Tuesday, May 08, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 09/05/07]

More Fine Dining for "Heart of Greed" Cast - Lee Si Kei is Not Poor

Popular series "Heart of Greed" has had its fair share of dinner parties for the cast and crew and on Monday it was the turn of Lee Si Kei and Susanna Kwan to pay for three tables, taking the others out for another abalone meal. During this, they joined with 'Dai Bau' Ha Yu to announce the ratings results for last week, averaging at 32 points and they broke open the champagne to celebrate.

Also in attendance at this meal were Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Tracy Ip and Lai Lok Yi. However, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong and Yoyo Mung were all absent, probably busy filming for other series. With recent reports that she was living in poverty, Si Kei was asked how much this meal was costing her and Susanna and she smiled: "It is not too expensive, I can cope with it. (The reports suggest you are living frugally?) They are making theories about me when they see me shopping in Sham Shui Po, but they should not be so shallow." Si Kei also reveals that she plans to buy a car and an apartment. As she needed assistance walking when she was ill, then she could not drive herself, but now she has more or less recovered, she is starting to reconsider buying her own home and transport again. So does this mean she is not as poor as they say, she smiles: "So I will treat those reports as promotion. (Do you mind?) I am past the age of caring." As for the series doing well, Si Kei and Susanna have taken advantage of this to take on some promotional jobs to earn more money, but Si Kei says that she does not know how to do this very well because she is a little 'dopey'.

Linda was asked when it was her turn to pay for dinner and she said: "I am in the queue and I have never filmed a series with quite so many parties, so maybe I will look for a private and comfortable restaurant to have a buffet in. (Will you put on weight with so many meals?) No, I have lost weight, so I will eat more." Tavia says that all these dinner parties have made her very fussy and if she has to take the others out, she does not know what to eat. She also smiles that she is saving money, but of course she cannot afford abalone or sharks fin, so maybe she will go for sashimi instead.


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