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From the top: 'School Hunk', 'Hong Kong Tony Jaa', 'Spotty Ron Ng', 'Tall Huang Xiaoming', 'Hairy Cheung Hok Yun', 'Long Haired Kenneth Ma', 'Smiley Rain', 'Lee Jun Ki Lookalike', 'Hong Kong Pei Yongjun', 'Skinny Kiu Bo Bo', 'Uncle Shades'

[The Sun & Ming Pao 19/06/07]

Mr Hong Kong Second Interviews

TVB arranged for 32 contestants to visit TVB City yesterday to attend the second round of interviews for this year's Mr Hong Kong Contest. Among them were hot favourite 'School Hunk' Yuen Wai Ho, 'Smiling Rain' and 'Joseph Cheng Lookalike' as well as a big group of musclemen. The standards this year seem quite high, so there is quite a competition this year. However, there are a number of odd entries, among these are 'Spotty Ron Ng', 'Hong Kong Tony Jaa' and 'Tall Huang Xiaoming' who are all confident in their looks and their talents.

After the first round of interviews, the oddities had been ousted and there were plenty of muscles in the remaining 32 contestants. Among them was James, who is a personal trainer and boasts a 39 inch chest and 15 inch arms and also 'Hairy Kenneth Ma' Raymond and 'Big Guy' Michael.

26-year old 'School Hunk' Yuen Wai Ho has become the hot favourite after the first round and he has successfully returned for this event, where he appeared with a guitar and looking calm. As for 'Smiling Rain', he immediately posed for the press when he arrived, and although his body is a little different and he loses out on just being 5 ft 5 ins tall, his smile is very much reminiscent of the real Rain. Son of veteran movie actor Siu Kam did not get through to the next round despite his performance of 'Romeo and Juliet' for the first round. Nick from E-kids made it to the second round and although he was once an artiste, he was very secretive around the press, wearing a cap and keeping his head down.

The Mr Hong Kong contest will take place on 11th August and will be split into the 16-22 year old 'Youth' category and the over-22 'Maturity' categories, with six or seven contestants in each group.


[The Sun & Ming Pao 19/06/07]

Myolie Wu Compliments Feng Shao Feng - Michael Miu Celebrates 49th Birthday

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu are back in the limelight, but separately! After the string of gossip following Bosco, Myolie has been linked with 'Shanghai Daniel Wu' Feng Shao Feng in a magazine report. Asked about this, Myolie seems to be defiant to Bosco, saying that she is good friends with Feng.

Myolie was joined by Michael Miu, Sheren Tang, Hacken Lee, Raymond Lam and Gigi Wong at the premiere for the MV to the theme song of "The Drive of Life". Asked about her 'quick fling' with the mainland star of the show, Myolie was not angry and smiled: "Do you think it is like eating instant noodles? I have to enjoy the flavour. Maybe he is a newcomber that people have not met before, so it is a good story that we can use as promotion for the show." Myolie admits that she finds him 'quite handsome' and when asked if she is supporting Mainland or Hong Kong 'products', she says: "They each have their merits. One is slim, one is fat, how can you compare? Oh, don't tell him (Bosco) that I said he is fat! It's just that Feng is quite skinny, whereas he is more built." Myolie goes on to say she has a 'market' and will not be exclusive to Bosco.

Yesterday was also Michael's 49th birthday, so TVB arranged for a cake that featured a girl in a bikini playing golf for him. Sheren gave him a birthday kiss on behalf of everyone and he jokingly brought his gossip to the surface: "Tommy Leung told me to go out and court the girls, so I courted his daughter and I hold her hand all the time!" Having just lost his phone, he received a new one from his wife as a birthday gift. He says he will be celebrating with his family and Toby has sent him a birthday SMS.

As the series is a joint production with CCTV, Hacken is honoured to be given the chance to sing the theme song in Cantonese and to work with Joseph Ku. Just the production for the music video came to HK$600,000. He says: "I am very honoured that my Cantonese song will be aired on CCTV. Originally there was to be a Cantonese and a Mandarin song, but because of the links to the 10th anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong, then both dialects will feature in the song instead." TVB Executive Virginia Lok was asked about Ho Ding Kwan starting his first day at ATV and the start of the 'big clash', but she says that this is not the first time that TVB has faced a strong opponent and if they all unite, then any opponent will not pose a problem.


[The Sun 19/06/07]

Bobby Rescues Toby From Suicide

Bobby Au Yeung and Toby Leung were filming on the roof of a Causeway Bay building yesterday in a scene for "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" where Toby's character tries to commit suicide by jumping off the 19th floor of a building. Although there was a body double for the dangerous scenes, the shoot was filmed at around noon and the sun beat down at around 32 degrees, but standing on the temporary platform to do the falling scenes, Toby still worked very hard.

Bobby was dripping with sweat during the shoot and he arrives just in time to rescue Toby, but she slips and needs Bobby to grab her hand.


[The Sun 19/06/07]

Steven Ma Sees Fala and Linda as Younger Sisters

Steven Ma, Linda Chung and Fala Chen took part in the blessing ceremony for new series "Golden Destiny" yesterday and Steven says that he is not afraid of any rumours from filming this series. "I am a couple with Linda in the show and we have worked together before without any rumours, so I see her as a younger sister." Although he will also be working with gossip queen Fala, he says he has played her elder brother on two occasions, so he is not worried about any rumours.


[The Sun 19/06/07]

Lily Ho: I can Lose the Weight

This year's Miss Hong Kong contestants were interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday before taking part in a beauty event, where they have been offered beauty and slimming treatments. 'Miss Hips' Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee was asked if she would be trimming down her hips and she syas: "No, I hope that I can slim down my whole body." She also says that she has learned how to deal with the pressure and admits that she was upset at first by the criticisms, but now she finds that silence is golden. She injured her ankle whilst filming on location in Beijing and is also suffering from an allergic reaction, so she hopes to have recovered by the time she wears her swimsuit again.

As for Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee who fell over on the Great Wall, she says she has been recovering gradually and her father has been helping her clean her wound every day. Aside from this, Number 9 Grace Wong Kwan Hing who has been sporting cellulite in her pictures, she says that the treatments will help her reduce this and balance the colour tone of her skin.


[The Sun 19/06/07]

Niki and Kevin at Beauty Event

After rumours that she has been frozen by her record company for dating, Niki Chow appeared at a promotional event with rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng yesterday, showing off their compatibility and young love as she played about with her beau.

Niki wore a baby pink dress at the event and as Kevin did not know how to put on his facial mask, Niki immediately offered a helping hand. During their photos, the reporters asked Niki to step forward, but Kevin said tactlessly: "Girls only do that because it makes them look slimmer!" This embarrassed Niki somewhat and she pulled a playful cutie 'unhappy face' at Kevin.

Afterwards, Niki and Kevin were joked at by the press for appearing as a couple and she once again pulled a cutie tantrum face at the reporters. Asked why she has suddenly become so feminine, Niki smiles she is not and then suggested that because there are strawberries to eat at the event, she is especially happy.

Asked if she has put on a mask for Kevin before, she says: "No! I just did it for him then. Cosmetics nowadays are very convenient and I am very lazy, so I rarely go to the beauticians." Kevin says he is also quite lazy, but he feels that as he grows older, it is time to start using face masks."


[The Sun 19/06/07]

Bowie Lam Bids Farewell to Mother

Bowie Lam's mother Ms Leung Yung Ho passed away on 4th of June at the age of 84 and her funeral was held in Shatin yesterday. Bowie often went travelling with his parents and was very close to his mother. He feels that being able to bid his mother a final farewell, then she left without any regrets. He is very thankful to the producer of his series "Jewel's Splendor" Chik Kei Yi for offering to rearrange the schedules even without asking so that he could take time to make the final preparations for his mother's funeral.


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