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[Ta Kung Pao 10/05/07]

'Jewels Splendor' Cast Set out For Phuket - Bosco Wong is Numb about Rumours

Bosco Wong and Moses Chan joined the cast of "Jewel's Splendor", including Ada Choi and Queenie Chu, setting off to film on location in Phuket in Thailand. Bosco will be arriving in Phuket a day before the rest of the crew and will join Kevin Cheng in a promotional trip for TVBI in Bangkok. Talking about this filming trip, Bosco says: "I am very happy on my first trip to Thailand and I have taken over ten outfits to wear and also an empty bag to go shopping with. I am responsible for taking photos for everyone as a souvenir."

There have been rumours that Fala Chen and Bosco have started dating and he has moved out of the apartment where he was living with Myolie Wu. In response to this, Bosco says: "It is taking all the old gossip and stir-frying them all into one dish. Apart from working and promotions, we don't see each other and maybe because there has not been much news lately or the series has been popular, but I don't have any feelings towards these reports any more."

With Mothers Day approaching, Bosco will not be able to spend this time with his mother, so last week, he took her to buy a designer handbag, but as it was the holiday week, the shops were full of tourists and they did not manage to buy anything. Bosco says: "I will have to ask my godsister to take my mother shopping, I will pay her back when I come back." As for the reports of bomb scares in Bangkok, is Bosco worried about this? He smiles: "If something happens, I will just grab onto Kevin and die together."

With their series "Heart of Greed" doing well and the dinner parties coming one after another, Moses smiles that he has offered his services as a spokesperson for abalone. However, Moses sighs that whilst filming for "Heart", he violated a traffic regulation and was given 8 penalty points. He forces a laugh and says: "If I can, I wish I could exchange my 8 points for 8 abalones."

Ada wore some sunglasses and was clutching a bottle of Chinese herbal medicine and it turns out that she has been ill for about a week now: "I have been on sick leave to rest since 1st May, but my flu was still lingering after a week. It was my own fault, my body is so stubborn I have to work to get better."

Ada says that since returning from Israel, she has just been working on the Mainland and it has been a while since she left the country, so she nearly forgot to bring her passport with her. She says: "When I was packing earlier, I had planned to take a big case with me to go shopping, but I ended up packing more and more things and the case is already full. I am very afraid of paying excess baggage if my luggage is too heavy." Ada also smiles: "Only when I was packing did I realise that my passport was at my auntie's home and I nearly just left with my China Entry permit. In the past, when I went to Singapore, I forgot to take my passport and had to get the next plane."

Ada is very excited and nervous about filming in Thailand and says: "I really like the sunshine and seaside, but I cannot get too much of a tan in order to keep the continuation of the series and I have bought all my anti-sun products." The story tells of Ada being ridiculed by a rich woman who throws her pearls inot the swimming pool, so she will have to wear a bikini for the first time since she entered Miss Hong Kong. She smiles: "I have to wear a swimsuit and it is a red bikini and the whole of Hong Kong's audience will see me wearing a bikini for the first time since Miss Hong Kong, so I am very nervous. Fortunately, I am well developed, so I should look even better than before."


[Ta Kung Pao 10/05/07]

Plenty of Lookalikes at Miss Hong Kong Second Interviews

The 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant held its second round of interviews yesterday and about sixty contestants were brought into TVB City by three minibuses, including lookalikes of Gillian Chung, Gigi Lai, Michelle Saram; a commoner version of Cathy Tsui and the Siu Ding Yat nominated Kwok Sze Lam. Maybe because the weather was warm, most of the girls wore low cut strappy dresses, shorts or short skirts, fortunately they had very balanced figures and showed off their good points.

Although the organisers forbade the girls from answering questions from the press, they allowed themselves to be photographed and just a few of them rush away with their heads down. Among them, the most exaggerated was one girl who had her hair mussed up, wore sunglesses and had covered her face with her shawl, not revealing her looks at all, creating murmurs of 'Dance of Passion' from the reporters. It would seem that with so little self esteem, her chances of getting through will be slim. When another girl was asked what her name was, she quickly replied: "Grace!". At this time, the show's executive Rosa Chan was walking past and she scolded: "Did you know you are not allowed to tell them your name?" The girl then seemed rather apologetic. Last year's contestant Chan Sum Yee who was eliminated at the training camp is back again this year to try again.

Rosa indicates that the contestants met with executives including Ho Lai Chuen, Virginia Lok and producer Chin Kwok Wai yesterday and were required to introduce themselves and model their swimwear. Twenty-four girls will be selected to enter the 'Miss Hong Kong Interviews' reality show and subjected to more interviews with professionals before the final 12 will be selected. They will then join the 4 international contestants for the last 16, which will be revealed to the press in early June. They will then head out to Tianjin and Beijing for location filming for nine days to mark the preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games. The four overseas contestants will be arriving in Hong Kong on 20th May.

As for Kwok Sze Lam being invited back for a second interview, Rosa was asked whether her cosmetic surgery will have any effect on her chances. Rosa says that it is difficult to prove whether or not she has had surgery and there are no rules against this, so there should be no impact, but she personally prefers girls who offer a more comfortable impression.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/05/07]

Kevin Cheng is Tied Down to TVB by his Contract

Kevin Cheng and Linda Chung were guests at the opening of an optical shop yesterday and also in attendance was supermodel Xiong Dailin. Kevin reveals that in his new series in june, he will have to cut his hair to play a prisoner and he will be working with Roger Kwok and Yoyo Mung. Kevin says that that he has been watching "Prison Break" to research his character in the show. As for cutting his hair, he says that he does not mind because seven years ago he shaved off all his hair for a Qing costume drama in Taiwan.

As for the reports that ATV are offering huge amounts of money to attract Charmaine Sheh, Kevin says that he has not been the target of the headhunters because he has just renewed his contract with TVB last year and it is quite a lengthy one, but it is not quite as long as Bosco Wong, who has been rumoured to have signed until 2017. Kevin says: "Most of us salaried management contracted artistes have long contracts, so we will not be targeted by the other companies."

Linda will be working on two series shortly, one of which will be working alongside Steven Ma in "Forensic Heroes 2". Although she has worked with Steven before in her first series "Virtues of Harmony", she hopes that they will create sparks again. Her character will be a streetgirl who sells phones in Mongkok, so she will have to learn how to portray the drinking and partying ways as well as being sexually promiscuous. For her research, she has been down to Sincere House in Mongkok to look around, but the locals called out her character's name from "Heart of Greed" - Sheung Joi Sum. Asked if she is worried that playing this role will hurt her image, she believes that the viewers will be clear on this and will not mind her playing villains or bad girls.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/05/07]

Yoyo and Raymond Win Fans Hearts in China

TVB has been actively promoting its anti-piracy campaign and opened up many official 'image stores' in the Mainland. Raymond Lam and Yoyo Mung appeared at the Hangzhou and Shanghai shops earlier to rally support for the genuine article as well as look around the outlets and meet the local fans.

On her first promotional trip to the Mainland, Yoyo was very excited and said: "I can finally meet up with the fans in the Mainland and I am very excited." When they arrived in Hangzhou and saw the highly romantic West Late, she sighed: "If I could come and live beside the West Lake and drink tea and read there every day, that would be so blissful."

Yoyo and Raymond's series "Heart of Greed" has been very popular in the Mainland and many fans were eager to come into close contact with their idols, holding up posters and waiting from the early hours of the morning. When the pair appeared, they immediately sparked up, holding up posters and banners, calling out their names and handing them presents and flowers. As well as urging their fans to "Support Genuine Produces and Beat Piracy", Yoyo and Raymond rewarded their fans with a song. Raymond sung the theme song to "Survivor's Law", captivating the audience with his song.


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