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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 01/06/07]

Raymond Lam and Leanne Li Natural Wedding Partners

Raymond Lam and Leanne Li were shooting an ad for a wedding studio yesterday and despite this being their first collaboration, they were acting just like a pair of newlyweds as they displayed some very intimate poses. However, they were extremely professional and were not embarrassed as they found a great chemistry with each other.

It turns out that Raymond and Leanne do know each other already so during the shoot, they were often laughing and playfighting, just like a pair of newlyweds. Raymond says that he is most worried about Leanne being taller than him, but he was relieved when he found out that she wasn't and realised he isn't as short as he envisaged. This is the second time that he has been the spokesperson for this studio. Talking of his fee, he says he is very satisfied. The company has previously had Andy Lau and Kevin Cheng among its male models, so does this put pressure on Raymond? He smiles there is none and they are all very different people, but he is very honoured to follow in the footsteps of the movie king and the TV king.

Raymond was asked about his fantasies about wedding and he says of course he has them. He hopes that he can find his marriage partner, but he does not even have a girlfriend because he is still focussing on his career. He believes that when he gets married, then there will be a lot of people at his banquet and it may last several days. It will also take place in both Hong Kong and Xiamen, but will definitely be held in autumn because he is quite a sweaty person and if it is held in summer it would be terrible and he does not want his bride to get cold in winter.


[Ta Kung Pao 01/06/07]

Roger Kwok 'On Fire' in the Starry Kitchen

Roger Kwok was filming yesterday for "Starry Kitchen" and he demonstrated cooking lobster, making catch fire in the process. However, Roger was very calm and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He says that he does cook and his best dishes are western dishes. Asked what he makes to win his wife's heart, he smiles that Cheese Baked Lobster with Yi noodles. When the reporters say that this is quite easy, he says that it is down to his thought.

Roger seems to have put on weight recently and he admits that he has because he had a rest earlier. In June, he will be joining Kevin Cheng and Yoyo Mung in a mystery story series and he is sure he will lose weight then. He says that when he was on vacation, he took his wife to Europe and Thailand. So has he been busy 'making babies'? Roger laughs that if he succeeds, then he will tell everyone, but there is nothing just yet.


[Ta Kung Pao 01/06/07]

Fame for Linda Means No More Public Transport

Linda Chung and Karl Ng were guests at a Citibank party promotion yesterday and with them both having grown up abroad, they showed their poor Chinese skills as they made lots of mistakes and causged a lot of laughs as they spoke their lines on the stage.

Linda has found a rise in popularity after her character Sheung Joi Sum in "Heart of Greed" won the heart of the audience and this has brought her more opportunities to make some real money. Linda admits this, but does not know how much she has made. Asked how she will be rewarding herself, she says that she will be taking a few more driving lessons so she can take her driving test. Asked if she is still taking the MTR, she says that more people are recognising her now, so it is becoming inconvenient, but whilst she does not have a licence, then she can only rely on the MTR or taxis. There have been criticisms recently that there is a continuity error in "Heart" with Linda's hair, but she denies this because she did pay attention to this when she was filming and there was no discrepancy. Asked about Alan Tam's compliments about her acting, Linda says that she was very happy to receive praise and it is like an injection of encouragement, so she will do even better in the future. With two men at her feet in the series, she feels that Sheung Joi Sum is very lucky, not just to have two admirers, but also to have two handsome, rich and career-minded men after her, but these things will never happen in real life.

Karl admits that his Cantonese is not that good and he did indicate that he likes to go partying, but not to meet girls, just to relax and have fun.


[Ta Kung Pao 01/06/07]

Fala Chen Records 'Heart of Greed' for her Parents

Fala Chen took part in an event for Hollywood Plaza's Bow Tie Festival yesterday, where she created her own bow tie. Talking of father's day, Fala says that in the past back in the States, she would go fishing with her father. Now she is in Hong Kong, she cannot celebrate with him, but she will be sending him a denim cap as a gift.

Asked if her parents have been watching "Heart of Greed" in America, Fala indicates that her parents live in Atlanta, where there are not many Chinese people, so they cannot watch it. As a result she has been recording every episode and sending them over to her parents to watch. So what do they think of her? Fala says: "They say it is quite good, but they like watching everyone else more, such as Lee Si Kei." She also says that her parents don't really understand Cantonese, so they have to read the subtitles.

Fala says that her mother told her about her little gestures, like her blinking and this made her look a little unnatural, and Fala did not realise this before. So do her parents feel she does not have sufficient screentime? Fala says: "They did not cut any of my scenes, maybe there are too many storylines in this show, so they never really concluded my characters romances. Moreover the focus was on the inheritance battles." As for the audience response that her character was a little surplus to requirements, she says: "It was okay. I feel that I was very happy filming this series and it was a great achievement, because I learned a lot of things and the process was very important. This series seemed to really bring me into the industry."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 01/06/07]

'Heart of Greed' invades Jade Solid Gold Whilst 2.7 million tune in to watch Sai Kai's Cruelty

"Heart of Greed" will be airing its finale this evening and cast members including Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yu, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were guests on Wednesday's edition of "Jade Solid Gold". Of course they were instantly adopting their characters as they re-lived some of their characters' lines and Susanna's theme song to the series "Unspeakable" gained the top spot in the charts. The appearance of the highly popular cast on the show, the ratings for the music show shot up by 5 points to 19 points (1.2 million viewers).

Thanks to the influence of "Heart", 'Sai Kai' Susanna will soon be holding a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, but she says that she will have to wait until next week to see if she has a slot. She hopes that she can perform at the end of July or early August. Asked if there will be any of her co-stars at the event, Si Kei immediately said that even if they are not invited, they will still all turn up because they all worked together so well, then they will jump at any chance for a reunion. Linda and Raymond sung their duet sub-theme for the series and she was very happy at Alan Tam's compliment about her acting and crying scenes. She says that this is because she has always loved Alan's songs. As for this series turning her into a crybaby, Linda laughs that it was a great learning experience and she can cry any time now.

It was predicted that the scene of Dai Bau's death would lead to another peak in ratings, but in the end it was the scene where Sai Kai slaps Chi Foon that spiked ratings to 42 points drawing in about 2.7 million viewers and the highest audience numbers yet. Susanna says: "I am very happy! At first this scene did not exist, but we felt that at the time Sai Kai should be very angry, so the slap would be good and we completed the scene in one take and his face really did go all red." The slapped Lai Lok Yi is currently filming abroad, but on the phone, he said: "As long as people see that we have worked hard. I am so lucky this time to have worked with so many veterans and such a good script."


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