Tuesday, May 22, 2007

[The Sun 23/05/07]

Filming Delayed as Toby Leung is Admitted to Hospital

Currently busy filming for "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind", Toby Leung was suffering from a fever and sickness as well as aches and pains on Monday and was admitted to hospital for treatment. The doctors felt her symptoms were different from normal colds or gastroenteritis, so she was admitted to administer antibiotics as well as to undergo x-rays and blood tests. She is currently awaiting the results and staying in hospital for observation.

Toby's mother Barbara visited her in hospital yesterday and she revealed that Toby's fever had not yet receded and she felt terrible when she saw her daughter being sick in the toilets all the time. As for the ulcer by her lips, Barbara explained that this was just a spot and not down to poisoning. Although her daughter is busy filming all the time, Barbara indicates that she has had plenty of time to rest and she does not think the illness is down to working too hard, but probably food poisoning instead.

The show's producer Wong Wai Sing indicates that Toby's admission into hospital has left the filming schedules in chaos, so he has has to rearrange the scedhules and is currently working on changing people's rundowns. As Toby's report is not yet out, he does not know when she will be back at wokr, so he will let her recover and there is no need to change the role just yet.


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[The Sun 23/05/07]

Erica Yuen Posts Apology to Stephy in English

Erica Yuen posted an entry in her personal blog recently, in which she commented that Stephy Tang is intellectually lacking. This caused an outcry from Stephy's fans and a temporary closure of the comments section on the blog. In order to avoid being the target of any further attacks, Erica posted an apology to Stephy on her blog on Monday.

Earlier, Erica had commented that for Stephy to claim that she could tell by reading just a few pages whether a book was good or not was an indication of her lacking education and questioned how she could be given the title of 'literary talent'. This caused outrage from Stephy's fans who in turn questioned Erica's authority to criticise others, posting piercing remarks in forums and in her blog comments. The debate fired up as fans and anti-fans discussed who was right and wrong. In order to keep the peace, Erica has decided to post an apology to Stephy and also an explanation for the reasons she wrote her original post.

[The article goes on to explain in Chinese what the post entailed as it is written in English. You can see the post in its original form on Erica's blog: http://ericayuen.blogspot.com/]


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