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[The Sun 09/06/07]

Raymond & Linda Rumours Rife at EEG Signing Celebration

With the success of "Heart of Greed", although their characters could not be together in the end, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung have recently been rumoured to have taken their romance off-screen. As Raymond signed officially with EEG yesterday, Linda did not avoid him at all and happily joined him on stage at the promotional event, holding hands and hugging as they sang their duet and maybe indicating strongly their underlying love.

For TVB artistes to extend love affairs beyond the screen is not unusual, after Moses Chan and Bernice Liu, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, then now there is Raymond and Linda. The reports suggest that the rather innocent Linda, who claims to have only had 3/4 of a love affair before, has moved the heart of Raymond who was in quick pursuit to be her chauffeur and finally winning her heart.

A special contract signing ceremony was held at the Dragon Centre yesterday for Raymond joining EEG and wearing an Armani outfit, he was supported by TVB executive Virginia Lok and EEG CEO Mr Ng Yu as well as rumoured girlfriend Linda. Linda's outfit matched his very well and when they sang their duet, he was happy to hold her hand and laughed that he was so nervous he had forgotten his lyrics. Even after their performance as they answered questions from the press, they still seemed to be totally wrapped with each other and it was a very loving scene. Linda revealed that her dress was chosen by Raymond and she had offered some Pat Sin Guo beforehand to help with his voice, showing how they were looking after each other. As for being suggested as being the 'lady of the house', Linda laughed: "No, I am just supporting Raymond! (Appearing as a couple?) As long as the viewers are happy, that is fine."

Asked if he has been generous whilst courting Linda, Raymond laughs: "She makes more than me! (Are you courting her?) Don't mess with me." He continues to look lovingly at Linda and says: "You have won it this time!" She then replied: "What are you saying? Stupid!" Linda insists that Raymond is her good friend and there is room for development, but only in the sequel to the show. However, Raymond is obviously interested in Linda and says she is very caring by giving him the preserved fruit: "Yes, it is very 'sweet'." It would seem that this Ray-Linda love affair has a chance to blossom after all!


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/06/07]

Sherming Yiu Suffers Split Lip at "Green Grass" Promotion

Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, Sherming Yiu, Yuen Wah and Natalie Tong joined other cast members from new series "The Green Grass of Home" (aka "Love Comes from a Chance") yesterday to share an environmental message. They attended a Diamond Hill primary school, where they played games with the children who had to throw rubbish into the right buckets. Unfortunately, the children became a little over-excited and plastic bottles and aluminium cans went everywere, hitting Christine on the chest and leaving Sherming with a split lip. Afterwards, the cast members showed the children how to make organic compost from their leftovers and when Yuen Wah was about to put a pack in, one of the children called out to him: "You can't put it in with sauce!" Yuen Wah conceded obediently, showing that the children seem to know more than the adults on these matters!

As well as being hit by the rubbish, Christine was also knocked on the ear by Sunny's bucket, but she had a good time and said: "I have my own way of dealing with kids. I remember when I went to Thailand with some friends and there were eight or nine children at the airport who were pointing at me, so I said that if they could do 10 somersaults, I would nominate them for 'Minutes to Fame'. After doing that, they were too tired to mess about any more. However,I will not force myself to have children, just leave it to nature. After all, I have my godson Morten (Anita Yuen's son), so I am already very happy."

Shermng was asked about her injury and her lip was a little swollen. She smiled: "I never thought that children would be so strong, but I could not find the culprit." She says that children can get very over-excited when they are playing, for example her nine-year old brother broke their plasma TV when he was playing with guns at home. Fortunately she had just won a new 29-inch LCD TV, so it came in handy.

After the event, TVB arranged for the cast to go for lunch, but Sunny rushed away to look after his son. He says: "Children are so interesting!" He says that he feels that as this is their first time as parents, then he and his wife would like to spend more time with their son and they will still hold him even if he is asleep and give him their fingers to suck on. He laughs that this will help him build up his immune system.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/06/07]

"Heart of Greed" Cast Confirmed to Re-unite Next Year

TVB's "Heart of Greed" gained some good results for its finale and to thank the cast and crew, TVB held a special celebratory dinner in a hotel earlier. Those in attendance included Lee Si Kei, Ha Yu, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong and Fala Chen. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan was also there to personally thank everyone.

There were 16 tables in all and the hotel gave TVB the special price of $2888 per table. Mr Chan led the speeches, firstly inviting Si Kei, Susanna and Ha Yu onto the stage for questions. First he asked Dai Bao whether he has been offered some good jobs? Ha Yu replied by thanking the company and Mr Chan. Susanna was then congratulated on her forthcoming concert and then Si Kei was asked if she is getting bored now. She says that she is not bored and with Ha Yu doing ads and Susanna singing, then there should be something in store for her. Despite the success of the show, producer Lau Ka Ho does not dare to be proud and says: "The reform is not yet complete, I still have to work hard and break through the 51 point mark." As for TVB Drama deputy director Catherine Tsang, she encourages everyone saying: "We cannot be short of everyone when we re-group in January."

They then celebrated with champagne with Catherine suggesting they should pour the champagne onto Moses's head. Moses and Linda then shared a drink together. A final farewell was then said to the show and Susanna sighed that it would be strange without the show. Asked if she felt sad, she says she will missit. Si Kei won 40 abalone in an earlier promotion and she will be sharing them with the crew later.

After Mr Chan revealed that he had been signed to do a hair replacement ad, Ha Yu was asked about this and he said happily: "I never imagined that my bald photos would bring me good news and I would be approached by a sponsor. However, I cannot reveal anything just yet. (Is the fee high?) It is six-figures and I am easily pleased. Originally I have over ten hairpieces at home worth about $10,000 each, but now I will save a lot of money."

Talking of Si Kei asking him for a part in his ad, will they work together? Ha Yu says he does not know yet and it is down to the sponsors to announce. He would like to work together with her,but he has not signed the contract yet nor received the money, so he is worried if he says too much they will withdraw the offer. Although "Heart" has been very popular, Ha Yu is still not content and he hopes that they can take the show to North America and China for Chinese people all over the world to enjoy.

Asked about wanting to join Ha Yu's ad, Si Kei says she was just joking, but she hopes to have a part in something, laughing that he hasn't got rid of her so easily. Si Kei is currently busy filming for "Jewel's Splendor", where she plays a very manipulative person, very different from Dai Kai. She says that she will be putting her heart into her new character. As for the daughter of her good friend Leung Siu Ling entering Miss Hong Kong, Si Kei says she has not seen Siu Ling for a long time, but her daughter is a good girl and has the potential to be Miss Hong Kong.

Si Kei, Susanna and Michelle took part yesterday in a promotional event for a Macau jewellers and modelled diamond jewellery worth $10 million. Asked if they had received such valuable jewellery before, Si Kei replied: "No, I just have to buy them myself, no-one will buy them for me." Susanna says: "Yes,but it was a long time ago." Susanna says that when she was on stage in her youth, she had already started collecting diamonds. Si Kei says that she bought her first diamond in 1977 when she spent $48,000, but when her mother told her that an apartment in Kowloon City only cost $50,000 then she regretted her purchase. However, with the good results from "Heart", she has bought herself a pair of diamond earrings to reward herself.


[The Sun 09/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Show off Martial Arts

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were at the Beijing Physical Education University yesterday and after showing off her figure at the swimwear shoot yesterday, Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee was the focus of the press after the official figures released by TVB were revealed for her as 5ft 5 ins tall, weight 119 lbs and measurements 33-24-35. Talking of the criticisms against her, she seemed a little teary and said: "I Will not intentionally lose weight, my health is more important and will eat more vegetables and less snacks. I do Latin dance regularly. (Are you worried about losing out on this?) No, it is about the whole picture." However, many netizens have been supportive of Lily, saying: "It is not a crime to have big hips, it proves she will be a good child-bearer."

After practising some Taekwondo, Number 9 Grace Wong Kwan Hing worked the hardest and guests Sammy Leung, Siu Yee and Chin Ka Lok all praised her. Ka Lok who was also a tutor indicated that he had the strongest impression of her and felt that she was very suited to a career in showbiz. Sammy laughed that many of the girls communicated in English and he felt like he had joined an 'English tour'. He says: "I can't even chat with them! Grace is very crazy and we have thought about changing her name from 'gracy' to 'crazy'."

As for the compliments, Grace says: "Everyone was working very hard and were very tired,so I wanted to raise everyone's spirits and when you are happy, you will smile more. I am interested in entering showbiz, but I am putting my heart into Miss Hong Kong and I would like to be the Goodwill Ambassador and Tourism Ambassador."


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