Saturday, June 16, 2007

[The Sun 16/06/07]

Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu Playing About on Set

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu were filming yesterday for new series "War of In-Laws 2007" and this rumoured couple were happily chatting and laughing together without any avoidance. Having permed his hair for his character in the show, Bosco asks Myolie: "Does my hair look good?" To which she replies: "Yes! Can I say it doesn't look good?", leaving Bosco feeling very sweet indeed.

In the show, they play a couple and asked if they have any kissing scenes, Bosco says: "I don't know yet, it depends on the scriptwriters, but I do not get enough big kissing scenes, I have only had them with Tavia Yeung and Natalie Tong." Asked if he will be more absorbed if he knows his co-star better, he says: "Yes, we can just do it as agreed. (Will you be even more absorbed with Myolie?) I think so!" Talking of their rumours, they were both prepared and Myolie says: "We will treat it as promotion! If we are filming together and no-one writes about us, then it will all go to waste!"


[Ta Kung Pao 16/06/07]

Charmaine Denies Animosity with Joe Ma

Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma have been busy recently with promotional activity for their new series "The Drive of Life", but the reporters have been more interested in their apathy towards each other. Filming yesterday for new series "Steel Lips Silver Teeth", Charmaine was asked about this and she explains: "There were over ten people there that day and it was not possible to speak to everyone, but I do remember greeting Joe. We just did not speak for too long."

She says that Joe has also been irritated by the reports, beucase they have made a big deal about him not attending my birthday party, sighing that the industry is very materialistic, if you do not work together then you have fallen out. Charmaine says that she and Joe have been friends all along and the reason he was absent from her party was that he was busy working in the Mainland with his wife. So will she notify him earlier for her next birthday party? She laughs that she will leave this until next year and maybe she will not have a party if she is working. She adds that in this industry, people will write about you regardless of what you do, but it is better than not having anything written about you, so you just treat it as promotion.

Aside from this, Yumiko Cheng's "The Gentle Crackdown 2" will finish filming today and she says she will miss the show because she has built some great relationships with the cast and crew over the last two months, so although she has no scenes in the last shoot, she will stilll attend with sweet dessert for everyone. Although filming has been hard work, she is very happy, especially as there has been no gossip, so she plans to film series again in the future. Through this show, she has also fallen in love with action scenes, so she plans to take lessons in martial arts and maybe this will come in useful for any of her films in the future.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/06/07]

Kate Tsui Interview on i-Cable was Arranged by TVB

Kate Tsui appeared at the preview screening of her debut film "Eye in the Sky" earlier and she says that as this was her first venture on the big screen, she was worried about not doing well and her scenes being cut, but after watching the film, she breathed a sigh of relief. Kate was earlier seen promoting the movie speaking in Cantonese on TVB's arch rivals i-Cable, but seemingly with the blessing of TVB. However, when Jade Kwan did the same thing earlier, she was met with suspension from TVB. This has led to allegations of favouritism from TVB for its own artistes.

When she was asked about this, Kate was a little speechless and her assistant helped her out, explaining that the interview had been arranged by TVB, so her manager was by her side during the process and this was purely to promote the movie, so the situation was very different. She says: "I think that this was the case, it was all arranged by the company." Also, Kate's series "On the First Beat" that is currently airing has raised criticisms from netizens who say that the shape of her mouth is very off-putting. She says that as a newcomer, she is glad that people are paying attention to her and she will not mind the comments as long as she still has work.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/06/07]

Bernice Liu Promotes Phones with Tropical Dance

Dance talent Bernice Liu donned her dancing shoes to promote a new mobile phone model yesterday when she joined two male models for a rather raunchy dance number. As they became absorbed in their routine, one of the men placed his hand rather close to her bust, but the westernised Bernice did not seem to mind at all, saying: "You will get some close contact when you are dancing, it is very normal."

As for her needs from a phone, Bernice says that the most important thing is the camera because she is quite snap-happy and loves taking photos with her phone, including pictures of landscapes, people and her two beloved dogs. Recently, her pet dog Mac has become pregnant and she has filmed the whole process at the vets with her camera. Asked which people she usually photographs, she says her friends and the crew. How about rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan? She says: "No, I haven't seen him much recently anyway. (How about in the past?) The functions in the old phones were not as good then." Asked if she is worried about losing her phone and revealing her personal photographs? She smiles: "Anything too personal will not be on my phone. The most personal I have will be the pictures I have of Mac, so when I did lose my phone before, I was very upset because I lost all my pictures of her."


[The Sun 16/06/07]

Matt Yeung Allowed to Film in Mainland Whilst Awaiting Trial

26 year old TVB artiste Matt Yeung (real name: Lam Ming Lok) is alleged to have damaged an Octopus machine and a cigarette display at a Hung Hom convenience store on 22nd May. He was granted bail earlier for $10,000 but was not allowed to leave Hong Kong until his court hearing on 8th August. Due to his work commitments filming for series "Jewels Splendor", an appeal was made to the Kowloon City Law Courts yesterday to change the conditions attached to his bail and allow him freedom of movement, however, the court has only granted him special dispensation to go and film in the mainland from 12th to 20th July.

Case ref: KCCC3322/2007


[The Sun 16/06/07]

Erica Yuen and Maria Chen on the Prowl at Bobbi Brown Promotion

Cosmetics company Bobbi Brown held a promotional party in Central yesterday, attended by celebrities to support their 'Beautiful Living' message, including founder of the Society for Protection of Abandoned Animals Violet Chow, designer Cheung Lu Lu and Hong Kong Athlete Connie Ho. Among the female celebrities there were Erica Yuen, dressed in a revealing bra top dress and Maria Chen, with both ladies lingering around the VIP area, attracting the attention of the male guests and engaging in conversation with them.

Carlo Ng was also present to support his wife Violet and asked about her insights into caring for their daughter, Violet laughs: "Our daughter is seven months old now and cannot speak just yet, only screaming 'mama' when she is throwing a tantrum, but she is not calling me. Sometimes when she hears her father's voice on the television, then she will immediately look over."

Violet says that she is rather impatient and is not as good at looking after their daughter as her husband. As for whether they will have any more children, then they will leave this to nature. Originally having three pet dogs, Violet has had to leave them with her parents because of her daughter: "Every week, I will take my daughter to see the dogs and when she is older, I will bring the dogs back home."


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