Thursday, May 10, 2007

Successor for Flora Chan - Selena Li
Height: 5ft 4 Weight: 97 lbs Measurements: 33,22,33
Entered Miss HK in 2003, winning Miss Photogenic and Miss Talent awards
Successor for Gigi Lai & Charmaine Sheh - Suki Chui
Height: 5ft 4 Weight: 99 lbs Measurements: 33,22,33
Entered Miss HK in 2006

[The Sun 10/05/07]

Clash of the TV Titans: TVB Prepare Leading Ladies of the Future

With a battle of the century starting between the main TV stations: TVB, ATV and i-Cable, there are reports that TVB executive Virginia Lok is preparing for battle by selecting ten young female stars for promotion, giving them a total re-styling and paving their career in order to fight back at the headhunting trends.

With rumours rife that there are huge offers being made for the popular artistes at TVB, the company is working hard to keep its waves of popular artistes by offering them long salaried contracts, many over ten years long. Reports also suggest that there are a group of up and coming female stars that have been hand-picked for the next generation of leading ladies, including Suki Chui, Selena Li, Tracy Ip, Natalie Tong, Vivien Yeo, Leanne Li, Angel Sung, Yoyo Chen, Aimee Chan and Sharon Luk.

Successor for Melissa Ng - Leanne Li
Height: 5ft 9 Weight: 119 lbs Measurements: 34,24,36
Took the crown of Miss Chinese International in 2005 and has parts in series "The Drive of Life" and "Super Cops", both yet to air
Successor for Sonija Kwok - Tracy Ip
Height: 5ft 8 Weight: 113 lbs Measurements: 32,23,36
Miss HK winner 2005

For Suki Chui who has been raised up by this with the suggestion that she will follow in the footsteps of Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh for their flirtatiousness, she says: "I am very happy and thankful to Ms Lok. I do like Gigi because she is beautiful and has very good skin." As for Tracy, who hails from Miss Hong kong, she responds to being likened to the bold and decisive Sonija Kwok saying: "I hope that I can have as many series as her and I feel that I am not very good at dress sense, so now I have professional advice."

Selena Li has a good grasp of English, so she has been indicated of having the potential of being the next Flora Chan. She says: "Her image is very professional and stands out. In the past, I have mainly filmed ancient costume dramas, so I was afraid of my image becoming fixed, so I would like to try different roles." For Leanne Li who hailed from the Miss Chinese International Pageant, she has been likened to fellow MCI contestant Melissa Ng. She says: "We are both very elegant, so that is quite alike."

Successor for Ada Choi - Vivien Yeo
Height: 5ft 9 Weight: 102 lbs Measurements: 34,24,35
Entered Miss Chinese International 2004, emerged in 'Sunshine Heartbeat' and recently filmed 'Evil Kin' with Dayo Wong

Ms Lok was also asked about the rumours of Charmaine Sheh being offered a huge sum to go to ATV and she replied: "I will not respond to theoretical questions." She admits that there are ten year contracts offered to artistes to avoid them defecting to competitors: "When I entered TVB three years ago, I pushed for this policy and we have a very detailed plan for promoting newcomers."


[The Sun 10/05/07]

Joyce Tang has no Further Contact with Marco Ngai

Joyce Tang and a pregnant looking Louisa So were filming for series "Harmony, Taste & Passion" in Wanchai yesterday and when they were off camera, they were busy chatting away whilst they memorised their scripts. Joyce seemed to be in good spirits and Louisa praised her for not letting her emotions get in the way of her work. As ex-boyfriend Marco Ngai has moved out of their home in Sai Kung now, then to avoid bringing back the memories, Joyce also plans to move out, but she has not found anywhere to move to yet. Asked if she is still in touch with Marco, she says: "No. (Have you seen him yet?) No." After saying this, she quickly left.


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