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[Ming Pao 10/05/07]
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Bosco Wong - Cooking Up Mother-Son Love

The love of a mother is so great! Bosco Wong says it all goes without saying. But how does he get along with his mother and find enjoyment along the way? This is something that every son or daughter should learn as it is easier said than done. Bosco says that showing your love for your mother is not about always buying her gifts, the thing that makes your mother truly happy is to be true to yourself. As an artiste, he has very little time to spend with his mother, but he will find a balance and try to spend as much time as he can with her. Firstly, he lives with her, so this makes it easier to find time to spend with her and also when he has time, he will spend time cooking with her and sharing a meal together. He will tell her directly about his worries and not keep them to himself, because his mother is the closest person in the world to him. Bosco admits that he is not a filial son as such, but making his mother's life a little better so she can live life happily is his wish. He hopes that the story about him and his mother can inspire readers as Mothers Day approaches.

Bosco grew up in a single parent family, living from an early age with his mother and grandmother in a Tsz Wan Shan housing estate. As his mother had to go out and work, then from just a few years of age, he was often home alone. "He was very dutiful and even when the neighbouring children asked him out to play, he would not leave the home and just play with them through the gate. All my neighbours praised him for being so good." Mama Wong talks about Bosco as a child.

Not Worried about Failing Academically, Greatest Fear is Falling into the Wrong Crowd

Bosco has good cooking ability and even for this interview with his mother, he made a special dish of "Loving Heart Chiu Chow Fried Noodles" for her to try. It is revealed that Bosco's culinary skills are not from his mother, but rather from staying at home as a child and watching cookery programmes on TV. "His favourite show was 'Magic Chef' and after watching that, he would say that he would cook for me. When he was in Form 1, he could already cook dinner for me and sometimes he would be inspired and make up some new dishes, such as putting potatoes on egg fried rice. Very playful, but it tasted quite good." Mama Wong has only one son, so of course she wished for him to do well, to finish university and find a stable job. However, she understood that her son was very active and did not like sitting at school and studying, so with this personality in her son, she did not force him. However, she did force him to learn calligraphy from a young age in order to build some contemplation into his life. When she saw the ruffians outside fighting, she would tell her son to come and watch and use this as a real life example, teaching him that even if he does not do well academically, he should never end up like them and enter the wrong path. He must learn how to deal with life positively and not have any bad habits.

Teachings of a Good Mother - Learning to Respect your Elders

When her son decided to become a model and not continue his studies, Mama Wong did not object, but supported his decision instead. "I know that he does not like studying too much and the model company had asked him on numerous occasions to sign with them. I went with him myself to see what it was about and when I found out that they were not a con, then I let him do it. It is a proper job and I have no reason to object." After Bosco entered TVB, he has got on well with many of his seniors and he is very respectful of the veterans. This is all thanks to the teachings of Mama Wong. She says that she has taught him as a child to listen to what older people have to say, because they have more experience and you should not complain about them being long-winded because you can learn a lot from older people's experiences.

After entering showbiz, the most worrying event in Bosco's career for Mama Wong was when he was caught in a fight in Beijing a couple of years ago. Her son is in good health and rarely even has a cold, but to be injured and then to become embroiled in negative press hurt her a lot. Fortunately, this only happened once and her son did not disappoint her. In the last two years, his career has taken great leaps and he has become a leading player at TVB. When he heard the phrase 'leading player', Bosco, who had been quietly listening to his mother talking about him, said modestly that he has not reached this status yet and he has still got a lot to learn. He feels regretful that he did not learn music as a child.

"In the Future, I will Earn Plenty of Money for You"

With respect to her son having so much gossip, has she seen his rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu? Mama Wong says that she will not ask about these things. Does her son have a girlfriend? She giggles: "I will let him develop that." Mama Wong suddenly spoke emotionally: "When he was two, I took him out one day and when we were in the street, he suddenly said to me: 'Mummy, please don't leave me! In the future, I will make lots of money to keep you, don't leave me behind, I will make lots of money in the future.'" At this point, she became rather moved and sitting beside her, Bosco also became a little restless. As mother and son looked at each other and smiled, there was nothing more that needed to be said.

Today, Bosco has not only made a lot of money, his hard work and ambition has made Mama Wong proud and she can live a carefree life now.

Loving Heart Chiu Chow Fried Noodles

Chiu Chow Noodles (preferable hand made), pork slices, prawns, shredded fried eggs, beansprouts, gau choi fa, red peppers, fish sauce, pepper, sugar and salt

Cook the noodles for about 20 minutes and cook the prawns in advance. Also cook the gau choi fa and peppers. Cut the noodles up and fry them in a wok, then add the egg, meat, beansprouts, prawns, a little fish sauce and pepper to season. Add a little salt and sugar and fry it for about 15 minutes before adding the gau choi fa and peppers on top to create a dish that looks, smells and tastes delicious.

Epilogue: Man Killer

Mama Wong is of Chiu Chow origins and loves to eat Chiu Chow noodles. Knowing this, Bosco prepared a dish of Chiu Chow noodles for her on this occasion so she can have something she likes to eat for Mothers Day. Seeing Mama Wong savouring her noodles and feeling the sweet sentiment deep in her heart, then this is already the best Mothers Day gift. Bosco is definitely a good cook and even his manager, the photographer and the reporter were all impressed by his cooking. No wonder that the reports suggest that he has been cooking for rumoured girlfriend Myolie and making her very happy indeed. If a man is able to cook a good meal, then this still makes him a killer!

Two Great Screen Actresses as Mothers

In the series "Heart of Greed", Bosco plays Gilbert Tong, the elder son of first wife, played Lee Si Kei and the most educated person in the family, who has always agreed to splitting the family fortune so that he can use the money to invest. In the show, he is half a villain, siding with second wife, played by Susanna Kwan in the end. Bosco says that this is how the scenes are set up and he is not prepared to reveal the ending. Bosco says that in the show, he has a lot of ups and downs with his screen wife Cheuk Man Lai (Tavia Yeung), but they find true love in the end. He indicates that working with two very talented veterans such as Si Kei and Susanna as his mothers has been another great gift for Mothers Day!


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