Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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[The Sun 27/06/07]

Michelle Yim Suffers Altitude Sickness

Michelle Yim was filming an ad in highlands of Lhasa in Tibet earlier, reaching altitudes of over 3,600 metres, but she succumbed to altitude sickness and fell unconscious at one point when she was rushed to hospital. Fortunately she is fine after waking up and will be returning to Hong Kong for further checks today. Her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung indicated that Michelle was not in contact after the incident, but he finally heard from her saying she was safe and was very relieved: "The doctor says she is fine after receiving oxygen."

Wan Chi Keung reveals that Michelle was not feeling well even before she set off and he had suggested that she did not go, but she insisted on joining the crew. He says: "I will not let her go in the future." He was originally planning to go with her, but after suffering from cancer, his defences are weak and the doctor had warned him not to go and so he stayed in Hong Kong.


[The Sun 27/06/07]

Fala Chen Has No Fear of Altitude Sickness in Lhasa

Fala Chen and Kathy Chow were among the celebrities at a press event for new travel show yesterday and talking of Michelle Yim's reports of suffering from altitude sickness in Lhasa, Fala says tha her mother had a similar experience: "She is fine. The first time you go, you will feel that way and when my mother went a couple of years ago, she felt faint as soon as she stepped off the plain and it is a very common occurrence. I will call her [Michelle] later to see how she is."

Fala and Kathy both say that they would like to visit Lhasa and Fala says obediently that when she joins the TVB shoot for the rail journey then they will make good arrangements.


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