could handle it.

Suki has been doing a lot of exercise in her spare time and she likes going to play badminton with her friends the most because doing sport on your own is quite boring. Asked if her boyfriend has joined her, she says he has not because she prefers to go out with her girlfriends as it is fairer. As for the rumours that Shirley Yeung was frozen by TVB due to the reports about her dating, has Suki been urged to avoid dating by the company? She smiles that they just told her to work hard and she has been very busy lately and not had enough sleep, so she has not had time to go dating. As for Shirley's case, Suki says she should not comment because this is a company decision. Is she scared by what happened to Shirley? She says: "No, but I will not talk much about my love affairs, because fans want to know more about my work. (How is your relationship with your boyfriend?) Don't talk about him! We are just the same as normal really."


[The Sun 21/06/07]

Bosco & Myolie Hand in Hand Being Chased by a Dog

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu are currently busy filming for "War of In-Laws 2007" and as they play a married couple in the show, then they have the perfect excuse to be together every day. At around 9pm on Tuesday, they were working in Central in a scene that tells of them being handcuffed together and as they run away, they meet an angry dog who scares them running. As the weather was very hot, they immediately wiped their sweat away as soon as the shot was finished and in between takes, Bosco was busy fanning himself whilst Myolie drank a whole bottle of water in one go. Before the shoot, they seemed to keep to themselves as they stood apart from each other as Myolie joked with the crew and Bosco was playing with the dog. Only when they were rehearsing did they get back together again.


[The Sun 21/06/07]

Bobby Not Interested in Hot Pants Toby

TVB new series "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" cast members Bobby Au Yeung, Toby Leung, Angela Tong and Chloe Nguyen were filming at Tsuen Wan's Lido Bay yesterday in a scene that tells of Bobby who has a judo class being unhappy at Angela's beach volleyball class stealing all his students, so he goes along to crash the class and seek revenge on Angela, but he is absorbed into the lively atmosphere and joins in with the beach volleyball.

With her great figure, Toby kept herself rather covered up and did not show it off as much as Chloe. Asked if she usually wears bikinis on the beach, Toby says: "I do like watersports and before I entered the industry, then I would wear [a bikini] but now I daren't do it. I did go wakeboarding a little before, but I have to film now and would rather spend my days off sleeping at home." Maybe because the girls were all so covered up, Bobby did not seem too interested as he hid away to one side and had a quiet nap instead.


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