Wednesday, May 23, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 24/05/07]

Bernice Liu & Michael Miu at 'Pirates 3' Premiere

Bernice Liu appeared at the premiere for "Pirates of the Caribbean 3 : At World's End" held at Disneyland Hong Kong as an opening guest. The film was shown in its high-definition format and Bernice appeared in a period costume, which was rather conservative in design. She explains that the costume was provided by the organisers and as this is a Disney film, then it cannot be too sexy. She says that she thought she would be wearing in outfit similar to the female lead Keira Knightley.

Asked why she has been invited to be the guest at this event, Bernice says that maybe because she was the first to hold a birthday party at Disneyland after it was opened, where she was presented with a giant Mickey Mouse, so this year they presented her with a Minnie Mouse instead. During her introduction to the achievements of the "Pirates" films, Bernice misread some of the words in her lines and asked if she was too busy dressing up and not learning her lines properly, Bernice denies this and says she was just too nervous on the stage. Asked whether her fee was a five or a six figure sum, she smiled that if it is five, she is satisfied, but if it is six, she would be even happier.

With rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan having been linked recently with Linda Chung and Ada Choi in gossip, there have been reports that she has been trying to win him back by knitting him a jumper. Bernice says that she had learned to knit a scarf in the past, but this time she is learning to knit a jumper. So will she be giving her loving creation to Moses? She smiles that she is knitting a unisex design that is only one size. When the reporters suggest that Moses would be very happy to receive this as a gift, Bernice smiles that this is her first one, so of course she will give it to her parents and it depends how it turns out when it is finished.

Also at the premiere was Michael Miu and his family because his son and daughter wanted to watch the film and he wanted to watch Chow Yun Fat's performance. Michael says that if he had the opportunity to act in this film, he would like to have Chow's role and after watching the first two films and knowing that Johnny Depp's character is an immortal being, there is nothing fresh any more.

The film collaboration between four of the 'Tigers' entitled "Brothers" will be filming on location in Thailand at the end of the month. In the film, Eason Chan will be playing Michael's younger brother, Felix Wong and Ken Tong will be members of a triad family and Andy Lau will play a cop, whilst mainland actress Huang Yi will be the female lead. With Tony Leung being the missing tiger in this film, Michael explains that when Andy opened filming for this movie, he had not planned a role for Tony because of the clash of characters and also because of Tony's expensive fee and lack of schedule time. Michael says that he hopes for the five tigers to be reunited once again, but he does not know whether Tony wants this. However, there will be chance to work together again in the future and it is not like the reports in the press where they are enemies.


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