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[Ta Kung Pao 30/05/07]

Joey Soaks Ron at "On the First Beat" Promo

TVB will be airing "On the First Beat" after the finale for "Heart of Greed" and the show's cast members aside from Michael Tao, Sonija Kwok and Kate Tsui attended a promotional event yesterday held at a hotel swimming pool. Among those present were Joey Yung, Sammul Chan, Ron Ng, Selena Li and Kenny Kwan. However, Joey was very protective over herself, insisting she could not get her hair or face wet and ensuring that Ron and Sammul did not carry out their threats to push her in the pool.

Most of the cast appeared in the promotional t-shirts and shorts, except Joey who appeared in long trousers and high heels. Ron and Sammul had planned to push her into the pool, but when Ron sprayed her with a water pistol, she reacted quite strongly saying: "Why are you spraying me? Is your gun out of control?" Ron immediately protested: "This is a water pistol!" Then Joey joked that it look like he was urinating when he sprayed water and warned him: "You can spray my body, but don't get my head wet." Although she would not let people spray her head, she was ready to spray other people and targeted Ron, leaving him rather helpless. When she saw the other cast members jump into the water, then Joey climbed into a raft, but again she gave a stern warning to Ron not to tip her over. Unable to do anything to Joey, Ron turned his sights to Kenny and tried to tip over his raft instead but did not succeed.

Afterwards, Joey explained her behaviour, saying that she still had to go and film some clips marking the tenth anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China, so she could not get her hair wet. She says: "Below the head is fine to get wet and I had planned this and brought an extra pair of trousers with me." When asked why she did not wear shorts, losing the promotional effect, she smiles that she forgot, and she does not mind showing her legs, but she is afraid it would be even more disappointing to see her in shorts because her legs are not very pretty and she would lose out to the other female cast members.

Joey was very thankful to Ron for looking out for her and says this was probably down to the relationship they had built up during filming: "He was very ethical this time!" Joey says she is a playful person and seeing everyone in the water, she really did want to get in and join them. As for the forthcoming promotions relying on her to hold the fort, Joey says that you cannot put it that way and she will do what she can. With the series following on from "Heart", Joey feels that the two series are very different, so it is difficult to complare them, but she is confident the show will do well.

Ron explains the reason why he let Joey off was that she often has a few phones on her and he was afraid of damaging them if she got wet. Asked why he did not put his swimming trunks on to help promote the show, Ron says that he has a lot of hair on his legs, so it would look quite revolting if he wore trunks. He also says that he has never worn swimming trunks and usually wears shorts to go swimming. Asked if he is embarrassed about his 'lumps', he says: "No, it is just my habits. I do wear underpants though." He adds that people would rather see women in bikinis than men in trunks, so he would rather not show his shortcomings. If he was presented with an underwear ad, would he accept? Ron says: "I would think about it and see how much money is on offer. (Say about $10 million?) Don't force me! Add more, but I wouldn't really want to do it."

Sammul laughs that he had planned to push Joey and MC Tang Chi Fung into the water, but in the end he hid himself away and even he did not go into the water. Talking of there being fewer and fewer cast members at forthcoming promotions because they each have their work, Sammul says that he and Tavia will wear less and less. As for the show following the "Heart" slot, he admits that there is some pressure, because the preceding show features a lot of veteran actors in comparison to the younger cast in this show. Moreover, not everyone is present at the promotions, so he is afraid this will affect it. However, he says that this is a good quality show and will attract viewers.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/05/07]

Fala Chen Gets Speeding Ticket for Avoiding Paparazzi

Fala Chen and Wong Yi Hing were guests at a promotion for a new portable computer and were each presented with an ultra-portable notebook computer at the event. Earlier, a magazine article revealed that following a meal with Neway karaoke heir Sit Sai Hang, Fala was followed by the paparazzi in her car and she was caught speeding by a police officer as she tried to evade them.

Fala says that this matter is in the hands of the police. On the day, the press were photographing her when she was stopped at the lights and this frightened her as she was worried that this could cause an accident. As for the suggestions that her male companion deserted her, she explained that he is not an artiste and is not used to being photographed and he could not drive as he had been drinking, so she offered to drive his car to the parking lot and he left by taxi. However she met the press on the way there. She insists that he is just a friend and this was a normal social occasion, so there was no need to avoid the press, but as he is not an artiste, then there is no need to put such pressure on him. As for whether he has a girlfriend, Fala says this is his own business and she does not know. Asked if he is courting her, she says: "Ask him yourself, I can't ask him these things it is too direct."

Also, writer Yi Hing says that he does take his notebook out, but he feels it is too big and inconvenient. Seeing how light this new model was, he says this will be his new companion. He is currently busy writing his articles on love in preparation for publishing before the July book fair.


[The Sun 30/05/07]

Matt Yeung in Court on Charges of Criminal Damage

Having already been bound over to keep the peace for a year after charges of drink driving and assault, Matt Yeung was back in court after allegations that on Tuesday 22nd May, he damaged an Octopus machine and a cigarette advertisement box after the machine failed to 'top up' his China Entry Card. Yesterday, he appeared at the Kowloon City Law Courts facing charges of criminal damage and prosecutors indicate that he may also be charged at a later date with assault.

Matt pleaded not guilty and the case has been adjourned until August. His current series "Jewel's Splendor" requires him to return to film in the mainland, but his China Entry Card has been held as evidence, so reports suggest that his location scenes have been deleted. TVB executive Virginia Lok indicates: "Matt Yeung cannot leave Hong Kong because of this incident, so the company has to deal with this. We will see how the courts decide, but if he decides to let go of himself, then no-one else can help him."

Court case ref: KCCC 3322/2007


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