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[Ta Kung Pao 16/05/07]

Shirley Yeung Advises Contestants Not to Step Out of Line

The 24 selected contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant attended a further round of auditions at TVB City on Monday to fight for a coveted place in the show's finals. The programme will be aired on 2nd June, so the results are top secret at the moment and the 12 finalists will join the 4 overseas contestants at that time to meet the press.

Before filming started, the 24 girls joined together for a photocall, with their positions dictated by their groups. As they are yet to be 'packaged', they all looked a little plain and innocent, but were not allowed to be interviewed by the press. The show's producer Chin Kwok Wai indicated that the girls have been split into six groups to firstly meet with representatives from the Wai Yin Association and as well as introducing themselves wearing swimwear, they had to answer questions from the panel and then go on to perform their talent performances, including acts such as belly dancing, playing the Chinese zither, knotting and magic. The top six scoring contestants will automatically qualify for the final and the other 18 will go forward to the second round, where they will met with representatives from the fields of education, television, make-up. feng shui, sport and economics to answer more questions.

The Wai Yin representatives included Tracy Ip and Shirley Yeung, who appeared in low cut dresses. Tracy says that she has dressed up especially to be a judge and as her dress was sponsored, she missed out on the more conservative designs because she arrived late at the fitting. Talking of her requirements, she says that the most important thing are comfortable looks and gracious and elegant poise, whereas figure is less important. Shirley says that inner beauty is as important as their appearance and the most important thing is to be confident, natural and charming. As for the contestants being followed around by the press, Shirley advises tham that they have to be more aware of things around them during the contest and as long as they keep within the bounds, then being followed is not a problem.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/05/07]

Toby Leung Enjoys a 'Fat' Kiss with Bobby

Bobby Au Yeung, Angela Tong, Toby Leung and Raymond Wong joined in the blessing ceremony for TVB series "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" yesterday. Toby says that working with Bobby has been happy and a lot of fun, beucase even if Bobby is expressionless, she will still find his face amusing and especially when she sees the fat on his cheeks, it makes her want to pinch him. As she has been laughing non-stop during the filming for this show, Toby is worried about developing wrinkles, so when she laughs, Toby will push down on her eye area to avoid her wrinkles getting deeper.

Toby and Bobby filmed a kissing scene earlier in a scene that tells of them sharing a sausage and they end up kissing each other. She says that when they kissed, Bobby could not help laughing and they had to shoot the scene several times to complete it. Asked how she felt kissing Bobby, she says: "It was very chubby and beautiful, he is so lovable." Does she like men like Bobby in real life? She laughs that she likes men with a belly because it is good for hugging and seeing Bobby makes her very happy, so it makes time pass by faster. Asked if she would rather choose Bobby over Raymond, Toby indicates that Raymond is too handsome.

Later when Bobby was told by the reporters that Toby was full of compliments for him and would rather choose him over Raymond, he laughs: "She has great taste, so it was worth looking after her from when she was young. I knew she had taste when she was very young!" As for Toby saying he is good for hugging and his lips are beautiful, he laughs that he is really not bad and is like a cushion or an airbag. When the reporters indicated he was a very lucky man to work with Toby and Angela, Bobby admits that this is true, so he feels newcomers should not be disheartened, because the rewards will come and your co-stars will keep getting younger and younger.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/05/07]

Myolie Will Not Actively Avoid Bosco But Doesn't Need Lifts

As an ambassador for the charity Oxfam, Myolie Wu took part in an event for their China Development Programme 2007 yesterday to open the fundraising activities. Having headed out to the poor areas of Gansu earlier, Myolie shared her experiences yesterday and urged everyone to donate generously.

Myolie spoke from the heart as she explained that just donating $100 can help the needy people in the mountainous regions and she will be making donations to help. She also laughs that maybe she has a very earnest face, so a lot of charity organisations ask her to help. She is the Oxfam ambassador for the second year running and she says that she does not mind visiting other areas, but the hardest thing about the trip was the problem with toilets, because you had to go right back to nature.

The sequel to "War of In-Laws" has been confirmed to start filming in June and Myolie will be working again with Liza Wang and Bosco Wong and she will play a police officer for the first time in the new show. Is she worried about more rumours as she worked with Bosco again? Myolie says openly that she is prepared for more gossip, but she does not mind if it is for work. During filming, will she be accepting lifts from Bosco? Myolie indicates that she has her own car, so she will try to avoid riding in his car. So will she be keeping her distance from him to avoid the rumours? Myolie says dispairingly that if they photograph them looking away, then the stories will say they are at odds, but if they are too close, then they will say there is something going on, so she will not be actively avoiding him and just go with the flow.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/05/07]

Koni Lui's Show Receives Complaints Despite Good Ratings

TVB has recently changed its schedules and the mainland series "Sigh of His Highness" has been moved out of the 10:30 pm slot to be replaced by "Puzzle" hosted by Adam Cheng, Wong Yi Hing and Koni Lui. Probably triggered by the premiere of new series "The Family Link" following "A Change of Destiny", TVB's evening ratings appear to have risen recently.

"The Family Link" reached an average of 32 points, peaking at 33 points, 4 points up from the finale of "A Change of Destiny" on Friday. The popular "Heart of Greed" reached average ratings on Monday of 33 points. As for "Puzzle" that has taken over the "Sigh of His Majesty" slot, it gained first episode ratings of 23 points, peaking at 26 points, up 8 on last week, massing about 500,000 viewers.

However, after the airing of the first episode of "Puzzle", the Broadcasting Authority received two telephone and three email complaints, one about the appearance of a corpse, which was frightening. The other complaints were aimed towards the 'Puzzle Lady' Koni Lui, saying that her spinning around made them dizzy. Also, thanks to the recent release of "Spiderman 3" on the big screen, TVB Pearl's screening of "Spiderman 2" attracted 880,000 viewers, peaking at 1.05 miillion viewers, creating the highest viewer numbers for the year on Pearl.

"Heart of Greed" mothers Lee Si Kei and Susanna Kwan were interviewed on a radio show yesterday and Susanna spoke of how her character is always slapping people, but she finds that this is one of the hardest things to do. When she was slapping Lai Lok Yi and Michelle Yim during filming, they both told her to slap them for real, but she was still very afraid when she hit them and she says that hitting people is really hard to do. Si Kei praises Lok Yi's professionalism, saying that when he returned to the wardrobe room, he indicated he was a little nauseous after being hit by Susanna.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/05/07]

Carol, Miriam & Gillian at Po Leung Charity Show Press Conference

The press conference for this year's Po Leung Kuk Charity Show was held yesterday, attended by Carol Cheng, Gillian Chung, Miriam Yeung and Po Leung Kuk President Chan Siu Bo and executive Chan Sai Kit. Carol will join Anna Yau and Amigo Chui as MC's for the show. A few years ago on this show, they faced intruder and protester Lee Man Biu and Carol and Anna spoke about this incident at yesterday's event.

Carol laughs that when Lee went onto the stage, she really did not know what was going on because when she pushed him away, he pushed her back. This year's show will take place a little earlier and she says: "Maybe because it is the anniversary of the return of Hong Kong. so they are making the most of it." The reporters asked if she would take advantage and get married, she smiles she will not. With Miss Hong Kong soon to take place, Carol says she will not be hosting this because she has been arranged by the company to host the Mr Hong Kong Contest instead.

Gillian reveals that she will be dancing and singing with Charlene Choi on the night and they will perform some new arrangements to make their dances more difficult. Talking of Edison Chen kicking a taxi door and being bound to keep the peace, Gillian says she does not know about this, but he should not do things like this. She says that not just celebrities, but any member of the public should respect the rules: "Other people will treat you the way you treat other people. I don't really know him very well, we were just in the same company in the past." Would she choose a more mild-mannered man? She feels that the most important thing is that she likes him and of course a good nature is needed.

The show's producer Lam Ka Wing spoke of the death of former TVB executive Wong Ka Leung, saying that he will be compiling a memorial picture book and a 4 minute clip to be aired at his funeral. His wife has settled now and is back at work.


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