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[The Sun 11/05/07]

Moses Chan Distances Himself from the Flirt Queens

After being linked recently in rumours to flirt queen Fala Chen, Moses Chan shakes his head and denies strenuously any relationships, so surely this will put rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu's mind at rest!

With relatively few items of gossip over the years, Moses has been linked with "Heart of Greed" co-stars Fala Chen and Linda Chung in recent rumours, however in his own words, this was well within his calculations: "After so long in the industry, I have not had much experience of rumours, so when there is a series out, then there will be some reports written." As for the two ladies, Moses is full of compliments: "Linda is very hardworking, but she can relax a bit more. Fala is very intelligent and has a good grounding. They are both good co-stars. (Any chemistry off-screen?) Of course not!"

"Heart" has brought a great affection from the viewers towards the veterans Lee Si Kei, Ha Yu and Susanna Kwan and in comparison, the younger actors have faded into the background. Moses says: "Of course, Si Kei, Susanna and 'Dai Bau' Ha Yu were truly outstanding and I have learned a lot from them and it was my happiest time ever in my history of filming."

Honing his acting skills against the great veterans and also sparring among his peers such as Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong, Moses praises the producer for some excellent arrangements, so there was never any clash between the three young male leads: "There were no conflicts of interest between the three of us and we all had a chance to shine because our storylines were different and there was no clash in screentime. (You are not ambitious enough?) Maybe I am a more reserved person, so I rarely socialise and give people that illusion. In fact, I am someone who is constantly ambitious."


[The Sun 11/05/07]

Bernice Liu Pioneers Beauty of the Fuller Figure

Since her appearance on the showbiz scene, Bernice Liu has been dubbed as the 'Fat Princess', but despite the pride that many TVB ladies place in their skinny figures, this has never put any pressure on her. She has even caught the attention of an international sports brand, who have helped her turn around the skewed opinion that 'slim is beautiful'.

Bernice took part in an event in Beijing earlier, where she joined a thousand people in a 'PK Street Dance'. Bernice hopes that this trend in competitive dance will catch on in Hong Kong and bring the message of a healthy lifestyle to women in Hong Kong. In respect of health and beauty, many people maintain that 'slim is beautiful', but Bernice strives in the opposite direction and says: "Everyone has a different figure: tall or short, fat or thin, but everyone has their own beauty. With so many international models so skinny, it sends a message to children that being skinny means you are beautiful."

The truth is that Bernice has never really lost any weight since she first filmed "Virtues of Harmony", but she has not intentionally slimmed down either. She has been keeping her body balanced and using exercise to maintain her weight. As for the skin and bones look of some of the other ladies, does Bernice feel any pressure? She smiles: "Every female artiste has her own qualities. Charmaine is Charmaine, Myolie is Myolie - we cannot all be the same. We have different markets and one person cannot do it all. This is what makes it all challenging."


[The Sun 11/05/07]

Leanne Li Refuses to be Compared with Linda Chung

Entering showbiz after taking the Miss Chinese International crown in 2005, Leanne Li has taken on a job as a host for TVB8, but she has not had many opportunities to film series. However, this has not put her off and she is not impatient because she knows that acting needs time and it is like a good wine that needs time to mature.

Compared to her peers such as Linda Chung, Fala Chen and Vivien Yeo, the quieter nature of Leanne puts her at a marked disadvantage, but she feels that everyone's path is different and she hopes to find a good role that she can use to show her talents at their best: "I will not compare myself with anyone and keep my own spirit. Just like the beauty contest, I never thought I would win and I just see this as another experience."


[The Sun 11/05/07]

Linda Chung has a Friend to Ease her Boredom

Currently busy filming for 80-episode series "Jewel's Splendor", Linda Chung has been keeping herself in top condition by exercising regularly in her spare time. During her regime, she has found that jogging is the most effective sport and at first, she found it was a bit boring when she went running on her own, but now she has found some company: "My friend is my MP3 player! With it, then I will not worry about getting bored! I like the player being so small and barely noticeable in my pocket. It is not heavy when I am running and I can record a lot of songs onto it, so I will not get bored no matter how long I am running for." Asked if she will find a boyfriend to keep her company instead? Linda immediately said seriously: "I am quite busy working now, so my work will come first. I will leave romance to destiny."


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