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From Top: Ho Ngo Yee, Wong Yin Yan, Chow Mei Yan, Cheng Wai Ching, Wong Wai Lam

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 03/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong 2007 Contestants First Official Press Conference

The sixteen contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant met the media officially for the first time yesterday and tomorrow they will be heading out for Tianjin and Beijing to film on location. Miss Hong Kong executive Mr Ho Lai Chuen indicated that the guests for this trip will be Eric Suen, Fala Chen, Shirley Yeung, Chin Ka Lok, Sammy Leung, Siu Yee and EO2 and will feature the most guests ever to tie in with the different Olympic Games events. As for whether Fala will steal the limelight from the contestants, Mr Ho replied: "No, let them compete for the limelight!" After the location shoot, they will be heading to Panyu and Xiaoqing to compete for the Tourism Ambassador award.

The girls introduced themselves on the stage and they split into their smaller groups for photographs before the final group photo. The youngest contestant is Number 2 Ho Ngo Yee (Lily), who is 18 years old. The eldest is 16 Cheng Wai Ching from Las Vegas, who is 25 years old. Most of the girls have further or higher education standards. There were reports earlier that Lily's elder sister was involved in a an affair at the racetrack with a trainer, leading to his wife developing mental health problems, Lily was asked about this by reporters, but she was very frightened and said: "Let me ask the minder first." When the minder arrived, she answered the questions from the press and said denied the allegations, but said she has not seen the reports. Asked if she knows any people from the world of horse racing, she says she is only just 18, so she has never been to the racecourse and although her father likes the sport, she does not go with him and has never met any horse trainers. She also indicated she was very nervous meeting the press for the first time. Lily is currently studying law at the Hong Kong Institute of Further Education.

Number 10 Wong Yin Yan was earlier spotted sharing an umbrella with a man who had his arm around her waist as he accompanied her home. Asked if this was her boyfriend, she was frightened as she said: "No, he is just my colleague and my supervisor, but I do admit he is trying to court me." As for the implied overnight stay, she denies this saying: "I only remained downstairs in his home for a short while, I don't understand why they did not see me leave. I have never stayed overnight away from home." She says she has already explained herself to the organisers and fortunately they are very supportive. Currently studying at Canada's 'Miss Hong Kong University' UBC is 9 Chow Mei Yan and she has been dubbed as 'Flora Chan lookalike', making her very happy. As for "Ting Ting lookalike' Wong Kwan Hing, she feels that Ting Ting is very pretty and everyone has their own opinions. As for 16 Cheng Wai Ching, she does not feel she is very old. Does she feel this will affect her chances? She says she will go with the flow. Possibly due to wearing too much make up, Wai Ching's appearance does not seem to have improved after re-styling,but there were some successful outcomes. Among these were 6 Wong Wai Lam, who looked even more like Fala Chen in both figure and appearance after the makeover and also 12 Lee Kit Ying, who went from a 'housewife' look to a modern beauty.


[Ta Kung Pao 03/06/07]

Linda Chung is No Longer Just a Vase

Linda Chung joined supermodels Qi Qi and Rosemary at the opening of a fashion store and Linda indicated that at the finale celebration for "Heart of Greed", she was a little unhappy because the final episode was already available to watch on the net before it was aired,so she was worried about ratings being affected, however she cheered up when she saw how enthusiastic the fans were and was confident that the ratings will break the records. She also smiled: The audience can't detach itself from the show. (Could you?) I am used to filming now, so I detached myself very early on."

Thanks to the effect of "Heart", Linda has received a lot of offers of work and also become the target of the paparazzi. She says: "I know they have been photographing me out with my friends and I hope that you will not believe what they write about me in the future. (Are your friends male or female?) There are male and female. (Do you have any intimate actions?) No, and I am not dating either. I will continue to go out with my friends though and not let them affect my lifestyle." As for her work, Linda says that she is currently negotiating some ads and they will keep on coming. Asked if her income has risen, she says she is unclear, but the happiest thing for her is seeing the fruits of her hard work and sacrifice. "In the past, when my series were aired, then everyone would criticise me about my squeaky voice and poor acting, calling me a vase. I don't want to be just a vase, so I have worked hard to improve and it was shown when I filmed 'Heart'. I will be filming 'Golden Destiny' in the future, where I play a ruffian girl and I will play it very openly, so I hope people will give me more confidence."


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