Sunday, May 20, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 21/05/07]

Bosco Will Give Holiday Package to Dad for Father's Day

Bosco Wong sported a fake moustache yesterday for a Father's Day event with Lisa S. As she tried on different types of moustache on him, Lisa laughed that he looks like a hundred year old man, whereas Bosco felt he looked more like a rabbit.

Bosco's parents divorced a long time ago and he lives with his mother, rarely seeing his father, however he still loves both his parents and although his father has re-married, he will still go for dinner with his father sometimes. Bosco says: "I am currently learning to dance in Hong Kong Island and that is where my dad lives, so after my class, I will meet him for dinner." Asked if he will be celebrating Father's Day with his dad, he says that he will be filming for "War of In-Laws" then, so he will be quite busy. He will also be flying out to film in Thailand at the end of May, so he plans to celebrate with his dad after he returns. As well as taking his dad out for dinner, Bosco often buys gifts for his father and this year, he plans to buy him a holiday package for Father's Day, even paying for his dad's other half to go with him. Bosco says: "I had planned to pay for my dad to go to Malaysia or Thailand last year, but it was cancelled because my grandfather died. (Is it hard work looking after two families?) Not really, I have made the money, so it is no problem giving it to them. (Has rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu met your dad?) No, why would he want to meet my friends. My mum comes to visit me on set, so she has met her."


[Ta Kung Pao 21/05/07]

Aimee Chan Admits to being a Good Kisser

The annual Mr Hong Kong Contest has started the application process and many men have been attracted to apply. TVB held a promotional event yesterday, supported by Mr Hong Kong winner Francois Huynh, former contestants Larry Chan and Rocky Cheng and Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui.

Although the weather was not very good yesterday, the men still braved it to perform their talent acts, including magic, singing and kung fu as they encouraged men to apply. Last year's winner Francois had planned to sing an Eason Chan song, but he brought the wrong music and ended up opting for a French song instead, inviting Aimee and Janet to be his backing singers. Francois indicates he has asked many friends to apply, but they are all worried about parading in swimwear. He thinks back to how awkward he felt, but he says he overcame it gradually and so he hopes to share his experiences with the contestants.

Aimee studied in Canada, so she knows how to speak French and she says that when she was at school, she had a French boyfriend. Talking of Frenchmen, she says they are very refined and gracious, like the men in Hong Kong. They are also famous for French kisses, so has she tried this? Aimee laughed innocently and said: "I don't know what one is, why don't you demonstrate? Kissing is all about how deep your feelings are for the other person. A friend of mine uses their tong to tie a cherry stalk into a knot as a way of training for kissing. It took me 30 seconds to do. (So you are an expert?) Haha, I am okay and have been complimented before." Asked if she has invited anyone to take part in Mr Hong Kong, she says that she had planned to ask her dad to take part because he is handsome and mature, but she thinks he will decline.


[The Sun 21/05/07]

Fiona Yuen Basks in New Love

At a charity show earlier, Fiona Yuen was quizzed about the news that her ex-boyfriend Thomas Wu has found a new love with Sabrina Chao. She says that she knows Sabrina and is happy for the couple: "They are both the sporty type, so they are well matched! I wish them happiness, even though we cannot be together."

Asked if she has felt jealous of the new romance, Fiona denies this and says: "I am feeling very sweet at the moment." Fiona reveals that although she is apart in different countries with her current boyfriend, she will keep her computer at hand so she can chat with him on the internet. Asked if she is confident that hte relationship will blossom, she says: "Yes, I am."


[The Sun 21/05/07]

'Gigi Lookalike' Ho Ngo Yee Out Shopping with Sister

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant will be taking place in July and early hot favourite Ho Ngo Yee has successfully entered the final 12. At around 4pm on Saturday, she was spotted with sister Gigi, who works as an official commentator for the Jockey Club, out shopping in Tsimshatsui's Miramar Shopping Centre. As there was a yellow rainstorm warning out, they headed to the taxi rank after shopping, but as the heavens opened while they waited, they had to share an umbrella as they walked to another shopping centre. Wearing a light coloured t-shirt and quite heavy make-up, Ngo Yee got a little wet on the way and partially revealed her underwear through her shirt.

The sisters wandered around for a while and visited a costume jewellery shop before going to Harbour City to buy some make-up before having a meal at a Japanese restaurant. When the reporters appraoched her and asked whether she was dieting to prepare for the contest, she said in a friendly manner: "I have not intentionally gone on a diet, but I will eat a little earlier." The two girls then headed out for their taxi.

Gigi attended a horse racing event yesterday and awas introduced by the MC as the prettiest racing commentator. Asked about how her sister is doing, Gigi says: "My sister is at home revising ready for her exams because TVB have urged her to be low profile and it is not right for me to comment before the contest."


[The Sun 21/05/07]

Raymond Lam is Afraid of Girls Offering Themselves

Raymond Lam took part in an Ultraman event yesterday and talking of his three party relationship in the series "Heart of Greed", he says: "I never imagined that the revelation scene would have such high ratings. (Have you been scolded at in the street?) No, actually someone has mentioned that 'Sheung Joi Sum' is a pain. (Have you met any very forthcoming girls like 'Sui Mak Mak'?) Yes, but I will avoid them because I am afraid of girls taking the lead. (In the industry?) Outside. All the girls in the industry are tomboys."


[The Sun 21/05/07]

Angela Tong Too Busy Filming for Sleep

Angela Tong took part in a promotional event yesterday, encouraging children to eat more fruit and she revealed that when she was young, her father had already told her to eat more fruit. She smiles: "He is still like that now and always chops up lots of fruit for me to take to work with me to share with my colleagues, so I am the fruit lady now." Currently busy filming for "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind", Angela has not had much sleep and as her character has a lot of emotional and mood swings, it is very tiring for her.


[The Sun 21/05/07]

Fala Chen Says No to Bosco

Wearing a tube top and a short skirt, Fala Chen sported a catwoman look for a gaming promotion in a mall yesterday and demonstrated the game, but indicated that she does not want a boyfriend who is too absorbed in gaming: "I used to have a boyfriend who loved playing games, but he did not take it too far. If my future boyfriend is too addicted to gaming, then it will not last. (Would you split up over a game?) It depends if we argue over it." She insists that she is currently single, but she has many pursuits and she reveals her criteria for a boyfriend is the right feling and good looks. Asked if rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong falls into this criteria, she immediately closed the door and said: "No, there is no need. (Are you telling him not to waste his time?) Absolutely no way!"

With a career of supporting roles so far, Fala has taken a step upwards in new forthcoming series "Golden Destiny" where she will take a main lead, playing a very ambitious woman who wants to marry into a rich family, working with Steven Ma, Linda Chung and Raymond Cho. Kent Cheng will also be returning to TVB for this series.

Linda took part in the latest episode of "Starry Kitchen" earlier and she cooked 'Lotus Root Scented Beef'. She says that she is quite traditional and feels women should be able to do well in the kitchen and smiles: "I am prepared to go into the kitchen, why don't you consider me?"


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