Wednesday, May 30, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 31/05/07]

"Heart of Greed" Family Out Making Money

Hit series "Heart of Greed" will be airing its finale this Friday and to build up the hype for the occasion, the cast members have been making many appearances to promote the show. The latest event was on Tuesday evening when Ha Yu and Michelle Yim paid for three tables at a restaurant for cast and crew including Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Louis Yuen and Moses Chan and they were also interviewed by TVB magazine show "Scoop". During the event, Ha Yu made a calligraphy painting and presented it to the show's producer Lau Ka Ho. Bosco and Tavia were so excited and play fighting, leading them to knock over a glass. Michelle laughs that they will not be eating abalone this time, but will go for roast suckling pig, chicken and seafood instead. Asked if she is interested in filming a prequel to the series, she says that would be good because they can explain about the children in the family On, Yat, Foon and Yan and also tell how her character was conned out of her fortunes and how Sai Kai met Dai Bau.

As the series has been very popular, the cast members have seen a rise in popularity not just in Hong Kong, but also in many areas of Asia, so the offers of work in stage performances have come flooding in, as Si Kei pushes Louis to be her middleman to get some jobs. Louis laughs: "They are mainly interested in Ha Yu, Si Kei, Susanna and Michelle. (When will this happen?) As Si Kei is currently filming for 'Jewels Splendor', then it will be at least November before it can happen. We have all worked together very happily and to work together in other jobs will be good. I hope it continues to come in, as they say: 'After Heart of Greed, Everyone has a Job'. (Will you be asking a high fee for them?) We won't do it for anything less than seven figures! (Each?) Yes of course! (Are you worried that such a high fee will scare people off?) I never mentioned what currency that would be in!"

As for the story of Ching Leung's road accident aired on Monday bringing in ratings of 42 points, Ha Yu was very happy and hopes that there will be another breakthrough in the ratings to take it to the top series this year. Talking of their increasing offers of stage performances, Ha Yu says that he will not take advantage of this and put his fee up.


[Ta Kung Pao 31/05/07]

TVB Pushes ATV Further by Holding Advertising Awards

If it's a good idea, then why not copy it? TVB announced yesterday that it will be holding the first "TVB Best Advertisement Awards" on 28th June and this will be in direct competition with the "Top Ten Television Advertisement Awards" that has been held by ATV for a number of years. To mark the announcement, a press conference was held, attended by prime time cast members including Ha Yu, Lee Si Kei, Louis Yuen and Wong Cho Lam. Linda Chung and Raymond Lam were originally planned to appear, but they had to rehearse for "Jade Solid Gold", so they could not make it.

TVB Executive Mr Ho Lai Chuen was asked why they had the idea to hold another set of advertising awards and he indicates that after consideration of the variety programmes of late, TVB has never had any shws connected to advertising. Are they directly competing with ATV? He says that there is plenty of space in the market and he is confident of holding an awards ceremony of some standing and is confident that this will pull in the ratings. Mr Ho also insists that every awards in this contest will be voted for by the public and so it is not influenced otherwise because of the open and fair vote. In addition to the normal categories, there will also be awards for the best advertising male and female artistes. TVB will win over on this front because their own artistes will be able to attend and collect their awards.

Si Kei's popularity has risen a lot recently thanks to "Heart of Greed" and there have been reports that TVB is keen to sign her for another two years. Yesterday, she admitted that she has signed with TVB for another two years, but she is not tied into them as such. Asked if her fee has risen, she says: "My fee is ok. My only request is I have a certain level of freedom to choose my scripts, because I am already quite old now and I hope to have a greater choice, otherwise it would be very hard."


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