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[Ta Kung Pao 11/05/07]

Maggie Cheung's Apprehensive Return to Work Following Illness

After two years of treatment, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee has overcome her thyroid condition and depression and was back to work yesterday, attending a skincare product promotion with Raymond Lam. Wearing a traditional Korean dress, she was arranged to give Raymond a pressure point massage, but she seemed quite nervous and her hands were quite shaky as she faces the flashes from the press's cameras. Maggie says directly that it has been so long since she last met the media, so faced with so many cameras at once is a little frightening, but she also jokes that seeing someone as handsome as Raymond will make anyone's hands shake.

Maggie has spent two years undergoing treatment and rest and her condition is totally cured now, but she is keeping up her health with herbal remedies. Maggie feels that the most important things in life are your health and you happiness as well as the time you spend with your family, so she understands now that life is not just about fame and fortune. There are rumours that Maggie has become the target of ATV's headhunters, so when asked whether she would return to TVB or go to ATV, she says hat she will not concentrate on any particular station, but rather on advertisements, so she can lead a more relaxed lifestyle. As for whether ATV have approached her, she says she will not respond because she has also been approached by by other companies from the Mainland. Hwoever, she still owes TVB one series, so she will reveal her decision later after more consideration. With Maggie's absence, TVB have promoted many of their female artistes, so does she feel the pressure from them? Maggie feels that her health is more important, so she will not think about these things any more. Asked if she would like to get married soon, now she has recovered? She says that this is not the only time she has thought about marriage, but this is not something that can be done at will, so she will see what destiny has in story for her as she does not have a boyfriend yet.

Raymond responded to the rumours that ATV are offering a huge sum for Charmaine Sheh to join them, saying that he has just been working with Charmaine in a series and he believes she will not leave for another company without careful consideration. He still has a few years in his contract with TVB, so he is totally faithful. At the event, there were a number of fans present to support Raymond and one of them presented him with a ring. After receiving a massage from Maggie, he says that usually he will go for a massage from a male herbalist because the men tend to be stronger and he is afraid of embarrassing situations whilst massaging near his thighs, in case has has some 'natural reflexes'.


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[Ta Kung Pao 11/05/07]

Charmaine Sheh: Benny Chan has moved in too!

ATV have been busy recruiting artistes recently and there have been rumours that they are offering eight years worth of her TVB salary for two years work to Charmaine Sheh. Charmaine was interviewed on a radio show yesterday and she smiles that no-one has approached her and even the company has not asked her about this.

Charmaine says that because she still has a few years left on her contract with TVB, then the other companies will not approach her and she has no intentions of changing companies. As for the suggestions that ATV are even prepared to buy out her contract, Charmaine admits that money is important, but being happy at work is another question. If she suddenly changes company, then she is afraid that she will not adapt to the new environment. She has been with TVB now for many years and she has affections for them.

Also, there have been reports that Joe Ma and Benny Chan had a fight at Charmaine's home and she laughs that she has been working in Shanghai and Taiwan recelty, so she does not even know if she was in Hong Kong at the time of the report. She says: "I don't think this actually happened. They are friends, so they should not fight." She sighs that there are not many reports in her favour nowadays, so she has not really taken notice of how damaging they are. Hwoever, she did meet Joe and his wife earlier in Shanghai and at the time, Joe had suggested meeting up with Benny for dinner, but then the press thought it was me who was looking for him. Talking of her living in the same building as Benny giving rise to suggestions of them living together, Charmaine says: "He saw that the Feng Shui was good in my building, so he moved in too!"


[Ta Kung Pao 11/05/07]

Ron Ng: I am Innocent

Ron Ng and Raymond Lam took part in a promotional party at a bar in Central earlier and as the venue did not organise things very well, the reporters had to stand in the road to take photographs and with the passing traffic, it was quite a dangerous situation. As there were also a number of members of the public and fans there, the event was rather chaotic and the two were stood on the roadside as they were interviewed.

Ron was been rumoured to have been involved in a row whilst watching a football match and a clip of the alleged incident was uploaded to the internet. He denied this and says that although he did go to watch football with his friends and saw some of the fans arguing and then the intervention by the police, but he was not involved in this at all, so he protests his innocence. Fortunately, Alan Tam and BMA boss Leung Chi San came forward to clarify the situation for him and he did not have to suffer innocently. He says: "I was unhappy about this, because I do not know why I am involved whevever something happens. However, I have no guilt on my conscience. (Do you feel that you sacrifice a lot as an artiste?) Yes."

Recently there have been rumours that ATV has been offering huge amounts of money to attract Charmaine Sheh and Ron says that he has not been approached by anyone, so he will just do his own job and in any case, he has many years left on his contract. As for his good friend Raymond, he does not believe that Ron will fight with anyone at the match and he just laughed off the reports.


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