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[Ta Kung Pao 11/06/07]

Linda Chung Wants to Buy Business Class Flight for Father

Thanks to her character Sheung Joi Sum, Linda Chung's popularity has risen sharply recently and yesterday she took part in a Father's Day Bowtie event where she was approached by eager fans who wanted to shake her hand. Linda was happy to comply and was very friendly. At the event, she joined a hundred father-child pairings to make bowties and also made a giant 500 square feet greeting card to mark the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return.

With Father's Day approaching and despite a recently swollen wallet, Linda has no plans to buy a gift for her father and plans to just send him a hand made card instead, so he can keep looking at it. She says that when she was younger, she also made a card for her father. So will she be giving him cash? Linda says her father will not be moved by cash and she gives him gifts generally anyway. Last year she gave him a jumper.

When Linda's father visits her in November, she hopes that she can buy him a business class ticket. Recently Linda has just bought her own property in Hong Kong and she has reserved a room for her parents and will be busy cleaning it up so as not to let her parents down. Have her parents rushed her to find a boyfriend? Linda says that her parents have thought about it, but have not rushed her into marriage. Have they asked about her rumours with Raymond Lam? She says that maybe her parents became too absorbed whilst watching "Heart of Greed" and have said that for Raymond ['s character] to have died for me was very good. She then had to explain to her parents that they are just good friends and not to believe the rumours.


From top: Shirley Yeung; Lily Ho Ngo Yee; Candice Chiu Ka Dik, Nicole Lee Kit Ying & Grace Wong Kwan Hing; Kayi Cheung, Janis Leung Wing Sze, Silvia Leung Ka Yan, Joyce Ko Ho Ting & Jenny Cheng Wai Ching

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 11/06/07]

Shirley Yeung Outshines Miss Hong Kong for Figure

The 16 contestants for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant this year were filming on location yesterday at the Beijing Sport University and this time they were training on athletics events with Shirley Yeung, Sammy Leung and Siu Yee. Shirley wore a sports top and volleyball shorts, showing off her great figure, whereas the contestants were rather covered up and lost out much of the focus. However, Shirley was a little too involved and accidentally revealed her purple underwear during filming.

Afterwards when the press praised Shirley for her great figure, she smiled modestly that the girls were even better. She indicates that she rarely goes running and she has spent a lot of energy yesterday, but she will treat it as keeping fit. Shirley then demonstrated her running for the press to photograph and she admitted being a little embarrassed when she was surrounded by over 20 journalists. Will she be passing on any advice to this year's contestants? Shirley says: "I saw them all working very hard to practice their poses and to face their forthcoming swimwear parade, so I said to them not to be nervous and not to try any maneouvres that are too difficult. The most important thing is to be natural." Has she advised them on how to avoid revealing themselves, she says that the crew will help them out, but of course they have to make the necessary precautions.

The girls then went to the hotel swimming pool, where they changed into their bikinis. Having early been noted as having big hips, Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee indicated that she is used to it now and she feels the most important thing is to have confidence in herself. She also says that she injured her right leg during breakfast, but she will still continue to film at the Great Wall today and she hopes for a speedy recovery. Number 7 Loretta Chow Mei Yan is the tallest of the contestants and was arranged to wear a pair of hot pants. She says she does not mind as long as they are comfortable and she did not ask to change her outfit. Number 12 Nicole Lee Kit Ying has the fullest figure of the girls and she says that when she was studying in Australia, the caucasians around her all had better figures, so she would rarely appear in sexy clothes and so this never brought her any problems.

Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik comes a second place for figure behind Nicole and she says that she has very wide shoulders that give her this build. She says that she rarely wears bikinis so faced with the cameras yesterday made her a little unnatural. Number 9 Grace Wong Kwan Hing showed some cellulite marks in her earlier appearances and she says this is left from doing a lot of sport in her youth and she found that the more sport she did, the more cellulite kept appearing. Number 6 Anita Wong Wai Lam says that the contestants are all very friendly and they offer help and advice to each other in their rooms on how to pose. She feels happiest with her legs and is starting to get accustomed to facing the cameras now.


[The Sun 11/06/07]

Michael Tao and Sonija Kwok will leave Romance to Fate

Despite the noted absence of leading stars Michael Tao and Sonija Kwok from the promotional activities, new series "On the First Beat" has pulled in respectable ratings in its first week of 33 points. Michael has just returned from Japan, where he has been filming on location for his series "Harmony, Taste & Passion" and insisted during an interview with the waiting press that his absence was purely down to a schedule clash and not because he is avoiding rumours. However, he did face up to the latest gossip around the relationship between him, his wife and Sonija, saying: "I have left this to the heavens and if it does not bring me any more problems, it will be a great help. I will just let everything follow its natural course. (Have you made up with your wife?) We have divorced, it is not just an argument, but I will still care for her."

Fate works in funny ways though and with the rumours dying down, Michael will be joining up with Sonija's former boyfriend in a new mainland series that he starts filming next month. About this, Michael says he does not mind because he knows Deric very well. "We are just making some money! Just face it with normality, the company boss does not mind, so why would I?"


From top: Eric Suen & Candice Chiu Ka Dik; Fala Chen & Anita Wong Wai Lam; Destiny Cheng Ying Ying; Joey Mak Ho Yee

[The Sun 10/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Sticking to the Stars

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their Beijing location shot yesterday and with the drop in focus on the early favourite Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee, the other girls took their opportunity to push into the limelight. The girls were joined by Eric Suen at their pool event yesterday wearing one-piece swimsuits, but Lily and also Number 5 Destiny Cheng Ying Ying accidentally revealed themselves. Eric boasted beforehand that his swimming was very good and had shaved his chest hairs in preparation, even putting up the V symbol during the photoshoot and saying he would give the girls a head start, but when the time came to race, he bombed rather than dived into the water and swam very slowly. Seeing how far ahead she was, Number 9 Candice Chiu Ka Dik slowed down towards the end and allowed him the dignity of 'winning' the race.

Asked if she had let Eric win, Candice shook her head and said: "I starte cramping during my swim, maybe because I have not swam for a long time. I was looking around for someone to help me." However Eric revealed that Candice had let him win: "My old injury resurfaced and after swimming, Candice had said she waited for me. She also said she would buy my album." Maybe Candice is taking advice from her mother and sticking to the stars to get noticed.

Also, the contestants joined Fala Chen for a ribbon dance and 'Fala lookalike' Number 6 Anita Wong Wai Lam finally met the real Fala in person. As for the suggestions of their resemblance, Fala says: "The face is not the same, but our figures are alike." Anita was ready with the compliments for Fala, saying: "She is very beautiful and elegant, but we only look alike from certain angles."


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