Wednesday, June 06, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 07/06/07]

Ada Choi sees Wong Cho Lam as Ideal Marriage Partner

The Hong Kong Premiere for "Oceans 13" was held on Tuesday and as this film is yet to be released in the States, security was heightened to ensure that there were no cameras, phones or video recording equipment taken into the cinema and even guests were checked.

Many artistes attended, including once rumoured couple Wong Cho Lam and Ada Choi, who did not avoid each other at all. Ada was very complimentary of her good friend Cho Lam and says that their height difference is not an obstacle. She says he he has good looks and good education and is a very good person. She smiles that her good friends Monica Chan and Wan Yue Hung are both fighting against her for Cho Lam. She laughs that for two people to be together, the most important thing is to be able to communicate and if they are right, then they should get married because it is hard to find a good man nowadays. However, she says that they are just good friends and just joined up to watch the film.

Ada is currently filming for "Jewel's Splendor" and talking of the finale of "Heart of Greed" pulling in 48 points, she feels that it is a matter of the right time, place and people. Would she like her series to reach 48 points? Ada says you cannot compare it this way because her character this time is a breakthrough, even more than "Dance of Passion".


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