Monday, May 14, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 15/05/07]

Joyce Tang Pushes her Limits in Breast Enhancement Ad

After the breakup of her relationship with Marco Ngai, Joyce Tang has gathered up her emotions upon returning to single life and has been absorbed into her work, not thinking about romance for the time being. Recently she has been busy filming for new series "Harmony, Taste & Passion" and she has also taken on a set of breast enhancement ads. In the past, Joyce has given people the impression that she has a tomboy image, but this time she has washed herself of her old image and has shot a sexy set of ads in the hope that people can see her true femininity. In order to push the results towards perfection, Joyce has been working hard with her enhancement treatment and in just 8 weeks, she has changed her figure from 32A to 33C, making her understand what are her precious female assets and prove that she can live better than him.

During the shoot, Joyce had her three treasures at hand, that were sunglasses, black coffee and her phone. In the ad, she has many different images and her favourite was a sexy deep-V red evening gown with one of the ties cut, challenging the limits of her sexiness. Joyce also brought a selection of her own jewellery collection to further enhance the look. When she was not on camera, she was admiring the black vinyl records on the set that brought back many memories.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/05/07]

"Heart of Greed" Ladies on Cookery Show

"Heart of Greed" leading ladies Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan and Michelle Yim have been busy promoting the show recently and yesterday they took part in the recording of the "Starry Kitchen" show for TVB Pay Vision. The three ladies tasted sweet, sour, bitter and hot foods to reflect the happiness, anger, sadness and joy in some classic scenes from the show. Then they went on to cook up a dish of yams.

Si Kei indicates that she rarely cooks, but her best dishes is making roast meat and sweet vinegar king prawns. Her prawn dish has also won her awards in Singapore. Asked if she is interested in hosting a cookery show, she says that she does not talk logically enough and in yesterday's show, she was cooking 'smoked chicken', but she had planned to chop the chicken up before smoking it. Recently, Si Kei has become the focus of the reporters and she says that this has left her a little helpless and even her sister has laughed that she should dress more smartly to go out. She never imagined that everyone would be so supportive of her. Her character in the show 'dai kai' will die in Wednesday's episode and she says that she did not miss the role when she was filming it because it was hard work. However, she does miss it now.

Michelle says that she cooks quite healthily and does not cook fried foods very much. She will be publishing a cook book later to share her healthy cooking recipes. Susanna also does not cook very much and her best dish is using the microwave to make 'Love Heart Peanuts' and Tofu Pudding. Recently there are reports that she wants to get married and says: "I have not yearned for this, don't say that about me!" She says that she will go with the flow with romance and there is nothing to yearn. Asked if she is embarrassed by the reports, she says: "Not really and even if women want to get married it is nothing. I am just telling the truth." Asked if she has any pursuits, she says she has friends, but she does not have a steady boyfriend because she is too busy.

With Susanna's popularity rising recently, her ex-husband Lai Siu Tin has also been snapped by the press and recently he has been spotted on a date with a female friends. Susanna says with despair: "Don't be so nasty! It is so bad. Talk about me only, don't pull him into it." As for her ex-husband meeting a girl, Susanna says she does not feel anything about it because it has been over 20 years since they were together and she will be happy for him. She says that when she was hosting a TVB music show, she was in contact with him. When the reporters indicated that he was interested in wooing her again at the time, but it never happened, she just smiled: "That's what he said!"


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