Wednesday, May 30, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 31/05/07]

Kiki Sheung and Al Wai are a Memorable Couple

Kiki Sheung and Al Wai were guests on a radio show yesterday and their husband and wife characters have gone down well in recent series "The Family Link" and the latest storyline tells of how Al goes missing. He smiles: "I have gone to the mainland with my cousin to mess about!" Although the ratings for "Family" have not been bad, TVB have been pushing hard for "Heart of Greed" to get good ratings, making sure the cast members are in the papers every day. However, Kiki does not feel that this has stolen their thunder and believes that they are all doing well. Moreover there is still another ten episodes for "Family", so she is confident that ratings will keep going up and will break the records set by "Heart" because the forthcoming storyline will be very moving, such as her using poison to win her husband back.

Talking of one of the show's stars Michael Tse receiving complaints by using his middle finger to push up his glasses, Kiki supports him, saying: "Usually it is like that when you push up your glasses and I also use my middle finger to push up my glasses." As for the reports suggesting that she recites poetry for her boyfriend, she clarifies that is it him who sends her SMS love messages. Asked when she will become a housewife for real, she says: "Later! Maybe I will wait until I am 60 before I get married because that is trendy! In this industry no-one has got married at 60. (Do you not want to be a mother?) No. (Are you put off by looking after the children in the show?) Maybe." Kiki says that her son in the show is called Leung Yat Yu, but he is a fat kid and she laughs: "His name means 'floating feather', but he is actually a brick that you cannot push." As for Al, he says his son is intelligent and sporty and this is the second time they have worked together, so they have a good rapport. So will he adopt him as a godson? He smiles: "Let's see if he wants to."


[Ta Kung Pao 31/05/07]

Charmaine Supports Benny at Blessing Ceremony

Charmaine Sheh wore a Chinese wedding gown at the blessing ceremony for new series "Steel Lips Silver Teeth" yesterday. In the show she originally likes Michael Tse and wants to marry him, but even though the emperor knows that she hates Jordan Chan, he still gives an edict for her to marry him. In the end, they learn to fall in love with each other over time. At the event, Jordan seemed to be hassling Michael, who lost his patience and said: "He is such a busybody and a bother! (Is it because you don't see each other much usually?) Yes, I don't hit him enough, that is I don't greet him enough! Maybe Jordan has not filmed at TVB for so long, so when he sees someone familiar, he wants to spend a little more time with them."

Talking of reports that Jordan requests changes to the script during filming, Michael supports his good friend: "Every actor has their own personality, like my character for instance." Jordan admits that he has asked for changes to his lines. He indicates that as an artiste you have to have your own aura and changing some lines is only normal. Talking of Michael complaining about him being a hassle, Jordan laughs: "It sounds so sweet! We have been brothers for so long."

May 28th was Charmaine's birthday and on that day she had to work from early morning to late at night, but she had some rest on 27th and held her birthday party then. Many friends attended, but her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan was nowhere to be seen. Asked if he had sent her a birthday SMS, she says: "No! Maybe he was not in Hong Kong. (Do you find him to be heartless?) Men are like that, women are more caring." She received many gifts on the night, in particular sexy underwear and even her mother let out a 'Wow!' when she saw it. Asked if she will be putting them to goo use, she says: "Yes, I ususally like to wear very colourful sleepwear so if it is right, I will wear it. (Do your friends want you to wear it for your boyfriend?) At the moment I can only wear it for myself or maybe my mother to see."

Sharon Chan's former boyfriend Matt Yeung was in trouble again yesterday. It is reported that in a drunken stupor, he tried to buy something using his China Entry Card instead of his Octopus card and when it did not work, then he lashed out and damaged the display on the machine. As this is not the first time this has happened due to his drinking, it is reported that TVB will not be giving him any more chances. Sharon says that she did not know about this, but she will call him later to find out. She says: "As a friend, then of course I hope he is ok. (Do you feel he has a fiery temper?) The man I knew back then was very quiet and reserved and he rarely went out drinking, but this was a long time ago. (TVB have decided not to give him any more chances?) I hope that he will cherish his future."


[The Sun 31/05/07]

Kate Tsui Injures her Nose Whilst Filming

Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma and Leila Tong were filming in the intense heat yesterday for period drama "Background Master". The three were all soaked with sweat and Kate revealed that she injured her nose earlier and had to rest for a couple of days. Although her strength is back now, she is still a little nauseous on this her first day back on set in the sun. "A couple of days ago, I was filming a home scene with Kenneth but the prop window frame fell down and hit me on the bridge of my nose. I was in so much pain that I felt faint and immediately headed to Tseung Kwan O hospital for an x-ray. Fortunately my nose was not broken and was just swollen, so this was quite lucky." Kenneth indicated that both Kate and Leila have injured themselves in this series and it is quite spooky, so he will go and pray for safety.


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