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From top: 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee, 12 Lee Kit Ying, 9 Wong Kwan Hing, 16 Cheng Wai Ching

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong Swimwear Shoot

The sixteen contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant were filming at a Beijing hot spring part for their swimwear parade with special guest Chin Ka Lok yesterday. There was nothing outstanding about the girls figures and although most of them were quite well balanced, there were plenty of flaws. Among them, hot favourite Lily Ho may have good looks, but her wide shoulders, full bottom and thick hands showed up in her bikini. Although Cheng Wai Ching's buttocks are quite full, her bust is as flat as a mirror and she is very skinny, showing protruding ribs and collarbones. As for Wong Kwan Hing, her belly looks like she is three months pregnant. Chow Mei Yan seemingly has the best fiure, but her bust is a little lacking, unlike the girl with the fullest bust Lee Kit Ying, who is a 34C or D.

Maybe they are just not used to revealing their shoulders in public, but during filming, they were all covering themselves with towels and grasping hard onto them, afraid of them falling. Lily was also the only one to have a little skirt beneath her bikini bottoms, maybe to help hide her thighs. She says: "Maybe the designer felt this would suit me better. (You are grasping onto a towel, are you very nervous?) No, just that I do not wear a bikini much usually and it is quite unnatural walking down the pebbled path, but I felt my performance was ok. (Which part of your body needs improvement?) I feel my teeth are not white enough and I have some baby fat, but other than that I am quite balanced. (Are you worried about your focus being stolen?) I admire myself and admire others, sometimes you have to look at the whole figure and big is not best. (Have you asked for advice on enhancing your breasts?) I do not wish for enhanced breasts and the heavens are very fair, so no-one is perfect and so I still have to accept my shortcomings. (You do not think you are perfect enough?) No, I don't mean that, I hope that people will not dwell on my imperfections."

Lee Kit Ying puts her ample bust and toned muscles down to a regular regime of Taichi and Taekwondo. As for winning the limelight yesterday, does she feel that the others are giving her funny looks? She says: "No, they all usually compliment each other and there is no avoidance. (Will your confidence rise after today?) No, everyone has their own beauty and I do not stand out." As for Wong Kwan Hing, she puts her belly down to muscle, saying that she does a lot of sport. Is she worried about being overshadowed? She says that everyone has their own type of beauty and have balanced figures, so she has been doing sport with them all. Chow Mei Yan says her figure comes from her parents, so she will not be envious of Lee Kit Ying.

Chin Ka Lok will also be teaching the girls Taekwondo and Wushu. Meeting the girls for the first time yesterday, he feels that the standards are very good, with Wong Yin Yan looking like Joyce Chen and Wong Chung Yin looking like Linda Chung. They are all very easy on the eye. So what about figures? He says that they are all very balanced and big is not always best.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/06/07]

TVB Housewives Celebrate with Red Wine and Liver Pate

TVB series "The Family Link" has pulled in some good ratings and some of the cast mmbers in the show, Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Al Wai and Cecilia Yip paid for a celebration at a French restaurant in Central with red wine and duck liver pate. Having previously complained about her role, Cecilia was in better spirits and was drinking away all night, getting so high that she was trying to get others to drink with her. She says she never imagined that the ratings would do so well and this is down to everyone's hard work and commitment to their work and also the teamwork shown. She hopes that there will be a sequel with the original team and go on to two or three series like the foreign shows.

The show has pulled in ratings averaging 34 points and peaking at 38 points. Kiki is very happy about this and jokes that she will be very happy if a sequel is filmed. "I hope that the company will film more series about normal citizens, because this will spark up conversation and people will be happy watching it. The story doesn't always have to be about arguing, you can have some warmth and reality in there." Kiki has won lots of opportunities to do more work thanks to the show's popularity. "I have received many jobs of openings and stage apperances, some are even in the golden week of July 1st. The fees are quite high, with one job being six figures, so if I get a few more of those, then I will have a seven figure sum! (You have made more money?) It's ok, it's a bonus."

Sheren's 'husband' Michael Tse was busy filming so he could not attend and she laughed: "Men are like that, he has to film and make money. I told him I would have a good time because John Chiang would be with me." As for Kiki's wish for a sequel, Sheren says: "It was very hard for me holding my daughters, so next time I would like to play a single person. Maybe a different genre would be more attractive for me." Talking of the rumours between Michael Miu and Charmaine Sheh that have emerged after filming for "The Drive of Life", Sheren laughs: "I joked with Michael today, when it is his birthday, I will team up with our 'daughter' Toby Leung to buy him a bunch of flowers for him. He says he has never even given her a flower, I don't think she has even had a grain of pollen."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/06/07]

Bosco and Kevin in Thailand

Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng were in Thailand earlier promoting "Devil's Disciple" and recording the series theme song in Thai. On the five day trip, they had to be interviewed by the press, magazines, TV stations and radio stations and after lack of rest, Bosco fell ill. He says: "It was Michael Miu who passed me the germs because he was over there filming for the movie 'Brothers'. Meeting him out there, then of course we went for a meal, but he was ill and after the meal, I had a sore throat the following day and I was in so much pain I had to take some painkillers. They did not work though, so I went to see the doctor immediately after returning to Hong Kong."

Bosco was well prepared for singing the theme song with Kevin and Thai singer James. He says: "When I received the demo to the song, I had to work hard to learn all the lyrics, using Chinese, English and Japanese phonetics. Although it was hard work, but it was worth it because I have a Thai song now. (Did the producer accept it?) The producer was a Thai person and we recorded it line by line, so they had to correct us word by word, but they were very patient and although we had to record the phrase again if we made a mistake, it was good fun and certainly an experience."

Although this trip was very packed, Bosco and Kevin still took a little time out to go shopping and sunbathing. However, the weather there was very unstable and kept changing between rain and sun, so when they wanted to go sunbathing, as soon as they had taken their clothes off, the sky had clouded over. Bosco laughs: "I don't know if Uncle Sunshine was avoiding us! Haha!"


[Ta Kung Pao 08/06/07]

Tavia Yeung has Plenty of Work Thanks to "Heart of Greed"

Tavia Yeung took part in a limited edition mobile phone promotion yesterday wearing a sexy top that revealed her belly button. She smiles that as the weather is hot and humid, she has paid for ice cream for everyone. She says she is just a guest and not a spokesperson, but she was still presented with a new phone.

Thanks to the effect of "Heart of Greed", Tavia has had a lot of promotional work and after the watch show earlier, she is now selling phones. Although she has not calculated how much she has made, she still feels very happy and hopes that she will have even more sponsors, such as clothes, shoes and cars.

Asked if she would like to buy a sports car, Tavia says: "Sports cars are very mother-unfriendly, I am very welcoming to my mother, so I would like to buy a family car to drive my family around."

Having always kept her love life low profile, Tavia has been spotted on many occasions with a 'fat guy' boyfriend and a magazine has recently published photos of them out shopping again, but they kept their distance. She smiles: "To avoid people guessing, I always keep my distance from my male friends when we are out. (Is the fat guy your boyfriend?) No, just a male friend. (But you have been spotted together many times?) I only have a few friends and I will not alienate them to avoid being photographed. If I am in a stable relationship, then I do not mind revealing it, but for now my work is my priority . The company is very open and they will not stop me making friends or having normal social activity."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/06/07]

Ha Yu Welcomes Anita Yuen to Join his Series

'Dai Kai' Lee Si Kei, 'Sai Kai' Susanna Kwan and 'Dai Bao' Ha Yu were guests at a real estate promotion yesterday and a chef was on hand to cook up more abalone for them. Dai Kai and Sai Kai both fed it to Dai Bao in a very warming scene. Sai Kai then took the opportunity to flirt with Dai Bao and said: "Why don't you buy me an apartment? You have forgiven me already!" Dai Bao laughs that if he really did have $6 billion, then he would not mind buying one for her.

Talking of the finale of "Heart of Greed" being rather anticlimactic, Si Kei says that maybe everyone was too absorbed in it and wanted to know all the small details of what happened to everyone, but it was not possible to explain in much detail about everyone. Susanna also feels that people are missing the series and a happy ending was the best one. As for the suggestion that the original cast and crew have been fighting for the bigger roles in the new production, Si Kei says a little impatiently: "I can't keep up with you - one minute you say Dai Kai wins, then you say Sai Kai wins!" Ha Yu says they don't even know what they will be doing yet and they should let producer Lau Ka Ho have a rest. He just sees the gossip as a joke and will not take it to heart. As for the suggestion by Stephen Chan that Anita Yuen should join the cast for the new show, Ha Yu says excitedly: "Yes, she is pretty and a good actress. I like pretty girls, maybe I will be in Raymond Lam's part and she can be Sheung Joi Sum."


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