Tuesday, May 01, 2007

[The Sun 02/05/07]

Raymond Wong Looks After Drunken Angela Tong

Angela Tong and Raymond Wong have been filming for new series "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" and earlier, they filmed a scene in Central, which tells of Angela getting drunk, needing the assistance of Raymond to help her into the car. As he helped her into the car, Raymond kept his actions very clear to avoid any rumours of him taking advantage. During the shoot, there were many cars passing by and this led to them having to re-take the scene a few times. Behind the scenes, they did not really speak to each other, just keeping to themselves and when a male friend of Angela's passed by, she spent some time chatting away to him, giving him a good night kiss before returning to her work.


[Ming Pao 02/05/07]

Linda Chung and Moses Chan - No Sparks

Linda Chung and Moses Chan's characters could not get together in "Heart of Greed", but there have been reports in a magazine to the contrary, suggesting that Moses has been looking after Linda's transport during filming for "Jewel's Splendor" and their relationship has progressed greatly. Linda denied this in a telephone interview yesterday, saying: "That's quite amusing! I don't have Moses's phone number and he does not have mind. We rarely have any scenes together in 'Jewel' and our working start and end times are different, so it is difficult for us to finish at the same time. Moreover, I usually get a taxi on my own, so I will not trouble anyone else. I will just treat it as a promotional stunt for 'Heart', which has had some good reviews. (You both live in Tseung Kwan O, has he never given you a lift?) Not once, this news is false, (Are there no chances for you?) No, I think it is the same for Moses. We only have chemistry when we are working, but in reality, we are good brothers and nothing else. (Are you afraid of Moses's girlfriend Bernice Liu being unhappy about this?) No, although I don't know if they are really together or not, but we have never had any sparks."

Linda never thought that in her three years of working in Hong Kong, she would have so many untruthful stories written about her. Fortunately they have not written anything for a while now and she will always deny them and not say maybe. Linda says: "I really don't like this kind of news, because it draws away the focus of the audience and they do not pay attention to my performance. My character in 'Heart' drew its inspiration from many Korean series. (Do you not wish to start dating after three years here?) I would like to, but I have not met anyone yet. Someone from outside the business is okay as long as they understand my work."


[The Sun 02/05/07]

Kate Tsui Slims Down with New Spokesmodel Contract

Kate Tsui took part in a promotional event for her slimming company sponsors yesterday, showing off a much slimmer figure, wearing a tube top, mini-skirt and little top, showing off her legs and bust and oozing with confidence.

Afterwards, she revealed in an interview: "The company has given me an unlimited slimming sponsorship, so to show off the effects for this event, I have been working hard over the last three weeks and have reduced my waist from 25 ins to 23 ins and my body mass index from 21 down to 19, so I am much fitter now. (Have you reduced cup size?) No, I have only slimmed the areas that should be slim." She also says that after entering Miss Hong Kong, her figure had enlarged a lot. "So at the time, I rarely appeared in any sexy outfits. (So are you winning back your reputation now?) You could say that! The most important thing is the results." As for whether she will be showing off her assets in the summer, she says this will depend on the event."


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