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[Ta Kung Pao 06/06/07]

"War of In-Laws 2007" Costume Fitting

Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Vivien Yeo, Suki Chui and Benz Hui took part in the costume fitting for new series "War of In-Laws 2007", but rumoured couple Myolie and Bosco did not seem to communicate much and Myolie preferred to chat with Vivien instead. When Benz introduced his character, he revealed that he has a 'tongue scene' with Liza, so he has been meeting up with her partner Lo Ka Ying to ask for tips on the best way to kiss Liza!

The show will centre around a fashion design company and Liza will be training Myolie to become a woman of taste. Although the company has already prepared a lot of outfits for Liza, she will also be bringing out some of her own items of clothing for good measure. As for the suggestions that this will be a copy of "The Devil Wears Prada", Liza says that only the background will be like the film. As for Benz's claims of kissing scenes, she says that it is only a 'kiss of life' scene. Liza says she will not put too much pressure on herself and just wants a slightly different portrayal of the character. When she saw the script for the first time, she found the lines to be very fast like the ancient version, so she has made suggestions in the hope that this can be amended accordingly. Asked if she felt that Bosco and Myolie are avoiding each other, she says she had not noticed and has no time to worry about them.

Myolie feels that the series is a little like the film, but the characters are different and she is not afraid of people saying it is a copy. She says she has some expectations for the show, so there is some pressure there. Is there a greater understanding working with Bosco again? She denies this and says: "We have not worked together for a while now, so we have to build up our understanding again. (Do you have kiss scenes with Bosco?) Don't know yet. (Is the feeling different having kiss scenes with Bosco?) There is nothing special about him." She is also worried about boring the viewers, so she would like to have rumours with someone else, but she will always put work as her first priority.

Bosco was unwell yesterday and as for her relationship in the show under threat from Vivien and Suki, he still chooses Myolie. Asked if he would be faithful to the end in real life, he says with conviction: "Yes." Then when he realised his mistake, he immediately clarified: "I am talking about the show. (Is it quite special to be working together again?) It's only happening because the viewers feel it is okay. (Is there a special understanding between you and Myolie?) There has always been an understanding because we have worked together before." As for Myolie's protective suggestion saying she would rather Vivien had the gossip, he smiles: "She is protecting a friend! (Protecting her boyfriend?) Protecting her friend. (Liza is supporting you and Myolie is protecting you?) We are a family and friends and they are both my good friends."


[Ta Kung Pao 06/06/07]

Kevin at Sporting Promotion Tells of Splitting Head Open

Kevin Cheng took part in the Po Leung Kuk Health Check Award Sceheme press event yesterday with Po Leung Kuk director Chan Siu Bo and wushu athlete Lee Fai Kwan. Kevin has always been a fan of sports and his favourite is playing tennis.

Kevin says that playing tennis helps him to reduce stress, but he was also part of a table tennis team when he was younger, then playing basketball in high school. However, he accidentally split his head open once and had to have seven stitches. He says that he is quite dumb really and that injury made him even dumber, so from then on, he changed his love to tennis instead. Has he invited Niki Chow to play with him? Kevin says he has been to play with a lot of people, not necessarily Niki. He says that he has never played with her and does not know if she can play. Asked why he doesn't teach her himself, he smiles that he is not good enough to do that. He also reveals that when he was in Thailand promoting "Devil's Disciple" with Bosco Wong, they recorded a Thai version of the theme song. He says that part of the song will become a telephone ringtone, but it is not an expletive, so he hopes people will not take it the wrong way.

Chan Siu Bo indicated that he has watched Kevin's series and feels that he is very good, otherwise he would not have been chosen as their spokesperson. Ms Chan also indicates that her health product has invited Gigi Lai to be their spokesperson, but as her brother has been involved in a road accident, then she understands Gigi is very troubled, so she just sent an SMS to her. She says she just knows that he can take fluids now and speak. She also urges everyone to remember to wear your seat belt when you travel on taxis.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/06/07]

Organic Farm Event for New Series

After the finale of "The Family Link", TVB will be airing new series "Love Comes from A Chance" [also translates as "Organic Love" - official title TBC). A group of cast members including Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, Yuen Wah, Akina Hong, Suki Chui and Kong Fai bore the heat and headed to an organic farm in Sai Kung for a promotion where they enjoyed the simple life.

Dressed in her sexy top, Akina was subjected to some close encounters with Kong Fai and she called out to the producer to help her out. Afterwards, she indicated that she did not know she would have to do some farming, so she just dressed in something cool. In the show,she plays a girl with a strong country accent, so there are a lot of jokes about this. She smiles: "My character likes to tell people to eat up quickly, but it sounds like 'shoot up quickly'."

Having recently become a father, Sunny says that his baby has just reached a month old. Asked if he will have any more children, he says: "Yes, no matter if they are girls or boys, I would like another two or three." Sunny says that during his wife's pregnancy, he has learned a lot of things, such as how to look after an expectant mother and also having to be patient with the baby. He also encourages his married friends to have children soon because having kids is very good fun.

Christine says that although this series was filmed in February and March, the location shots were still very sunny and her skin is as dark as a Filipino, so when she filmed the studio shots, the director insisted that she put more make up on. She will be partnering Alex Fong (Chung Shun) in July and as for rumours that this is a second hand job after Maggie Cheung turned it down, she says: "The company says it is not and I had been notified very early on. It does not matter who it was offered to before." In the new show, she will be playing an ugly girl.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong 2007 Filming in Tianjin

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants have reached Tianjin for their location filming yesterday. The girls first visited the Liberation Bridge in the morning, where they released some balloons on which they had written their Olympic wishes. However, as the temperature there is around 37 degrees, the girls quickly rushed into the shade and hid under umbrellas upon their arrival to avoid being tanned.

Maybe due to the weather being too hot and the schedule being too packed, contestants 1 to 4 also had to shoot their profile pictures at a restaurant, so they were very tired when they returned to the hotel. When Number 2 Lily Ho was asked if she found it hard getting up so early in the morning, she syas that everyone had to meet up at 6:15 am, but maybe because it is just the first day, so she is not too tired. Howoever, she wanted an early night. Lily says this is her first trip to Tianjin and it felt good, but she never imagined it would be so hot. She also says that Rosa Chan is treating everyone well,giving them all a bottle of birds nest.

Number 14 Chiu Ka Dik's mother is from Tianjin, so her grandmother knows how to make a lot of Tianjin foods such as Zajiang noodles and Dalu noodles. As for her mother revealed as being veteran film star Leung Siu Ling, she says it was her friend who told her about this. Is her mother unhappy about this? She says she has not been in touch with her mother yet.


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