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[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Apple Daily 06/05/07]

Miss Hong Kong Interviews Kick Off to Rumours of Cosmetic Surgery

The 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant started its first round of auditions yesterday, which will continue over the next few days. Over a hundred girls attended TVB City at around lunchtime and at its peak, there were 40 people crammed into the minibus. There was a mix of figures and appearances, with the beauty covering the spectrum from very good to very bad.

Among the contestants was production company boss Siu Ding Yat's latest signing Kwok Si Lam and despite the earlier rumours of her having had cosmetic enhancements, she did look outstanding compared to the other girls, wearing her white top, jeans and LV handbag. When the reporters called Siu, he admitted that he did nominate her and he also suggested that she took part. He indicates that Si Lam is 20 years old and although she is only educated to high school standard, she is very pretty, with her figure measurements standing at 33,23,33. He indicates that she has been a model and shot many advertisements. He signed her because he wanted her to be a spokesmodel for a hair removal company, but this has no effect on her entering the pageant. He laughs: "If TVB want her, I can give her to them." Asked if Si Lam has undergone any cosmetic surgery, he says she has not: "If she has, I would say. She has just had a crown fitted to her teeth." However, reporters have managed to find earlier pictures of Si Lam on the internet and there is a significant change to her appearance.

TVB executives for the event Mr Ho Lai Chuen and Ms Rosa Chan spoke about the quality of this year's contestants and Mr Ho commented: "Make your own decisions, our six judges are very pleased." He indicates that the rules this year are a little different from past years and in the interviews over the next few days, they will be selecting twenty or thirty out of the hundreds of girls that they see. These will take part in a 'Miss Hong Kong Interviews Reality Show'. In this programme, the girls will be subjected to a panel interview of eight professional men from the fields of medicine, sport and commerce and eight women from the Wai Yin Association. From these, the final selection of 12 girls will be made for the finals. Together with the 4 girls from the overseas pre-selection, there will be 16 contestants in total. For this additional programme, there will be a question and answer session as well as a swimsuit parade. The final will take place at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 21st July.

Asked if the girls will be disqualified if they are proven to have had surgery to improve their appearance, Mr Ho says: "It is difficult to define what is cosmetic enhancement, unless it is medically proven." Ms Chan adds: "It is hard to define, does wearing braces count?" Mr Ho says that in the contest, there is no rule to say that you cannot take part if you have had enhancements. Has he taken notice of Kwok Si Lam? He says: "I have just seen her in the interviews, I don't know her background and we have not been introduced specifically."


[Ta Kung Pao 06/05/07]

Fala Chen and Linda Chung Attract the Crowds

Linda Chung and Fala Chen were guests at a fashion event yesterday, where they walked the catwalk with six models. As well as sharing their thoughts on the spring/summer collections, the girls attracted a big crowd of onlookers that packed the venue. When Fala and Linda appeared, the crowd surged forward, even blocking all the gangways and in a moment of chaos, the girls were forced into retreat. Asked afterwards if they were afraid, Linda laughed that seeing so many people rushing forward, she was a little scared because she has never seen such enthusiastic fans that they had to stop the show.

With Fala attending so many shows lately, she admits that she has made a fair bit of spending money. Asked if she plans to buy an apartment, she says that she does not have enough for that yet, but she admits that she has moved out of the company apartments now as she has enough to pay rent now and she can let some new colleagues stay in the accommodation. Asked if she had asked for help moving from her rumoured boyfriends Moses Chan, Bosco Wong and the Neway heir, she says that she did not need it because she does not have too much of her own things and it was just clothes and make-up mainly that she could take in a taxi.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/05/07]

Nancy Wu Accidentally Unbuckles Vivien Yeo's Dress

A group of TVB artistes attended the Swiss Watch Expo at the Miramar Hotel earlier and Joel Chan, Stephen Huynh, Francois Huynh, Tracy Ip, Sharon Luk and Charmaine Li gave a fashion show on the catwalk. However, the show was stolen somewhat by guests Vivien Yeo and Nancy Wu, who were dressed in sexy revealing dresses and when they appeared to be having too much fun, Nancy accidentally unbuckled Vivien's dress, leaving them a little embarrassed as Nancy had to put it back together again.

Vivien's dress was the sexiest at the event, wearing a hot red backless dress. Nancy complimented her for having a very smooth and beautiful back and joked that everyone just wants to stroke it. However, just as she did this and made the gesture, there was a snapping noise and Vivien's dress came apart. The reporters all surged to take photographs and Nancy had to act quickly to re-buckle it to avoid revealing too much. It was all quite embarrassing and the girls rushed off to the washrooms to fix things.

Afterwards, Vivien joked that she was angry with Nancy for not giving her a lift and then undoing her dress, but laughed that fortunately her neckstrap was very secure. Asked if she was not wearing a bra, she smiles that she is not that brave and she is wearing a nude bra, so she was glad that they didn't fall out when her strap was undone. she says that she has longed to wear this dress for a long time as she bought it for a special evening occasion.

Nancy continued to say that her friend's back is beautiful and she never imagined that she would undo the buckle. Asked if Vivien was angry with her, she laughs: "Of course not, I am putting her onto C1 [entertainment headlines], so why would she be angry." The two said that they had planned to go on vacation to Thailand earlier, but as Nancy was busy, they did not go and Vivien will be going with her family instead. She hopes to come back with a healthy tan, because she cannot do this in Hong Kong as she is afraid of people watching her. Asked if she will sunbathe naked, she smiles that she will consider this on her back, but she will just go on the sunbed for the front.

With the new batch of Miss Hong Kong auditions being held at the moment, Tracy reveals that three of her modelling friends will be taking part. As for a Mr Tse who has been claiming to have been her nominator and urging other girls to take part, Tracy clarifies that she was nominated by her father and she does not know this Mr Tse at all.


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[The Sun 06/05/07]

Melissa Ng Admits Marriage and Pregnancy

Having never admitted her marriage to investment company boss Jerry Wong, Melissa Ng was spotted by reporters with a bulging belly as she walked around in Admiralty, covering herself with her bag. 35-year old Melissa has finally admitted to the press that she has been married for six years now and is seven months pregnant. TVB executive Virginia Lok also confirmed that Melissa is pregnant and is currently on leave awaiting the birth of her baby. She also indicated that the two prospective female leads for TVB series "Flat-browed Lady" which is due to start filming next month were Melissa and Flora Chan, but they have both turned down the role as a result of their pregnancies. However, Melissa will continue to film series after the birth of her baby.


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