Monday, May 28, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 28/05/07]

Sheren & Michael's 'Family of Four' at Promotion

To promote new series "The Family Link", cast members including Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Michael Tse, Kenneth Ma, Leila Tong, Fala Chen and the children appeared at an event in a shopping mall, with Sheren attending despite illness. The cast split into teams and Kiki's team were finally awarded as the 'model family' and Kiki re-enacted a scene from the show, where she grabbed hold of Al Wai like a koala, making everyone in the audience laugh out loud.

Sheren indicated that she was suffering from a chest infection and she had been to see the doctor, but she is still not completely recovered so she was sounding very husky. The ratings for the show have been standing high since its release and asked if she thinks it will get any higher, she indicates that the story will move into a climax this week, where her character starts to suspect that her husband Michael has a cross-dressing habit and plans on how to help him deal with it. As the subject matter is quite bold and involves scenes around the topic of sexual behaviour, Sheren feels that this is part of normal life, but she does agree that the writers have been quite bold and during the filming, Michael was nervously asking if it was okay and indicating how frightened he was. Sheren on the other hand was bolder because she is the ambassador for sexual health after all. She says that often housewives will place their sex life last in their priorities and this show will help remind them to still focus on life's enjoyment. She says that in the past she would share these experiences with her husband, but now she cannot accept sex before marriage due to her beliefs, but when she is married, then she can do whatever she wants.

Asked if he was very frightened about the sexual scenes, Michael laughs: "Sheren gave me goosebumps, I have never had goosebumps whilst filming before!" Asked what the scene is about, he insists that he will not tell how Sheren 'heals' him and just says that he was frightened and concerned whether it could be aired, so when Sheren indicated the producer was happy for it to be aired, he bit his lip and carried on. Aside from this, there have been complaints about the way he pushes up his glasses in the show. Michael says he never imagined such a small gesture could be picked up by the viewers.

Fala's popularity has risen recently with one series being aired after another and appearing in both prime time series at the moment. Her characters are very different though because she plays a villain in "Family". She says she does not mind this new venture, but wearing a bikini is already her limits. She says that she is becoming well known for being a villain, but she accepts that as an artiste she has to try different roles and compared to the roles where she is just in the background, then she does not mind being scolded in the street. She says: "Fortunately I have not been scolded yet!"

Also, she is currently busy filming for new series "Golden Destiny", in the show she will be pregnant and also commit suicide and she says that in real life she has never met with anything so dramatic and she is an optimistic person, so she will never commit suicide because she is afraid of her parents being sad. As for the reports that she will be putting away her sexiness, she feels that a natural and healthy look is acceptable and she will be doing some swimwear shows soon. She says that as an artiste, you cannot hide yourself away and she will wear bikinis to film even if she does not dare to wear them normally.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/05/07]

Nancy Wu Does Sport for Stress Relief

Nancy Wu and Cindy Lee took part in an event for the improvement of Hong Kong's mental health. Nancy says that many people in Hong Kong suffer immense stress from work, so it is common for them to suffer from anxiety and she feels the best way to relieve stress is through exercise. Asked if she has been under stress before, she says: "Yes, but not to the point of illness. Every time I start a new series filming, I will be so worried that I cannot sleep because I am putting pressure on myself." Nancy indicates that she likes to go jogging and swimming, so she can build up her health as well as relieve her stress. She also reveals that she goes swimming in her club house and sometimes wears bikinis there.

Nancy will begin filming for the modern version of "War of In-Laws" in June, where she plays one of Liza Wang's staff. Nancy says that this is the first time she will
be working alongside Liza, so she is quite excited. In the show she works in a very fashionable magazine and she laughs that she will have the chance to wear lots of pretty clothes. Talking of her former boyfriend Deep Ng dating a model girlfriend and buying computers together, Nancy says she does not know and she rarely contacts him now. Asked if she would like to date, she says: "A little, but I will leave it to fate. (Do you have any pursuits?) I don't know." She also laughs that her own computer is quite old now, but she has no-one to go and buy a new one with.


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