Thursday, May 17, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/05/07]

Mr Hong Kong 2007 Applications Opened

TVB's Mr Hong Kong Contest 2007 will be held on 1st August and this year's categories have changed from the 'stylish' and 'fitness' groups to 'young' and 'mature' instead, with the minimum age to take part being lowered to just 16 years of age and there is no upper limit. A group of former contestants including Stephan and Francois Huynh and Rocky Cheng joined Miss Hong Kong representatives Koni Lui, Tracy Ip and Aimee Chan to promote the application procedure yesterday. This year's poster will predominantly feature brothers Stephen and Francois, with Matthew Ko noticeably absent. The organisers indicate that this is purely down to promotional messages and there is no other reason. Stephen is thankful for the opportunity and he will invite his friends to enter.

With earlier reports that she was spotted with her family shopping for property and furniture, Tracy explained: "I have not decided to buy anywhere yet, but I am an adult now and I should have my own mortgage. My parents are getting older now and as their daughter, I should make arrangements to make their futures a little more comfortable." Tracy indicates that most of her salary every month is given to her mother for housekeeping, but sometimes she still runs out of money and her mother helps her out.

With the earlier criticisms about her exaggeration in her series "Puzzle", Koni says: "Maybe it was a misunderstanding, my image is that of a Bond girl, so I don't have much to say. I don't mind people saying I am spinning round and making them dizzy." Asked if she will be inviting her boyfriend to take part in the contest, Koni says: "I have asked him to take part, but it is up to him whether he does or not."


[The Sun 18/05/07]

Yoyo Mung's Character is Despised by Netizens - Dai Kai's Death Racks 34 Points

After 'Sai Kai' Susanna Kwan's character has been heavily scolded by viewers, Yoyo Mung's character 'Sui Mak Mak' is the latest "Heart of Greed" star to be at the brunt of the viewers' criticism after she becomes the third party in her best friend's romance!

With "Heart" becoming the talk of the town recently, the death of 'Dai Kai', played by Lee Si Kei caused ratings to peak once again. Many netizens have left messages in forums and in the official TVB forums, saying they will miss 'Dai Kai', whilst others are desperate to find out what she whistered to Lai Lok Yi on her death bed. Following the curses from viewers against Susanna for her villain role in the show, Yoyo is the latest character to incur the wrath of the audience as her character comes between best friend Sheung Joi Sum (Linda Chung) and her romance with Ching Leung (Raymond Lam), who has also been branded as a baddie. It seems that the audience is really being absorbed into the storyline!

In response to Yoyo being cursed, Linda says: "I know that a lot of net-friends feel very sorry for me and of course I am happy because it proves that a lot of people who are watching. Sometimes people in the street will encourage me to keep going and it is quite funny." She is supportive of 'Ching Leung' and 'Shui Mak Mak', saying: "Ching Leung has his lovable sides and Shui Mak Mak is naturally emotionally liberal because she lives in her own world always looking for true love." Linda is also quick to clarify the situation for Yoyo, saying: "She is a good girl in real life and would never be the third party, so the netizens are being a bit hard on her."

Ratings reports indicate that "Heart of Greed" has turned around the usual dip during racing Wednesday, averaging 33 points, which rose to 34 points in the scene where 'Dai Kai' dies.


[The Sun 18/05/07]

Jack Wu Practises Childcare with Pets and Waves Goodbye to Miss Cool

The arrogance of cats and the warmth of dogs is something that Jack Wu knows about after keeping seven cats and a dog. Having once been bored witless by a rather timid and cool girlfriend, Jack hopes to find himself a warmer girl to compliment his own rather reserved character.

Animal lover Jack has seven cats and a dog in his home and after living together for many years, he has understood the coolness of cats, however, after welcoming sausage dog dachshund 'Fat Gei' back to his home, he has been won over and loves his dog more than his cats now. He says: "I have only had my dog for two years and I have had the cats for five years, but I love my dog the most because he is very friendly and loving and is always playing with you. When I get home after work he will immediately jump on me. The cats are more arrogant and will still ignore you even if you play with them."

After getting to know Fat Gei, Jack has even changed his attitudes towards finding a girlfriend and he hopes to find a girl who is not as arrogant as cats are: "I prefer girls who are a little bubblier, because behind the camera I am quite quiet and I don't like to say much, so I want to find someone who will take the lead and do the talking to be my girlfriend. I have tried to date girls who are shy and quiet, but they don't say very much and I don't know what they are thinking, so the feelings were quite unpleasant."

Jack has so many pets because he has plenty of love to give but there is also another reason: "When I was young, I did not really like animals, but recently I have felt quite bored living on my own, so I decided to get some pets to keep me company and help ease my boredom. I can also use it to prepare for marriage and parenthood, because looking after a pet is like looking after a child as you need a lot of patience."


[The Sun 18/05/07]

Charles Szeto Heightens Skills Waiting for Opportunity

Charles Szeto joined his fans at a gathering to mark the third anniversary of his fan club and also to celebrate his birthday and good friends Vin Choi, Wong Yi Hing and Yoyo Chen attended to wish him a happy birthday. He also received many gifts, with Yi Hing's the most thoughtful. Charles says: "I don't know if he had prepared it for a while or if he bought it at the last minute, but he gave me a saying from Zhuangzi, which was all about water. He is so talented." Charles played a song on the keyboard to thank everyone: "When I was in Form 5, I took my grade 7 piano exams, but after that I had to train for swimming and I have not played for ten years, but I would like to play again." Charles has been busy learning Kung Fu and singing to equip himself well.

Charles says he is not too happy with his progress last year: "I feel my acting is improving very slowly and my career is not developing as well. It's not that I don't have the opportunity, I am just not grasping it yet."


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